Music Production Schools In Houston

10 Music Production Schools In Houston: Best Picks

Are you aspiring to be a music producer or a sound engineer? Houston is one of the best cities in the United States with an extremely great number of schools to pick from which has been listed in this article.

Houston is known for its vibrancy in the world of music consequently, the city becomes a hotspot for prospective music producers and sound engineers.

Furthermore, there are various music production schools in Houston that you can select from. As such, offering you a rich environment for perfecting your knowledge and creativity in the art of music and sound production.

Houston has a lot to give, from experienced music industries to recording studios to music production schools with a sound learning environment. 

The music production schools in Houston don’t just give you theoretical lessons. They also provide a practical environment to nurture and lay the basic foundation in the world of music.

So if you are passionate about music production, or sound engineering, you should explore the schools in Houston.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some notable music production schools in Houston, each of which provides a special mix of academic quality and practical training.

Through rigorous curriculum, practical training, and exposure to real-world projects, students have the chance to grasp the different aspects of sound design, recording techniques, mixing, and mastering.

Let’s explore the different schools in Houston.

Shall we?

How Long is a Music Production Degree?

It depends on the school you attend. However, It typically takes 4-6 years to become proficient in music production to the point where you can produce to a professional grade.

The average length of a bachelor’s degree program is four years. Students can work in a variety of areas within the music industry after earning a bachelor’s degree in music production

What is Bachelor in Music Production All About? 

This degree focuses on methods for enhancing audio, such as using digital tools. Students can learn how to capture musical performances and then edit the resulting audio to produce a variety of effects.

 In addition to the real musical enhancement, students can enroll in business courses including marketing, accounting, and music business.

A degree in music production covers both the creation of music and its publishing and distribution.

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music production can learn about numerous instruments and recording technology and hone their musical skills.

They might also be able to improve their interpersonal abilities because it takes a lot of people to make a musical record.

What Is The Tuition Cost For Attending A Music Production School In Houston?

Depending on the institution a student chooses to attend and the nation in which the institution is located, the cost of a bachelor’s degree in music production may change.

Ordinarily, four years are needed to complete a bachelor’s degree program.

The List of Music Production Schools In Houston

  1. The Art Institute Of Houston
  2. Avant Media Institute
  3. MediaTech Institute
  4. Houston Community College
  5. The Recording Conservatory Of Austin(TRCOA)
  6. Recording Connection Audio Institute
  7. University of Houston
  8. Houston Christian University
  9. Rice University
  10. Texas Southern University

1. The Art Institute Of Houston

If your desire is to be employed in a studio or even establish your own studio where you may use your skills and the newest equipment to produce music and sound that enlightens, amuses, stirs, and inspires people. Then, this school is the right choice for you.

They offer a Bachelor of Science in Audio Production. Their program will teach you how you can capture, modify, record, and master digital audio using high-end Solid State Logic recording consoles and other industry-standard professional recording studio equipment

Also, you’d learn about every aspect of creating live and recorded music from creating sound for movies, radio, television, online, live performances, and other settings. 

Furthermore, they offer financial aid, military benefits, Institutional Grants and  Scholarships.

The Audio Production program is practical, hands-on, and geared at assisting you in developing the abilities to create music in the studio and on location, as well as to create sound for a variety of media, including films, television, and the web.

During this program, you’d learn:

  • Audio Technology
  • Remote and Field Recording
  • Music Fundamentals
  • Science of Sound
  • Audio Recording
  • Broadcast Audio
  • Music and Studio Business
  • MIDI Production
  • Professional Communication
  • Digital Audio Workstations
  • Audio Post-Production
  • Audio Electronics
  • Audio Engineering
  • Studio Recording
  • Audio Mixing
  •  Audio for Interactive Media
  • Sound Design
  • Streaming Media and Webcast

Sounds good right?

You should visit their website then.


2. Avant Media Institute

This music production in Houston is of the opinion that the best and most efficient way of learning is practical experience. The newest technology is used by students starting in the first week of class.

As such, all of their seminars and workshops are conducted either on their newly developed, advanced site or on-site in a realistic commercial setting.

The first subject that students attend concentrates on acoustics, analog and digital audio, recording methods, microphone techniques, and the setting up and usage of Avid Pro Tools software. 

As part of their education, students become familiar with the equipment used by audio engineers, such as mixing boards, compressors, equalizers, microphones, time-based processors, and other dynamic processors.

Some of their classes include; 

  •  Audio Engineering and Digital Audio Workstations
  • Mixing, Mastering & Post Production for Music and Film
  • Music Theory & Production
  • Business of Digital Media
  • Live Sound Systems & Reinforcement

Additionally, the 44-week Houston Audio Engineering Program covers all the necessary material for students to find entry-level employment in the audio business.


3. MediaTech Institute

The Houston campus of MediaTech Institute grants diplomas in all forms of multimedia art.

This institute has an experienced team from all facets of the industry, ensuring that each student is given access to a wide range of skills and information from practical experiences.

You may get ready for a job in the multimedia arts sector at MediaTech Institute, which also gives students access to professional-grade tools so they can learn from experts in the field and obtain practical experience.

Furthermore, there is availability of Financial aid  for those who qualify as well as scholarships.


4. Houston Community College

This is one of the Houston music production schools that uses recording, editing, time control, pitch modification, and mixing procedures that are relevant to the genre and the medium as well as other key skills and techniques required in the production of audio media content. 

MIDI technology, including sampling, synthesis, and beat manipulation, would also be covered, as well as how to generate MIDI sequences and apply it into professional recording projects. 

Additionally, you would learn the fundamentals of electronics, acoustics, and audio system design. Compare audio systems that make use of the main OSes and DAW programs.

Additionally, you would have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music in order to produce audio recording projects that involve musicians on a professional level.

The roles of other specialists who work on multimedia projects, such as graphic artists, video editors, cinematographers, animators, and web designers, would also be able to be described.

By offering pertinent training, chances for paid internships and career progression, and resources for producing professional musical recordings for graduation portfolios, the Audio Recording Technology program prepares students for employment in the audio business.


5. The Recording Conservatory Of Austin(TRCOA)

Are you someone who wants to pursue a career as an audio engineer or music producer? TRCOA can help to realize that objective.

The Recording Conservatory is a school for recording, audio engineering, and music production. The Recording Conservatory is where really enthusiastic learners come to launch a thriving career in the field of music thanks to their personalized coaching method.

They provide a variety of individual production classes as well as a Recording Arts Program, Recording Art Associates Degree, and other programs to help you start your musical career.  

You’ll gain knowledge in a variety of areas, including audio engineering, audio editing, audio mixing, music production, post-production, live sound, electronic music creation—EDM, hip-hop, and DJ production. The recording Conservatory of Austin is the only place to turn if you’re intentional about beginning your education in the music business.

Furthermore, a 16-month Recording Arts Program is offered there.

Here are some of the courses they offer :

  • Audio Engineering
  • Hip-Hop Beat Production
  • Live Sound Engineering
  • Electronic Music – EDM
  • Live DJ Production
  • Music Business – Start A Label
  • Audio Post For Film, Tv, Gaming


6. Recording Connection Audio Institute

This college offers courses in all aspects of music production, including audio engineering, hip-hop, live sound, Ableton, music business education, and much more. 

They charge less for their six to nine-month audio engineering courses than do colleges, universities, and other trade schools.

They also provide a huge selection of programs in audio engineering and music production, such as;

  • music production program 

  • Audio Engineering & Music Production Program

  • Ableton Electronic Music Production

  • Live DJ Program

  • Live Sound Engineering Program

  • Hip Hop & Beat Making

  • Music Business Program


Other Music Production Schools In Houston Include:

University of HoustonVISIT SCHOOL WEBSITE
Houston Christian UniversityVISIT SCHOOL WEBSITE
Texas Southern UniversityVISIT SCHOOL WEBSITE 


It’s already a fact that the United States is well-known for music. Houston in particular has a well-established musical history and is renowned for its emphasis on hip-hop. 

Given that Houston is one of the cities in the United States with a significant music focus, choosing to pursue a degree in music there would not be a bad idea. This will allow students to excel in their studies and be exposed to possibilities both during and after graduation.

However, it’s important to note that despite how good music production sounds, it’s not as easy as it looks. Therefore, you need to put in effort to scale through.

There are several possibilities available, but selecting a school that best matches your musical aims and aspirations is crucial for all prospective students or applicants.

Therefore, in this article we have compiled for you, it will be easier for you to select the school that fits you best.

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