12 Part Time Jobs in Toronto for International Students

Looking for a part time job to rake in some extra cash while studying in Toronto?

This article has got you covered as we list more than 10 part time jobs in Toronto for International students that you can consider engaging in to get that extra money for groceries, rent, transport or savings, whatever it is you need money for.

There are also answers to important questions concerning working in Toronto for international students. 

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If you are unsure about how many hours you can work as an international student, or how much you are likely to earn working as an international student in Toronto, then you should take a few minutes to read the answers to the FAQs, as all of that is covered in that section.

Without further ado, let us dive right into the list of the best part time jobs in Toronto for international students.

Part Time Jobs in Toronto for International Students

Below are some of the best choices of part time jobs for international students in Toronto:

Teacher’s Assistant

Average Pay: $(15-16)/hr

Many teachers and professors in Canada hire teacher’s assistants to assist them with tutoring students, developing lesson plans, facilitating class, and checking written assignments.

This is especially true if you have experience teaching, are interested in working in the educational sector, or even just have a knack for helping and assisting others.

Fortunately, there aren’t many experience requirements for the job. Some would prefer candidates with at least a year of relevant experience, while others would only consider candidates with outstanding communication and organizational abilities.

Uber Driver

Average Pay: $(14-25)/hr

Being an Uber or Lyft driver is a well-liked part-time profession among international students in Canada if you enjoy driving and want to tour Canada while making additional money.

Due to its accessibility and flexibility, this position is fantastic. You only need a driver’s license, which implies you must be at least 21 years old, a car, and a phone to have complete control over your time.

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Average Pay: $11/hr

This position is ideal if you have an interest in the service sector or are simply seeking for a night career. Bartending and serving positions are typically only available on weekends or weeknights.

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Although the hourly pay is less than the others, this part-time employment provides you more time to concentrate on your studies, and if you do well, you may even receive sizeable tips from kind clients.

Therefore, your income is entirely dependent on the business where you work, your clients, and your time.


Average Pay: $(15-20)/hr

This is the greatest part-time employment for you if you have a lot of knowledge and experience in particular fields and the patience to teach others.

Tutoring gives you the freedom to select your market and niche on your own. You can choose your learners at any academic level, from elementary school to university or college, and you can teach any subject you desire.

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Department Assistant

Average Pay: $19.88/hr

A research assistant participates in numerous facets of academic study in order to assist academics with their research projects. 

Their duties may also include collecting materials for their supervising professor to use in their research, looking after the equipment that a professor uses during a study, such as laboratory tools and electronic gadgets, and using university resources to conduct research on a certain topic.

By examining their findings and reducing them into understandable written pieces, research assistants can also help professors get their work ready for publication.

Call Center Rep

Average Pay: $16.74/hr

At an inbound or outbound call center, a representative calls potential clients or the general public. They respond to client inquiries, inform callers about specific goods or services, or check their contact information.

To make sure callers receive the service they require, they might also reroute calls to the proper department.

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Library Assistant

Average Pay: $16.43/hr

Under the general supervision of a librarian, a library assistant contributes to the upkeep of order and efficiency in a library.

When books are returned, library assistants can put them in the right spots on the shelves, suggest books or other resources to students who need help with their research, and point them in the right direction when they need to find a certain book. 

Additionally, a library assistant might assist the librarians they support by handling administrative duties and organizing library activities like live readings and talks.


Average Pay: $15.48/hr

A receptionist manages a building’s front desk and carries out administrative tasks for the business, institution, or group where they work.

Receptionists may be charged with a variety of duties, including taking calls and transferring them to the appropriate departments, extending a warm welcome to guests and employees as they enter the building, filing paperwork as needed, collecting organizational records, and distributing memos. 

By devising strategies for archiving and gaining access to crucial documents, a receptionist can help maintain the filing systems of a company.

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Student Ambassador

Average Pay: $14.92/hr

A student ambassador informs prospective or new students, as well as their families, about their institution.

Student ambassadors can go to nearby high schools to talk to students about their universities, assist them with the application process, and respond to inquiries about their schooling.

By conducting parent lectures and guiding school tours, many student ambassadors also promote their institutions on campus.

Food Runner

Average Pay: $13.92/hr

A food runner brings finished orders to patrons of a café or restaurant. Food runners coordinate with kitchen staff to make sure they are available to convey orders, deliver food and beverages to customers at their tables, and respond to inquiries from patrons regarding their meals.

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For overseas students who live on or near campus, schools and universities with restaurants might make excellent workplaces.

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Average Pay: $12.15/hr

During a sporting event, movie, or other special events, an usher directs spectators to their seats.

On college campuses, ushers may also assist with seating for visitors attending guest lectures or on-campus activities like plays and concerts.

Visitors are greeted by ushers, who also take tickets and hand them brochures and programs. They might also respond to inquiries and let visitors know where the building’s restrooms and exits are.

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Average Pay: $(15-20)/hr

One of the most sought-after part-time jobs for Indian students in Canada is that of a cook.

A cook’s responsibilities include preparing food, sticking to the menu, and upholding standards for food safety and health.

If you think you have a knack for cooking, working as a cook abroad might be quite satisfying.

How Much Can An International Student Earn In Toronto?

The annual average pay for foreign students in Canada is $58,214, or $29.85 per hour.

The starting salary for entry-level positions is $48,823, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is $73,531.

How Much Can An International Student Earn In Canada Part Time?

Part-time student jobs typically pay an annual wage of CA$42,565 or CA$22 per hour.

For part-time occupations, students are typically paid by the hour, at a rate of roughly $10 CA.

How Many Hours Can International Students Work In Toronto?

20 hours a week are the maximum you can work. You are in violation of the terms of your study permit if you work more than 20 hours per week.

If you do this, you risk losing your student status and risk having future requests for a study or work permit denied. You might even need to leave the nation.

Can I Work 24 Hours As A Student In Canada?

No. While classes are in session, you are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week if you are qualified to work off campus.

You are permitted to work more than 20 hours when there are designated breaks, such as the summer, winter, and spring breaks. Only when you’ve begun your studies in Canada are you eligible to begin working.

How Much Is Rent For Students In Canada?

In a situation of shared living, a fair starting point for rental costs is between $700 and $1,000 CAD per month, per room (apartment, house, or student housing).

Depending on where you live, you might anticipate paying over $1,200 CAD a month for a studio or one-bedroom apartment if you want to live alone.

Can I Do 2 Jobs In Canada As A Student?

As long as you continue to adhere to the terms of your study permit, you may work more than one employee to make up these hours. “It is not permissible to work more than 20 hours per week during ordinary academic terms or semesters.

You could lose your student status or perhaps be forced to leave Canada if you go over this limit. 

Which City Is Best For Part Time Job In Canada?

Toronto is the top Canadian city for international students looking for part-time work.

What Problems International Students Face in Canada?

Common problems encountered by international students in Canada: Culture shock is the most common experience students have while studying overseas, followed by homesickness, difficulty managing money, and reluctance to leave Canada.

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Is It Easy To Study Part-Time Job In Canada?

Yes, even without a formal work permit, you are permitted to work on or off campus. However, there are several things you need to be aware of before beginning.

To begin with, you must be registered as a full-time international student, which requires that you have current study permission.

Can You Work 7 Days A Week In Canada?

The Employment Standards Code mandates one day of rest for every work week, two straight days for every two following work weeks, and so on up to four straight days for each following work week.

An employee is entitled to at least 4 days of rest after 24 straight days of work.

How Much Can A Student Earn A Week Canada?

In Canada, part-time jobs for students average $15 CAD per hour. Approximately $300 CAD per week and $1,200 CAD per month will result from this.

Can I Apply for PR While Studying In Canada?

If they satisfy the conditions of the Canadian immigration program they apply under, international students studying in Canada may apply for Canadian permanent residence status while they are still enrolled in school or after they have finished.

Which City In Canada Has The Lowest Cost Of Living?

The least expensive place to live in Canada is Sherbrooke. For comparison, this southern Quebec City is 20.81% less expensive than Toronto and 13% less expensive than Montreal. Additionally, rent is 68.36% less expensive than in Toronto, allowing you to stretch your money further.

Which City In Canada Has Most Job Opportunities?

In addition, Montreal offers a variety of employment options. The city was ranked as Canada’s top workplace. So, without a doubt, Montreal is the place to be if you wish to move to Canada.

Can Mother Go With Student in Canada?

Your spouse or common-law partner, as well as any dependant children, may travel with you to Canada. They might be qualified for a visitor visa, a work or study permit, or both. If you want to apply for a study visa, you must do it online.

Is Life Hard For International Students in Canada?

They frequently fall victim to exploitation by employers and other people because they must deal with significant problems, strict deadlines, and social isolation. 

Are International Students Happy In Canada?

The country is the top choice for international students for a number of additional good reasons, including being the safest country in the world, having low living expenses, and having excellent housing options.

In terms of education and living standards, studying in Canada is generally a very enriching and pleasant experience.

How Do International Students Survive In Canada?

Living with a host family via homestay arrangements is one choice. It is the most affordable method for an international student to live in Canada. You can look for homestays online, through an agency, or by asking your university’s student services office to set up a homestay program.

Which Province of Canada Gives PR Easily?

Alberta is frequently regarded as one of the simplest jurisdictions in Canada to obtain PR due to its low CRS requirement.

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