Oil and Gas Companies in Aberdeen

21 Top Oil and Gas Companies in Aberdeen

Due to its central location for the majority of the UK’s oil sector and the fact that the petroleum industry, including all associated companies, forms the foundation of the local economy, Aberdeen and Stavanger are frequently referred to as the oil and gas capitals of Europe. There are several oil-related Norwegian enterprises with presence in the City.

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The Scottish oil and gas businesses are active at all stages of the global petroleum sector, but naturally more frequently in the North Sea and to the west of Shetland.

They find and produce petroleum, transport it, drill it, run oil rigs, refine it, and sell it along with petroleum products. Therefore, they are referred to as integrated companies.

The top oil and gas businesses and companies in Aberdeen are listed below.

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Oil and Gas Companies in Aberdeen

Without wasting much time, let us dive right into the list of the oil and gas companies in Aberdeen.

Warrego Energy Ltd

Petroleum exploration, development, and production business Warrego Energy Limited (ASX Code: WGO) is based in the UK and Australia and has holdings in Australia and Spain.

The main projects for Warrego Energy include;


With potential gas volumes up to 1.6TCF and features resembling those of the Waitsia field, West Erregulla is a significant standalone conventional gas possibility.

In exchange for a AU$11 million investment in the drilling campaign, which resulted in the well being spud in May 2019, Warrego (ASX:WGO) farmed out 50% and operatorship of the permit to Strike Energy in 2018.

The asset’s designation as a tier 1 conventional gas potential has been validated thanks to subsequent seismic reprocessing by Strike, which turned up greater resource estimates and an extra tertiary drilling target.  Other projects include:


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Enquest PLC

Production and development firm EnQuest has activities in Malaysia and the UK’s North Sea. In 2010, Petrofac and Lundin Petroleum’s UK North Sea assets were combined to establish EnQuest PLC. The Group purchased its Malaysian interests in 2014. The Company’s shares are traded on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm (ENQ.L and ENQ.ST) on the London Stock Exchange.

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Ithaca Energy

Leading independent oil and gas producer Ithaca Energy has a proven track record of generating substantial value in the North Sea.

Ithaca Energy was established in 2004, and over the past three years, the company has experienced tremendous growth as a result of a series of transformational M&A deals and organic expansion that have allowed it to create businesses with enormous scale and longevity. Ithaca Energy is now the second-largest independent oil and gas company in the UKCS by resources and the third-largest by output.

With holdings in two of the top three prospective developments and six of the ten largest fields in the UK North Sea, they are essential to addressing the country’s present and future energy demands.

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Harbour Energy plc

EIG Global Energy Partners, a private equity firm, created Harbour Energy plc in 2014 with the goal of acquiring conventional, cash-generating assets outside of North America.

In 2017, Harbour made its first acquisition by supporting Chrysaor Holdings Limited in its $3 billion purchase of a package of UK North Sea properties from Shell.

In 2019, Harbour paid $2.7 billion to acquire ConocoPhillips UK North Sea. Chrysaor and Premier Oil plc combined in 2021 through a reverse buyout to form Harbour Energy plc.

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Chronos Oil & Gas Ltd

The Oil and Gas industry’s fastest-growing recruitment firm is Chronos Oil and Gas. Chronos Oil and Gas was introduced in 2011 as a component of the Coberon Chronos network. opened two offices in the UK in 2011, and in 2013/2014, the company expanded to Houston, the Netherlands, and Romania.

To further enhance its network and service the needs of its clients globally, it launched 5 additional offices in important oil and gas areas throughout the world in 2015.

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Enneco Ltd

Utilizing cutting-edge, ecologically friendly technology, their primary goal is to efficiently realize the full potential of resources. Their research and development strategies are predicated on finding unexplored blocks with scant or outdated data, along with looking for legacy blocks and recently abandoned sectors.

Prospects close to infrastructure are particularly crucial, since new technology may extend production and open up previously unconsidered nearby choices because of complex and dated infrastructure.

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Rovotics, based in the United Arab Emirates, was established in 2011 as a result of a perception among a group of seasoned ROV technical experts that the market lacked sophisticated systems that made use of the most recent technology, offered the highest level of reliability, and offered efficient after-sale support.

Innovative, extremely trustworthy ROVs and their components, such as Junction Boxes, Subsea Housings, and CP Equipment, are the specialty of Rovotics. 

Rovotics systems, which utilize the most recent software, have a demonstrated track record of efficiency, particularly in minimizing downtime. As a result, the ROV manufacturer has been able to build a base of devoted, repeat customers.

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Delivering fully integrated projects, products, and services, TechnipFMC is a top technology supplier to the traditional and emerging energy industries.

With their unique technology and all-encompassing solutions, they are revolutionizing the project economics of their clients and opening up fresh opportunities for the development of energy resources while lowering carbon intensity and advancing their goals for the energy transition.

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Other oil and gas companies in Aberdeen are listed below


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Fugro Survey Ltd

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Airpac Bukom Oilfield Services

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Balmoral Offshore Engineering

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Trident Offshore LTD

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Zenocean Ltd

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Apex Tubulars Ltd

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Acona Group

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Alliance Engineering

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SMD Hydrovision

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How Many Oil Companies Are There In Aberdeen?

There are 27 active Oil Companies in Aberdeen.

Is There An Oil Rig In Aberdeen Scotland?

The petroleum industry in Europe moved its headquarters to Aberdeen. Aberdeen is frequently referred to as the “Oil Capital of Europe” since it has the largest heliport in the world and a significant service ship harbor port that serves offshore oil rigs.

Does Aberdeen Have Oil?

The oil and gas industry’s leading port in Europe is Aberdeen. They provide deep-water berths with heavy-lift capacity and support the whole lifespan of offshore ventures, from exploration to operations & maintenance and decommissioning.

Is Aberdeen the richest city in Scotland?

According to a study that compared basic living expenses and average earnings in 18 of the UK’s major cities, employees in Scotland—particularly Aberdeen—had the highest disposable income.

What Industry Is Aberdeen Famous For?

Although one of Britain’s greatest granite exporting industries previously called Aberdeen home, the city’s main economic sectors now are oil and gas, tourism, and renewable energy.

Is Scotland Rich In Oil?

With the more northerly fields located to the east of the Orkney and Shetland islands, the majority of the largest oil fields in the UK sector of the North Sea were discovered in the waters to the north and east of the Scottish peninsula.

What Is The Poshest Part Of Aberdeen?

Which is Better Aberdeen or Glasgow?

If you wish to enroll in the internationally famous oil and gas program, Aberdeen is fantastic. Otherwise, you should choose the city that best meets your needs.

Glasgow is a sizable metropolis (for Scotland), with plenty of urban cultures, clubs, pubs, and other amenities.

Is Aberdeen A Cheap Place To Live?

Without rent, a family of four is predicted to spend $2,741 ($2,263£) each month. Without rent, a single person’s projected monthly expenses total 768$ (634£).

Compared to New York, Aberdeen is 41.37% less expensive (without rent). In comparison to New York, the average rent in Aberdeen is 79.80% less.

Is Aberdeen Called GREY City?

Aberdeen, the third-most populated city in Scotland, earned the moniker “Grey City” due to the granite that was quarried there up until the 1970s. The magmatic rock was utilized in many of the city’s structures from the late 19th and early 20th centuries as well as for export.

Do Workers Sleep On Oil Rigs?

In a manner, oil rigs are small villages. Worker bunker beds are common on oil rigs, and some even provide individual rooms. The staff also shares restrooms and showers.

Can You Use Mobile Phones On Oil Rigs?

While newer rigs frequently contain game rooms, gyms, and theaters, recreational amenities vary.

Workers could only make a 6-minute call home once every week before the internet! Even though mobile phones are frequently prohibited and phone service is scarce, most rigs today have wifi for tablets and computers to use for Skype, social media, and emails.

Are Cell Phones Allowed On Offshore Oil Rigs?

Cell phone use is absolutely forbidden outside of the living quarters due to the possibility of combustible gas rising from the oil well.

Is It Nice To Live In Aberdeen?

The environment in Aberdeen also referred to as the Granite City, is one of comfort and familiarity with a wide variety of people and cultures.

Aberdeen can offer you a delightful lifestyle with its wide range of dining options, employment opportunities, and recreational pursuits.

Does Scotland Produce Oil and Gas?

Scotland is considered to produce more gas and oil than any other country in Europe, coming in at number two.

Around 196,000 employees in Scotland are currently supported by the oil and gas sector. It contributed roughly £13 billion (or nearly 12% of the total) to Scotland’s GDP in 2016.

Is Scotland Or England Richer?

Despite the fact that England’s economic output is substantially bigger than Scotland’s, everyone would agree that Scotland’s GDP of £200 billion annually is substantial. Without Scotland, England would not be wealthier.

What Is The Best Area To Live In Aberdeen?

Rosemount, Midstocket, Ruthrieston, Bridge of Dee, and Garthdee are all popular areas for housing.

Although it is not the most expensive neighborhood to live in, Old Aberdeen is one of the most convenient. Students favor this address because it is close to the university.

Is Alcohol Allowed On Oil Rigs?

Since an oil rig must remain operating around the clock, it is essential for offshore staff to be at their best at all times; typically, alcohol and non-prescription narcotics are completely prohibited.

Are Video Calls Allowed On Oil Rigs?

Video conferencing, which has been used for many years in the oil and gas industry to link teams on oil rigs to teams on the shore, is a tried-and-true method for delivering high-quality communication to offshore sites and challenging to-reach places.

Is Aberdeen the safest city in the UK?

According to a recent survey, Aberdeen is the fourth-safest city in Britain and the safest city in Scotland.

Thousands of people across the UK were questioned for a study by the personal finance company Provident Personal Credit on how safe they felt in their hometown.


Is Aberdeen Very Cold?

The winters in Aberdeen are lengthy, bitterly cold, brutally windy, and mainly gloomy. Aberdeen’s summers are brief, cool, and mostly cloudy.

The average annual temperature ranges between 35°F to 64°F, with lows of 26°F and highs of 70°F being rare.

Is Life Better In Scotland Than in England?

A substantially lower cost of living is one of the benefits of relocating to Scotland. Most Scottish cities have a cost of living difference between them and popular UK cities of about 10%. In fact, establishing a business in London is said to cost 30% more than living in Scotland!

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