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11 Best Online High Schools in Canada & Their Details

Are you ready to unlock the digital doors to education? Explore the world of online high schools in Canada, where learning knows no bounds, and your future is just a click away. Below is a list of 11 Top Online High Schools in Canada you can pick from. 

In the age of digital learning, online high schools in Canada are becoming more than just a trend; they’re a remarkable opportunity for students to shape their education in a way that suits them best. 

Picture this: you can attend classes from the comfort of your own home, adapt your schedule to your needs, and explore a world of knowledge at your fingertips. That’s the beauty of online high schools in Canada.

You have the flexibility to enroll in individual courses, whether you’re already attending a traditional day school or seeking to enhance your grades, with an impressive 98% acceptance rate by post-secondary institutions.

Online High Schools in Canada offer a straightforward registration process and much more.  Read on as we find out more. 

Why Online High Schools? 

Are you still pondering why online high schools are such a game-changer? Well, here’s a list of reasons why you should choose an Online High School in Canada. 

  1. Flexibility and Freedom: These online schools are like a magic portal to flexible learning. If you’re a night owl or an early bird, you can tailor your class hours to your preferences. No need to rush to catch the bus or worry about missing the first bell.
  1. Location Independence: Whether you live in the bustling heart of Toronto or a cozy cabin in the wilderness, online high schools are accessible to everyone. Geography doesn’t limit your access to quality education.
  1. Personalized Learning: You’re not just another face in the crowd. Online high schools often offer individualized learning paths. You get the attention and support you need to thrive academically.
  1. Advanced Course Selection: Fancy a rare foreign language or a unique science elective? Online high schools often provide a wider range of courses than traditional schools, allowing you to explore your passions.
  1. Support for Diverse Needs: If you have special learning needs, online high schools offer resources to help you succeed. They’re inclusive spaces where students with different abilities find support.
  1. Preparation for the Digital World: In an increasingly digital world, knowing how to navigate online learning is a vital skill. Online high schools give you a head start on this essential competency.
  1. Freedom to Pursue Other Interests: Ever dreamt of being a gymnast, actor, or musician? Online high schools make it easier to balance your passion with academics.

11 Top Online High Schools in Canada

  • Ontario eSchool (OeS)
  • ICS Canada’s online high school program 
  • Blyth Academy Online 
  • Virtual High School
  • Ontario Virtual School
  • PCDI Canada – James Madison High School 
  • iLearn Secondary School
  • Ontario eSecondary School
  • Toronto eSchool
  • Canada eSchool 
  • TVO ILC | Ontario’s largest online high school

Ontario eSchool (OeS)

Ontario eSchool (OeS) is a respected online high school based in Canada, accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education. 

Established in 2007, this online school extends its reach internationally, offering the globally recognized Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) accreditation, even reaching students in Hong Kong.

One of the notable aspects of OeS is that it employs certified Ontario teachers and holds the authority to grant high school credits and issue the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). 

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone: (852) 23938321
  • Email Address: 
  • Address: 4/F Tower Jordan,6 Bowring Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

ICS Canada’s Online High School Program

ICS Canada offers an online high school program that enables you to earn high school credits at your own pace, right from the comfort of your home. 

This program caters to students across Canada, not just in Ontario, and is supported by expert instructors and staff. ICS Canada’s online classes are geared towards preparing students for entry into the workforce in multiple provinces, including Ontario.

The focus is on providing a self-paced, flexible learning opportunity. Additionally, ICS Canada offers various online education programs to help individuals achieve their goals. 

Their High School program is nationally accredited by DEAC and reasonably priced. For those looking to enhance their careers or acquire specific job skills, ICS Canada’s Career Diploma programs cover over 50 accredited training courses. 

Most of these courses can be finished in under a year, with an extended timeframe of up to two years available.

The program’s highlights include being self-paced, nationally accredited, and budget-friendly, with flexible payment options to meet your financial needs.

Contact Info

  • Visit the Website:
  • Phone: 1-888-427-2400
  • Email: 

Blyth Academy Online

Blyth Academy Online is a highly regarded private online elementary and high school in Ontario. They offer a diverse selection of more than 160 Ontario Secondary School Diploma courses, emphasizing flexibility for students to learn at their own pace, on their schedule. 

Students can choose between full-time programs or taking single courses to earn credits one at a time. This flexibility allows students to study and earn credits from anywhere in the world.

Blyth Academy Online meets Ontario Ministry standards and offers access to high school teachers based in Ontario or international subject matter experts. 

Students gain immediate access to high school credits through engaging interactive courses, with the support of trained Blyth Academy teachers. 

With a broad selection of over 160 online high school courses, including SAT preparation, students can conveniently add extra credits at any time and from anywhere while maintaining their home school.

Blyth Academy Online’s courses span the entire curriculum, with expert instruction by Blyth Academy teachers experienced in delivering top-quality online learning. 

The courses are organized on a user-friendly online platform with modular units detailing time commitment, learning objectives, and curriculum expectations.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website:
  • Email:
  • Address: 2660 Yonge St., Toronto, ON, Canada M4P 2J5
  • 416-960-3552

Virtual High School

Virtual High School is an established online private school that provides Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits to students worldwide. 

Inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education since 2001, VHS boasts extensive experience, credibility, and expertise. Their approach recognizes the uniqueness of each learner, offering flexibility in study schedules, assignment submissions, and final exams.

VHS excels in providing students with certified teachers, interactive course materials, free online tutoring, and dedicated student support teams. 

Their commitment is to meet the individual needs of each student, ensuring high-quality online secondary education. 

Key features include teacher availability for daily inquiries, accommodating various learning needs, and offering standard and Fast Track course options to help students meet their academic goals and deadlines. 

Students also benefit from year-round support through telephone, email, and live chat.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website:
  • Address: 27 Main Street North, PO Box 402, Bayfield, ON, Canada

Ontario Virtual School

Ontario Virtual School (OVS) is an online educational institution offering high school courses that lead to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits in Canada. 

OVS was established with the vision that every student can achieve academic success through active and engaging learning. Recognizing the limitations of traditional education, OVS developed a flexible model allowing students to begin and complete courses at their own pace. 

This online school caters to diverse learners, including those with personal or health-related constraints, athletes, and individuals with full-time jobs.

OVS also helps students improve their grades in challenging courses, enhancing their prospects for competitive post-secondary programs. What sets OVS apart is its dynamic and interactive multimedia platform, providing engaging content beyond traditional text-based online learning. 

With over 130 courses and a dedicated team of 100+ Ontario Certified Teachers, OVS has grown significantly since its inception in 2010, serving over 9,000 students worldwide.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone: 416-907-4899
  • Address: 4789 Yonge Street, Unit 705 Toronto, Ontario, M2N 0G3

PCDI Canada – James Madison High School

James Madison High School, affiliated with PCDI Canada, offers an online general high school diploma program catering to learners of all ages. This flexible program is suitable for those returning to school after a break or anyone seeking an online alternative to traditional education. 

Students can learn at their own pace with academic support available through email, phone, or online resources. The curriculum includes online lessons and optional textbooks, and there are no prerequisites to enroll.

Participants receive comprehensive online eBooks and study materials, individualized instruction, one-on-one academic support, unlimited tutoring, and access to an active online student community. 

The school is nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and regionally accredited by SACS CASI (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement). 

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website:
  • Phone: 1-800-535-1613

iLearn Secondary School

iLearn Secondary School is a certified high school in British Columbia, Canada, recognized by the Ministry of Education. They offer a unique blend of face-to-face and online learning to cater to a diverse range of students. 

Whether someone wants to get ahead, catch up, pursue a passion, or has recently moved to Canada, iLearn provides personalized high school education and awards a B.C.

They believe in tailoring education to individual needs, emphasizing critical thinking, self-advocacy, and responsibility. 

iLearn holds full accreditation under the Independent School Act in B.C., with regular evaluations and audits by the Ministry of Education. 

All teachers are B.C. Certified, and graduating students receive a high school diploma. The school’s online curriculum and personalized learning plans enable student-centered teaching and round-the-clock access to educational content.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone: 604-590-5504

Ontario eSecondary School

Ontario eSecondary School (OES) is a flexible online high school in Ontario, authorized by the Ministry of Education to offer the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and course credits. 

They provide 100% online courses that are accredited by the same organizations as traditional schools. Students can enroll year-round and start courses within 24 hours, with up to 12 months to complete each course. 

This flexibility allows students to work at their own pace. OES courses include access to 24/7 online tutoring. Exams can be taken online anytime, from anywhere in the world.

OES is fully inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and provides the same credits as brick-and-mortar schools in Ontario. 

No permission from the student’s main high school is required to enroll. All course content is available online, with some exceptions that are communicated.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone: +1.416.236.7351
  • Email: 
  • Address: 2131 Williams Parkway Suite 4, Brampton, ON L6S 5Z4Canada

Toronto eSchool

Toronto eSchool, located in Toronto, is among the few online high schools fully inspected and approved by the Ministry of Education in Canada to provide Ontario high school credits and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) since 2013. 

Their goal is to support students in achieving educational excellence and preparing for university admissions.

They offer continuous enrollment, self-paced online courses,  a team of dedicated and certified teachers, and more. 

Toronto eSchool is inspected and approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Contact Info 

Visit the Website: 

  • Phone: +1 416 637 2632,  +1 647 352 6288
  • Email:,
  • Address: 105 Moatfield Dr. Unit 1107, Toronto, ON  M3B 0A2  Canada

Canada eSchool

Canada eSchool is a private secondary school authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education to offer over 40 online courses that lead to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), accepted by universities.

Canada eSchool offers a flexible and accommodating educational approach for students with specialized needs.

They collaborate with various institutions to provide an alternative learning path for students seeking an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Students can integrate eSchool courses with their existing school timetables to create a customized program. 

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 

TVO ILC | Ontario’s Largest Online High School

TVO ILC is Ontario’s largest online high school, offering over 140 flexible and affordable courses to help students earn high school credits or their high school diploma (OSSD) online. 

As a not-for-profit institution, its mission is to make learning interactive and engaging, ensuring students can achieve their education and career goals. 

With a team of over 200 education and media professionals, TVO ILC’s unique curriculum is designed to provide a rich learning experience. They are the online learning partner of the Ontario Ministry of Education, allowing students in Ontario and worldwide to earn a high school diploma online. 

Their competitive pricing starts at just $40 for qualified Ontario residents, making quality education accessible.

Contact Info: 

  • Visit the Website: 
  • Phone: 416-484-2704
  • Email: 

Is online school free in Canada?

Many online courses in Canada are free, however, certificates may be an additional cost. This means you may watch video lectures, participate in discussion forums, and read course materials for free.


Online high schools in Canada are opening doors to exciting possibilities in education. They offer students the freedom to learn on their terms, the flexibility to chart their educational journey, and the chance to experience a digital future.

Whether you’re a student in bustling Vancouver or a remote village in the Yukon, online high schools bridge the gap, making quality education more accessible than ever.

So, in the grand tapestry of Canadian education, these schools are a vibrant thread, weaving together innovation, flexibility, and opportunity.

It’s time to embrace this new era of learning.

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