Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies in Saudi Arabia

3 Top Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies in Saudi Arabia

It’s a fantastic opportunity to pursue a career in oil and gas production. In addition to greater-than-average compensation, applicants have access to a wide range of employment options worldwide.

The first step in securing employment in this sector is acquiring the appropriate training, expertise, or certification.

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People who appreciate using their hands and seeing the world might consider careers in this field. For engineers and scientists who are interested in the production of gas and oil, it is also a fantastic career path.

Continue reading to discover more about the top oil and gas recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia if you’re thinking about a career in the gas and oil sector.

Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies in Saudi Arabia

Recruitment firms meet a particular demand. Employers need the proper applicants for their open positions, but they sometimes lack the time to go out and discover these candidates themselves. They delegate this to recruit companies so that the company can focus more of its time on conducting interviews with candidates.

Below are some of the top oil and gas recruitment agencies that can help you get a job if you are a job seeker or help you get a qualified employee if you are an employer.


The First National Human Resources Company (FNRCO) is a closed stock company with a capital of 100,000,000 Saudi Riyals. Its main business is to offer corporate clients in various industries, including the engineering, healthcare, and industrial sectors, high-quality manpower services solutions. Find out more information here.

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Fircroft is a recruitment firm that focuses on offering talent management solutions to all industries, including executive search, contract, and permanent recruitment, outsourcing, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services. Find out more information here.

Smasco Headquarter

Every market and industry is served by this agency. This organization assists clients in determining what they require if they require a long-term staffing solution. This organization is capable of outsourcing projects so that they can be completed on the ground in another area as requested by clients. This agency can handle it if clients require them to take over a whole task, such as a market search. Find out more information here.

Why Saudi Arabia Is Rich In Oil?

Thick salt layers covered the seabed, holding the oil in place. The Tethys Ocean retreated as the land in the present Middle East elevated as a result of tectonic action. It was replaced by the arid, sand-filled Middle Eastern desert.

What Is The Biggest Oil Company In Saudi Arabia?

By market capitalization, Saudi Aramco surpassed Apple Inc. Public to take the title of largest (most valuable) business in the world on May 11, 2022. The Master Gas System, the largest hydrocarbon network in the world, is run by Saudi Aramco.

Which Country Buys The Most Saudi Oil?

Crude petroleum was Saudi Arabia’s top-exported good in the same year. Saudi Arabia exports crude oil primarily to China ($24.7 billion), Japan ($15.1 billion), South Korea ($12.8 billion), India ($11.1 billion), and the United States ($6.59 billion).

What Happens If Saudi Arabia Runs Out Of Oil?

According to a report released in February by the energy transition think tank Carbon Tracker, Saudi Arabia will experience a 44% decrease in government revenue due to declining consumption well before oil output reaches zero.

Is Saudi Good For Living?

Compared to many other Middle Eastern countries, Saudi Arabia enjoys a more affordable standard of living. The majority of ex-pats live opulent lives, particularly if their employment package includes housing, transportation, and educational benefits. The cost of living in a compound is substantial, as are the tuition costs for international schools.

Is Saudi Still Tax-Free?

Saudi Arabia has no personal income tax system. If a person’s income comes only from employment in Saudi Arabia, income tax is not levied on that person’s earnings.

Are Salaries In Saudi Arabia Good?

Depending on your expertise, education, and passport, salaries in Saudi Arabia might range from the pitiful to the expensive. Unfortunately, it is a fact that Westerners living abroad receive the largest severance packages, followed by Arabs and finally non-Western, non-Arab, foreigners.

Does Saudi Hire Foreigners?

The Desert Kingdom is home to more than ten million immigrants. They mostly work as manual workers and are from South East Asia. Approximately 125,000 international workers from Western countries are also thought to dwell in Saudi Arabia.

Is It Easy To Get A Job In Saudi Arabia?

After graduating, it may be challenging to get employment in Saudi Arabia because the country only allows the hiring of foreigners who can fill skills gaps with specialized knowledge.

How Many Hours Is Full Time In Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia, a typical workweek consists of 48 hours, 8 hours per day, and 6 days. During Ramadan, the working day may be reduced to 6 hours per day.

What Should I avoid In Saudi Arabia?

When visiting government offices, airports, healthcare institutions, or shopping centers, it is urged that both men and women avoid wearing shorts or tops with no sleeves. You might be asked to leave or denied entrance to these places if you are not dressed modestly. It’s crucial to dress modestly, especially during the sacred month of Ramadan.

Can We Smoke In Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia, it is unlawful to smoke anywhere that is a commercial establishment, a place of employment, a hospital, a research facility, a government building, a tourist destination, a place of worship, a school, a sporting venue, a charity organization, or any other place where the general public gathers.

Is Saudi Arabia Cheap To Live in?

Generally speaking, Saudi Arabia has lower living expenses than the west. There is also no personal income tax and high salaries. You will quickly save a lot of money while having few opportunities for socializing.

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