Nursing Recruitment Agencies in New Zealand

12 Top Nursing Recruitment Agencies in New Zealand

The excellent standard of living and leisurely pace of life in New Zealand are well known across the world. Although New Zealanders are renowned for their commitment to their profession, they also prioritize striking a healthy work-life balance.

In this article, we look at some nursing recruitment agencies in New Zealand.

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The advantages of going to New Zealand and working as a nurse are listed below.

  • Adaptable Work Schedule

In general, being a nurse offers a lot of flexibility. Depending on their employment, RNs can choose to work full-time, part-time, or on-call.

Many healthcare organizations mandate that nurses work three 12-hour shifts a week, which enables those who don’t mind long workdays to take four days off in a row.

  • Career Opportunities and Advancement

Although hospitals have historically employed most registered nurses, today’s nurses have a variety of work options, including military sites, cruise ships, and airplanes. A few of the specialty areas include forensic nursing, holistic nursing, informatics nursing, and travel nursing.

  • Good Weather

Particularly in comparison to the unpredictable weather in the UK, New Zealand is warmer, dryer, and brighter. The weather in New Zealand is often moderate.

The majority of the country lies close to the coast, with temperate temperatures, moderate rainfall, and lots of sunshine.

While winters in the inland alpine regions of the South Island can be as cold as – 10°C, and summers in the extreme north are subtropical,

  • There are many activities besides work.

With its plethora of beautiful beaches and a wide variety of activities, living in New Zealand is frequently a vacation unto itself.

The nation offers a wide range of extreme sports, including renowned bungee jumping, mountain climbing, skiing, stunt plane flying, and other activities. No matter what your interest is, New Zealand has it all.

The List of Nursing Recruitment Agencies in New Zealand

Below is a list of the top nursing recruitment agencies in New Zealand. Links are provided to their official websites, so you can visit to register your profile with them and get job notifications.

Carejobz Healthcare Recruitment Experts

Since each of their recruiters specializes in a particular area of healthcare, clients can rest easy knowing that they are in capable and knowledgeable hands.

They take pride in giving you a stress-free, enjoyable recruiting experience and share principles of honesty and openness. Find more information here.

Medcall Health Personnel

The reputation of Medcall, a highly specialized healthcare recruitment firm, is based on providing excellent customer service and a passion for people.

They are devoted providers of individualized service as well as recognized market leaders in the community and aged care staffing solutions. 

They have a sincere concern for the individuals they work with. They manage a temporary staffing agency and a permanent recruitment team that provides healthcare staffing services across the country.

Frontline Recruitment Group – Health Auckland

More than ever, hiring for the health industry demands specialized knowledge. Finding talent in today’s employment market requires having access to a database of individuals across a wide range of healthcare professions and specialties on a national level.

Given their specialized knowledge, Frontline has seen significant expansion in the healthcare sector in Australia and New Zealand in recent years. Find more information here.

Drake Medox Auckland

Since 1971, Drake Medox has focused on the recruitment of healthcare workers in the fields of nursing, aged care, allied health, and disability and homecare assistance.

They are open every day of the week, round the clock. Find more information here.

New Zealand Nursing Agency

They offer amiable, effective, and dependable service thanks to their Quality Management System and their focused, motivated management team, who are situated in their two locations.

To serve the needs of the clients, they hire qualified registered nurses, enrolled nurses, hospital aids, and caretakers.

Their nursing team has training and expertise in a variety of specialties, such as surgery, medicine, orthopedic surgery, psychiatry, recovery, intensive care, practice nursing, community nursing, and aged care. Find more information here.

Other top nursing recruitment agencies in New Zealand are listed in the table below:

Duty Calls Nursing AgencyFind more information here.
Senate Nursing Bureau LimitedFind more information here.
Astra HealthcareTo find more information visit:
MG Healthcare – Staffing & Nursing Agency AucklandFind more information here.
RWR Health – NorthernFind more information here.
Life PlusFind more information here.

How Much is a Nurse Paid in NZ?

District health boards often pay graduate registered nurses $60,000 per year. With three to seven years of experience, registered nurses typically make $68,000 to $83,000.

Senior registered nurses with additional qualifications and accountability often make between $85,000 and $136,000 annually.

How Long Does NZ Nursing Registration Take?

Once CGFNS has received the relevant papers, document verification will take about 30 days. It is anticipated that the NCNZ review and registration process will take up to 20 working days.

Is New Zealand a Good Place to Work as A Nurse?

Registered nurses have exceptional chances to work in several locations and nursing practice areas in New Zealand. Additionally, you can work as a nurse practitioner, nurse researcher, nurse management, or in nurse education.

Is New Zealand Good for International Nurses?

New Zealand is home to many foreign nurses who also work there. This is because they have the most opportunities to work in various nursing practice settings and environments.

You can choose to work as a nurse practitioner, nurse manager, nurse educator, nurse researcher, or nursing researcher.

Can You Work 70 Hours A Week In NZ?

Unless the employer and employee agree differently, employment agreements must limit the maximum number of hours that the employee may work to no more than 40 per week (excluding overtime).

How Many Sick Days Do Nurses Get NZ?

After fulfilling the aforementioned requirements for a 12-month period, each employee is entitled to at least 10 days of sick time.

The employee forfeits any future claim to sick leave if they fail to meet the requirements in any given year.

However, they may use any unused sick leave that may have been carried over from the prior year.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be a Nurse in New Zealand?

You must successfully complete a Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Health Science program (NZQA Level Seven program) from a polytechnic, institute of technology, or university in order to become a registered nurse in New Zealand.

Are Nurses in High Demand in New Zealand?

Due to the increased need for nursing care as the population ages, there is a good need for experienced registered nurses, and this demand is anticipated to increase.

50% of nurses will retire by 2035, according to the New Zealand Nurses Organization.

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