Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies in UK

20 Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies in UK

Oil and gas firms support almost 283,000 employment in the UK alone, according to an Oil and Gas UK Workforce Report, indicating the industry’s global scope.

The oil and gas sectors operate in a variety of ways, providing opportunities and benefits to those who meet the necessary qualifications in terms of training and experience.

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This business is still flourishing, with more attention being given now to carbon management and the overall health of the world, despite rumors of a shortage of crude oil and worries expressed about environmental difficulties.

We all place various values on different parts of a work; some people may prioritize job happiness over financial gain, while others prioritize location or travel opportunities.

There are many reasons to consider this career path given the employment chances in this tough industry.

Continue reading to discover more about the top oil and gas recruitment agencies in UK  if you’re thinking about a career in the gas and oil sector.

The List of Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies in UK

Because it requires a lot of resources and skill to locate and hire the top individuals on their own, employers outsource recruitment. Employers who hire recruitment specialists save time and money since their current staff may concentrate on their primary duties rather than recruiting.

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Specialist agencies also have access to a great pool of individuals and are specialists in their fields. Therefore, a business can improve its chances of obtaining the greatest individuals to fill its openings by working with an agency. The top oil and gas recruitment companies in UK are listed below:

OXBO – Technology & Renewable Energy Recruitment Agency

This organization skips to the good part of job searching. They only present job opportunities that are a good fit for you, and they then show you how to apply for them, from customizing your CV to acing the interview. No junk. No jargon, no endless scrolling. Nothing except the positions you desire. All other information is noise. Find out more information here.

Mane Contract Services

For more than 25 years, this company has offered specialized technical and engineering recruitment services with knowledge of the global market, networks, and skills. Find out more information here.

Oil and Gas Job

Oil and Gas Job Agency offers you the greatest recruiting experience on the market by connecting the best people to businesses and the best businesses for people. They take great satisfaction in working with top-notch specialists who draw on their many years of practical industry expertise.

They commit themselves to meeting all of their clients’ recruitment demands while also providing the best career possibilities currently accessible in the sector to their candidates. Find out more information here.

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Major Energy

Major Energy has supplied qualified individuals for both onshore and offshore positions all over the world. They serve many industries with specialized placement services as a UK and international employment firm.

They offer full candidate support along with advertising, sourcing, shortlisting, and selection services. They have access to a vast talent pool of top-tier professionals who specialize in specific market niches. Find out more information here.

Nolan Recruitment

This agency provides a variety of recruitment options to make sure they can effectively fill their clients’ staffing needs. One of the leading engineering recruiters in the UK, they customize every step of the hiring process for each client to provide the best possible outcomes.

They specialize in recruiting for the engineering sector, which makes them the top choice when looking for qualified candidates for engineering employment. Find out more information here.

Other top oil and gas recruitment agencies in UK are listed below:

Logan Lewis RecruitmentFind out more information here.
Robert Half® Recruitment AgencyFind out more information here.
ABN Resource LtdFind out more information here.
Matchtech – Engineering Recruitment SpecialistsFind out more information here.
Prime Global Oil & Gas RecruitmentFind out more information here.
GPW RecruitmentFind out more information here.
Faststream Recruitment LtdFind out more information here.
Agency Central Ltd.Find out more information here.
PSI Global RecruitmentFind out more information here.
Pearls RecruitmentFind out more information here.
Genesis Personnel LimitedFind out more information here.
Swann RecruitmentFind out more information here.
Planet RecruitmentFind out more information here.
Leap29Find out more information here.
Drillmar Resources Limited
Find out more information here.

Does UK Have Oil And Gas?

The proved reserves of the United Kingdom are 4.8 times its annual consumption. This indicates that there would be around 5 years’ worth of oil left without imports (at current consumption levels and excluding unproven reserves).

How Many Oil And Gas Fields Are There In The UK?

There are currently 250 operational wells running at 120 onshore oil and gas sites in the UK, generating between 20,000 and 25,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Who Is The Biggest Oil Producer In UK?

The largest oil and gas producer in the UK is called Harbour, and it has carbon capture plants in the North Sea. Additionally, it has projects in Mexico, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Cook made his remarks as the business announced revenue of $4.1 billion (£3.55 billion) for the nine months ending on September 30 last year.

Where Will UK Get Oil From Now?

Like natural gas, most of the oil imported into the UK originates from Norway, which gives us about 11.7 million metric tons of crude oil per year.

Why Does The UK Not Use Its Own Oil?

The main reason the UK doesn’t grow its domestic oil and gas supplies is because the UK places a high priority on energy security. For instance, some predictions, albeit they are contested by others, claim that the North Sea’s gas reserves would run out around 2030.

Who Supplies Gas To The UK?

Today, long-distance pipelines bring about 47% of the UK’s gas supply from across Europe, primarily from Russia, the Netherlands, Norway, and Belgium. While 9% of the gas used in the UK is imported as liquid natural gas from Qatar and sent in tankers at temperatures below -160°C.

What Are The Biggest Gas Companies In UK?

The six largest energy corporations in the UK are frequently referred to as the “big six.” British Gas, EDF Energy, E. ON, npower, ScottishPower, and SSE make up this group.

What Country Is Number 1 In Oil Production?

In 2021, Saudi Arabia produced 10,835,000 bpd of oil. The nation is the greatest exporter of petroleum and holds 17% of the world’s proven petroleum reserves.

Who Is The Richest Oil Company And Where Are They Located?

Sinopec, an oil business owned by the Chinese government and headquartered in Beijing, is the biggest firm on this list, with annual sales of $405.4 billion. Oil and gas exploration and production are part of the company’s “vertically integrated energy and chemical business.”

Which Country Has The Best Quality Of Oil?

The highest quality crude in the world is referred to as tapis, and it can only be found in Malaysia. It is valued for its very low Sulphur level (0.04 percent) and low density of between 43 and 45° API, making it a benchmark traded product in Singapore.

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