8 Best Music Schools In Perth & Their Details

Are you looking for a college in Perth that offers music courses? Or you’re looking for a music school for your kids? Look no further 

Are you in search of a music school to assist you in refining your skills or an aspiring artist searching for schools in Perth? 

Perth has a vibrant music scene and music schools that can cater to a range is musical interests.

Therefore, in this article, we shall delve into the world of music and look at the music schools in Perth that can help you in getting a career out of it.

We’ve also compiled music schools for kids, teenagers, and adults in Perth.

Let’s Begin

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Music School

When you are deciding on a music school to attend, there are lots of key factors you need to bear in mind to make sure that you’re making the right decision for your music career.

The following are the factors to consider when choosing a music school.

1. Faculty

One thing that makes a school successful is the fact they have a diverse and dedicated music teacher. The kind of learning environment where there’s a strong relationship between the students and faculty members.

Your musical skills can be honed for future use with the help of your teachers. They correct you when you’re going off and bring you right brand on track.

Very very important, aren’t they?

2. Curriculum 

You need to review the curriculum of the school and see if it aligns with your musical goals.

There are lots of courses that are being offered in music schools. So you need to ensure that the school in question offers what you what to study and how flexible the classes are.

Make sure to examine a music school’s curriculum beyond the theoretical knowledge you might learn there.

A music school must also give its students the chance to gain real-world experience after they have completed their coursework.

You will be better equipped for the demands of the music industry when you enter the workforce, which will increase your chances of landing a job.

3. Facilities

Another factor you need to consider is how equipped the music school is with practical rooms and recording studios to help enhance your learning experience.

Also, consider if the school focuses on a specific genre (classical, jazz, rock, etc.) or if it offers a broad range of musical styles to match your interests.

5. Performance Possibilities

Going to a music school is about getting a formal education just as much as it is about giving a performance in front of an audience.

Therefore, you should consider whether the music school you want to go to provides opportunities for its students to demonstrate their talents in addition to looking into the faculty and facilities available.

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Typically, checking the music school’s social media pages or the website calendar is a good idea.

It’s possible for these performances to be formal, like recitals and concerts. Open mic nights and lunchtime concerts, for instance, are examples of more laid-back occasions.

Regardless of how these performances take place, it’s critical that the music school provides its students with chances to develop as musicians or producers.

6. Cost and Financial Aid

Examine the tuition price as well as any financial aid, scholarships, or flexible payment plans that the school may provide.

Ideally, you should pick the music school that provides the best instruction, resources, and financial value.

Therefore, you should find out if the music lessons are included in the tuition or if they are an additional expense. You should also learn about the kinds of financial aid that are offered.

You should also find out if the institution offers academic or musical performance scholarships.

7. Location

Consider whether the school’s location is convenient for you. Practice and lessons must be easily accessible.

Regarding the school’s emphasis on a particular genre (such as classical, jazz, rock, etc.), think about whether it offers a wide variety of musical genres to suit your interests.

8.Career and Networking Opportunities

It’s crucial to take into account both the caliber of the instruction you’ll receive and the school’s ability to guide you through the music business.

Make sure the prospective music school offers students the chance to work on their own independent projects and whether internships are offered.

Investigating a potential music school’s alumni is another smart move.

This is a fantastic way to learn about other student’s experiences at the institution and their subsequent accomplishments.

Look into the alumni’s involvement in various musical genres, their chosen career paths, and how the school assisted them in achieving their goals.

Checking to see if the music school hosts alumni networking events for its current students is another smart move.

This will give you the chance to network with well-known musicians and might even give you a chance to get an internship or continue your education.

List of Music Schools In Perth

Looking for music schools for kids? The following are music schools for kids and teenagers.

  • Perth Music Academy
  • West End Music Academy
  • Crescendo Academy of Music
  • Forte School of Music 

1. Perth Music Academy

Perth Music Academy is here to offer the highest standards in music instruction and works to get extraordinary results from regular students.

 Your child will grow musically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially at PMA, where they foster an environment where they can eventually learn on their own. They also accept students who want to study music for exams in addition to playing for fun.

The best music instructors are available to teach each and every student. This indicates that PMA only employs qualified music educators who are passionate about inspiring a love of music in young people.

Students will benefit from positive and nurturing influences as they develop musically, intellectually, emotionally, and self-esteem. Their skilled instructors are dedicated to coming up with original ways to keep their students inspired to practice and succeed.

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Your child’s self-assurance will grow as they master their instrument.

This school aims to develop a well-rounded musician and an independent learner, whether teaching a future music professional or an amateur who will appreciate music for life. 

They want to give students lifelong musical skills that will benefit them. Each lesson addresses a different aspect of learning music for this reason, such as technique, repertoire, music theory, sight-reading, aural skills, basic improvisation, and music appreciation/history.

  • Visit Website: https://perthmusicacademy.com.au/

2. West End Music Academy

The instructors here specialize in instructing all modern musical genres. Lessons can be modified to fit the needs of the student, from beginner to advanced.

The Australian Guild of Music Education (AGMED) theory and practical examinations for the student’s instrument of choice are also an option.

WEMA offers private tuition for the following instruments:

  • vocals
  • piano/keyboards
  • guitar
  • drums
  • bass

The WEMA jam sessions are a great place to start for eager newcomers. Their mission is to develop young talent in a friendly and informal setting so that students can experience what it’s like to play in a real band.

Participants of all ages and skill levels are welcome, and they will be divided into groups based on their level of experience and musical preferences.

WEMA is the place for you if you want to learn for personal enjoyment or to launch a career in the music industry. They cater to all ages!

  • Visit Website: https://wema.com.au/

3. Crescendo Academy of Music

This school is steadfast in its commitment to offering top-notch music instruction.

Within their vibrant and welcoming community, they keep fostering talents and encouraging a lifelong love of music. 

Their academy boasts brand-new, cutting-edge teaching studios at Crescendo Music, which is located in the center of Myaree, Western Australia. 

This school is also proud to provide a wide variety of music classes designed to meet the needs of students of all ages, including children, youth, and adults. As a renowned music institution, they offer private instrumental music lessons so that students can select the teaching style they find most comfortable.

You can rest easy knowing that all of their music instructors have working with children checks that are current and valid, demonstrating their dedication to upholding a secure and encouraging learning environment. 

While moving through graded exams and diploma levels, each student’s progress and accomplishments are meticulously tracked and celebrated.

This school specializes in the following;

  • Violin
  •  Viola 
  • Cello 
  • Piano 
  • Flute 
  • Fife 
  • Clarinet 
  • Alto Saxophone 
  • Classical Guitar 
  • Acoustic Guitar 
  • Electric Guitar 
  • Ukulele 

At Crescendo Music, you can find something for everyone, whether you’re an experienced musician or just starting out.

Visit Website: https://perthmusicshop.com.au/pages/crescendo-academy-of-music-perth-music-lessons

  • Phone Number: 1300 000 383

4. Forte School Of Music

At the Forte School of Music, learning is enjoyable. Your kid will learn music as the language that it is thanks to their innovative multi-sensory approach. 

Forte children learn a wide variety of musical abilities, including composing, reading and playing music, theory, memorization, and performing in concerts.

From babies to adults, they provide classes for every age range. 

You’d undoubtedly like learning in their up-to-date, spotless, air-conditioned classrooms where you’d be instructed by instructors who had to go through a rigorous hiring process to locate the proper attitude and approach. 

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Some of the learning schools that can be learnt in this school include;

  • playing piano
  • performing in concerts
  • playing by memory
  • reading music
  • playing by ear (amazing aural skills)
  • understanding theory
  • playing with chords (keyboard harmony)
  • improvising and composing

Children are given many opportunities at Forte to develop their self-assurance and mastery.  As their accomplishments are shared with others in the regular small class concerts every few weeks, confidence is gradually built. 

Along with the development of skills for the Foundation of Music and ABRSM or AMEB exams, Forte Festival offers fun and energy. 

The following three primary senses were stimulated by the multi-sensory learning style at this music school:

  • auditory
  • visual
  • kinesthetic

Each piece at Forte includes activities for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners so that all types of learners are catered for. 

  • Visit Website: https://fortemusic.com.au/about-us

5. Perth Modern School

More than 500 music students grow and study in a vibrant, classically oriented curriculum under the direction and instruction of highly accomplished musicians and instructors. 

People gain from collaborating with other students who share their musical enthusiasm and high caliber of performance. 

Students can participate in various choirs, orchestras, and ensembles that play in front of an audience at important cultural events, giving them a variety of possibilities to develop their practical talents. 

When it’s feasible, music students can take trips to other countries to take part in international music festivals and tour centers of musical excellence.

  • Visit Website: https://www.perthmodern.wa.edu.au/music-program/

  • Phone Number: +61893926855

Music Colleges In Perth

The following are colleges in Perth that offer music courses;

1. Western Australian Academy Of Performing Art(WAAPA)

This school operates as part of Edith Cowan University and its one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in Australia.

This school offers a wide range of music programs such as classics, jazz, music education, and contemporary music.

WAAPA is unquestionably the greatest place to go if you want to pursue a career as a performer and practical musician because there are so many chances available, including playing in operas, musicals, small ensembles, and classical symphony orchestras.

  • Visit Website: http://www.waapa.ecu.edu.au/

  • Phone Number: 6304 6895

2. Conservatorium Of Music At The University Of Western Australia.

This University of Australia department provides a thorough music education curriculum with a variety of courses, ensembles, and performing possibilities. This school helps students to unleash their full creative potential.

Visit Website: https://www.uwa.edu.au/schools/music

Phone Number: +61 8 6488 6000

3.  Academy of Music and Performing Arts(AMPA)

A degree in music from AMPA equips students with the knowledge and abilities necessary for a variety of long-lasting occupations thanks to its strong practical component and unmatched one-on-one mentoring.

This school offers the following courses;

  • Contemporary/Jazz  
  • Composition / Creative Music Technology
  • Dance Performance 
  • Classical Music 
  • Music Theatre
  •  Postgraduate

Visit Website: https://www.ampa.edu.au/

Phone Number: (02) 9310 3111


When you’re deciding on a music school in Perth you need to make sure that the school aligns with your music goals and dreams.

Whether you’re seeking college schools in Perth or you’re a parent looking for a music school for your child, we’ve compiled these schools for you.

Hope this article was helpful.

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