3 Best Music Schools in Amsterdam for Everyone

In this article, we will be looking at the best music schools in Amsterdam. Music thrives more in an environment capable of harboring a multifaceted musical climate; one that its breeding scenery for music is characterized by a wide variety of musical styles and genres.

Such a climate has the capability of diversity, one with a rich array of musical expressions, experiences, and personalized identities available to musicians and music enthusiasts.

Amsterdam is one such place and being among one of the finest cities in the Netherlands, it boasts a diversity of genres that is contained of jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, world music, etc its multicultural influence helps musicians and music enthusiasts to draw inspiration from the culture around rather than seeking for motivation in a place that might just be farther than their reach or grasp. Amsterdam also has an environment that helps fanbases of musical subcultures to thrive and be expressive.

One that allows them to unofficially possess certain performance areas and grounds of the city. The live music scene, musical education and training, musical collaboration and cross-pollination, a very active audience engagement, the city’s supportive infrastructure, and musical innovation of the city are also involved in making it a city capable of letting “MUSIC” such breathing ground.

Advantages Of Studying Music In Amsterdam

Any city with such a spirit for music would carry many prospects for its growth and development. According to reliable research and findings on studentexperince.com and other reliable sources, Amsterdam is a very exciting and lovable place to harness the potential of anybody looking to study music both as a local and international student. Its advantages range from 

  • High-quality education
  • Affordable tuition
  • A common language
  • A big  international community  and 
  • A great location to kick off your music career
  • Affordable and renowned university

The List of Best Music Schools In Amsterdam

Now it’s not just about looking or searching for music schools in Amsterdam but looking for schools that are worth the time, resources, and sacrifice of undergoing its degree awarding programs.

Searching for a school with a nice platform for your proposed career and for your kids?, in this article, we’ve curated 6 best music schools in Amsterdam, Check them out:

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1. Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Firstly, we’ll be having a look at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (CvA), which is a school that is in a relentless pursuit of excellence in music education, performance, and creative expression. commitment is their watchword as it extends not only to nurturing the talents of highly motivated students but also to enriching the cultural layers of the broader community. 

The Conservatorium van Amsterdam is a premier international conservatory, which serves as an image of inspiration modeled to empower individuals for the realization of their full potential on the world stage of music through its comprehensive range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses in Classical, Jazz, and Popular music, as well as a Music in Education Programme and the National Programme for Young Top Talent.

The CvA’s vision is quite clear and ambitious as they have statistically, prepared approximately 1250 exceptionally talented students to excel as performers, composers, and leaders in both the national and global music scene.

With a guiding principle which is “excellent education”, the school cultivates a wide and international student body in a supportive environment that champions and will continually champion excellence and behavior, celebrates personal, and embraces innovation.

Relevant Information:

  •  Founded: 1884
  • Languages: Dutch
  • Phone: +31 20 527 7550
  • School type: Music school
  • Acceptance Rate: 55%
  • Location: Oosterdokskade 151, 1011 DL Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Visit School:https://www.conservatoriumvanamsterdam.nl/en/

2. University Of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam offers a Master’s in Music Studies program which is slated for a one-year run-on and designed to provide students with the opportunity to specialize in historical, cultural, and cognitive musicology or a combination of these fascinating fields of study.

The Master’s in Music Studies is a comprehensive program consisting of 60 ECTS credits with a structure of the key components including 24 credits for the core courses, 18 for the electives, 6/12, optional for the internship, and a whole 18 credits for the Master’s Thesis covering a substantial of 20,00 words.

For those seeking a more flexible schedule, this program also offers a part-time study mode for learning flexibility, which extends the program to two years. Part-time students are also allowed to earn a maximum of 30 ECTS credits per year, which is targeted at promoting a balanced approach to proper learning.

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Also to encourage students who demonstrate exceptional promise during their Master’s program, there is a platform where they are encouraged to consider furthering their studies in a research program. Credits earned during the Master’s program can also be transferred to the research program, so as to provide a smooth transition for those aspiring to pursue advanced research in music studies.

Relevant Information:

  •  Founded: 1632
  • Languages: Dutch, English
  • School type: Music school
  • Acceptance Rate: 14%
  • Location: 1012 WP Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Website: https://www.uva.nl/en/programmes/masters/music-studies-arts-and-culture/study-programme/study-programme.html#Credit-transfer

3. United Pop Amsterdam

Are you ready to unlock your creative potential in the world of music, media, and creativity? Then there’s a need to look further than United Pop, Amsterdam, which we’ll be bringing to you as one of the best music schools in Amsterdam and also your gateway to an encouraging learning experience and exciting career in the creative industries. 

And if you’re looking for reasons as to why we have picked this institute of learning,  well there happens to be a lot really you might just consider these firstly, the school structure to provide aspiring creatives like you with a platform that positions you at a very vital entry point into the media and music sector.

This school of music also has a team of a very committed and professional team of experts who will bring the very best of professional experience into the classroom and these industry experts are up to date in their modes and curriculum of teaching.

Other advantages include cutting-edge equipment made fully available at the school, meaningful and useful references to important names in the music industry, direct practical experiences employed during class sessions, flexible starting dates, UNITED POP certification, and most notably a bachelor course in cooperation with the University of west London.

With six different departments to choose from, you can plan your educational journey to align perfectly with your passion, Exploring music and sound, marketing and management, acting, voice, and communication, games, film, and photography, design, fashion, and make-up, or even fitness and sports.

For the extensive course offerings, the UNITED POP offers more than 35 diploma courses and over 50 individual single courses, which can be combined to create a personalized learning experience. This also allows You to determine the duration of your training based on the courses you select.

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Relevant Information:

  • Phone: +31 20 308 1991
  • School type: Music school
  • Location: Atlantisplein 1, 1093 NE Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Visit School: https://united-pop.com/nl/amsterdam#


  • Which kind of Music is Amsterdam known for?

Amsterdam is most popularly known for its electronic music that seems to have captured global attention also due to its thriving rate in general. Since the 1990s, the city has been a hub for electronic music and home to many well-known clubs and popular music festivals. 

The city also boasts of quite a number of famous electronic music genres including Trance, Gabber, and Hardstyle which are not included in the thriving classical music scenery embodying opera companies and world-class orchestras. So be it classical or electronic music that you’re into, Amsterdam totally has something to offer you.

  • What language should I learn if I want to study Music in Amsterdam?

If you’re planning on studying Music in Amsterdam, the most recommended language to learn is Dutch. Remember that English is widely spoken in the city and globally, but knowing Dutch will make work, experience, and study much easier.

Also, Dutch is a language that is widely and very closely related to English and German and even if you don’t know the language perfectly, you’ll be able to grasp basic levels of understanding.

Also to just be in check, you might also want to learn German or French as they are both widely spoken in Europe.


In conclusion, Amsterdam’s vibrant culture is one of the reasons why it’s an almost perfect scene for music education, this too is the reason for a well-structured curriculum that offers a range of programs that cater to different musical interests and career aspirations for students of different institutions.

Whether you’re a budding performer, a musicologist finding foot in the strong base of sound, or an aspiring professional in the music industry, Amsterdam provides very decent opportunities to pursue your passion and study in one of the best music schools in Amsterdam.

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