Music Production Schools in Miami

8 Top Music Production Schools in Miami With Details

With so many options to break into the music business, music production school is a fantastic place to express your creativity.

Most significantly, it is a lot of fun. You work with students and professors with whom you may collaborate.

If you live in Miami or its environs, this is a great opportunity for you to begin your career in music production, with your first step is enrolling in a music production school.

This article provides a list of the best music production schools in Miami, so take advantage of that.

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Although being a music producer is a difficult process, enrolling in a music production school will help you begin your journey toward an interesting career. Attending a music-producing program is worthwhile.

You will get the skills and confidence needed to launch a successful music career while using the most up-to-date hardware and software for music production.

The schools are listed below and links to each school’s official website are also provided.

Music Production Schools in Miami

Below are the best music production schools in Miami.

Art House Academy & Abbey Road Institute Miami – Music Performance & Music Production School

Address: 3400 SW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33145, United States

This school offers a diploma in music production and sound engineering.

The next generation of music producers and sound engineers are being educated at the specialized music production school Abbey Road Institute in Miami. 

Through their professional one-year Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering, they present a comprehensive, practical, and cutting-edge curriculum developed in close collaboration with engineers and producers.

This equips you to start a career in music that is as distinctive as you are. Their crew and students have a passion for creating and for music. Learn more.

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Recording Connection Audio Institute

Address: 200 S Biscayne Blvd Suite 2790, Miami, FL 33131, United States

Music producer learns so much of what they do when working with performers on both sides of the glass in a recording studio.

You simply cannot gain that kind of experience in a classroom setting; you must be fully immersed in the industry in order to understand how it functions.

That is what the Recording Connection Music Production Program accomplishes.

To provide you with first-hand experience and real-world knowledge of what goes into creating a successful record, they place you inside a professional studio right away.

You’ll set up a real sound studio, observe the producer and client’s exchange of ideas, and discover how to prepare for a session.


Artist & Producer in Ableton Live – Learn more

Creator Pro – Learn more

Audio Engineering & Music Production – Learn more

Hip Hop & Beat Making – Learn more

Music Production – Learn more

Music Business – Learn more

Live Sound – Learn more

Advanced Audio Engineering & Music Production – Learn more

Advanced Ableton Electronic Music Production – Learn more

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Garnish Music Production & DJ School, Miami

Address: 1958 NE 147th Terrace, North Miami, FL 33181, United States

The Music Academy program from Garnish Music Production was created to help you start creating the music you enjoy.

They will walk the novice through everything they need to know in small, concentrated classes that are sponsored by Ableton, Native Instruments, and Apple.

Students are guided through the entire process, from learning how to use their music production software to mastering their first EP! Learn more.

Let It Beat! Music Academy

Address: 2947 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145, United States

Their top-notch team offers private instruction with a specialized curriculum, either in-person or online.

They have a lovely teaching facility with 15 completely furnished rooms where classes can be held.

In one-on-one individual classes, their instructors work with learners of all skill levels and cover the following areas in music production:

  • Making Beats: How to create a song’s beat.

  • Utilizing Logic, Ableton, and Protools for music.

  • Investigate the sounds used in the most well-known tunes. Learn more(

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The Recording Academy Conservatory

Attend the thorough Recording Arts Program at TRCOA, pursue the Recording Arts Associates Degree, or enroll in one-on-one, private classes in Miami that are offered online via screen sharing.

In locations other than Austin, Texas, TRCOA offers only distance learning programs. Call 512-231-0344 or send an email to for additional details on how their distance learning programs operate. Learn more.

Art Institute

The Audio Production curriculum is practical, hands-on, and geared at assisting you in developing the ability to create live and recorded music as well as sound for a variety of media, including concerts, movies, and the web.

Their degree programs in Audio Production will teach you how to record, edit, mix, and master digital audio using professional recording studio equipment of the highest caliber, such as cutting-edge Solid State Logic recording consoles. Everything from creating live and recorded music to designing sound for movies, radio, television, the web, live performances, and other settings will be covered.

They’ll work with you to develop your special talents using professional audio recording facilities in your classroom.

You’ll be surrounded by other gifted, creatively motivated kids who will encourage you. Learn more.

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Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

The Online Music Production Certificate’s main goal is to help you acquire the knowledge you need to improve your engineering and recording skills.

The goal of this course is to assist you in acquiring the abilities needed to work as a successful and qualified sound engineer.

When you collaborate with musicians and artists, they demand knowledgeable, skilled producers.

You may collaborate with the most well-known artists in the world thanks to AIMM’s music classes and courses, which give you the skills, knowledge, and self-assurance you need.

The AIMM online music production program will set you up for success in the music business with courses including Studio Acoustics Basics, MIDI: Sampling & Composition, Music Business, and Music Theory Basics. Learn more.

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Frost School of Music 

Among the most distinguished programs worldwide, the Frost School of Music provides both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Music Engineering Technology (MUE).

Both degrees were the first of their type, and they established the NASM standard for instruction in music and audio engineering. 

The Frost School of Music offers these technical degrees, emphasizing both technical and creative learning outcomes.

Top audio companies are interested in hiring the graduates of these two programs, which serve as entry points to the industry. Learn more.

Where Can I Study Music Production in Miami?

The Abbey Road Institute Miami, a specialized music production school that serves as a training ground for the next generation of music producers and sound engineers, is one of the places where you may learn music production in Miami.

Their educational philosophy and course offerings are based on nearly 90 years of production and recording innovation at Abbey Road Studios.

Is There A College Course For Music Production?

To ensure that your learning remains applicable in the music industry, the Bachelor of Arts in Music Production degree takes into account the variety of musical experiences—mixing sounds, writing songs, and producing musical shows.

What Subjects Do You Need For Music Production?

Audio engineering.

Sound editing.

Music history.

Copyright law.

Musical composition.

Music theory.

Digital audio software.

Recording industry law and ethics.

What Is The Salary Of A Music Producer?

As of September 26, 2022, the average music producer’s salary was $54,357; however, the normal salary range is $48,627 to $60,950.

What Major Is Music Production?

The field of music production and engineering focuses on the creation and recording of music.

This major teaches you how to collaborate with musicians to achieve the kinds of sounds they desire for their songs, as well as how to understand all the equipment in a recording studio.

How Long Is A Music Production Course?

Depending on your pace, online music production classes might last anywhere between an hour and five months or longer.

Most courses last for many hours and can be finished in one or two days.

How Long Is A Music Degree?

The most popular degree is a bachelor’s degree in music (BM), which typically requires four years to finish.

It may cover concentrations in composition, history, theory, jazz studies, music production, church music, and technology.

Music theory, history, and performance make up the majority of the curriculum.

What is taught in music production?

How to use an equalizer

How to compress

Mic Placement

Use of Plugins

Audio Editing

Adding effects to audio

Importing/exporting tracks

Recording of audio

Who Makes More Money Producer Or Artist?

Because they can quickly grow their brands to reach new markets and generate more revenue, artists will always have an advantage over producers in terms of earning more money. The primary clients that producers can work with are artists.

You can check out music production schools in other areas.

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