Part Time Jobs in Vancouver for High School Students

15 Part Time Jobs in Vancouver for High School Students

If you are a high school student in Vancouver looking for a part time job to make some cool cash, this is the right spot for you.

We have handpicked some of the best part time jobs in Vancouver for high school students that you can easily combine with your studies while earning money.

Nearly 30% of high school students work during some or all of the academic year. Many people depend on the income from their jobs to support their social lives.

Others must work in order to support their families or save money for their children’s education. But is working while learning a good thing besides the money earned?

We have also listed some of the benefits of having a job in high school.

The List of Part Time Jobs in Vancouver for High School Students

Working during high school can help children, parents, and the surrounding community as long as the job is safe, legal, and allows enough time for academics.

Students gain skills and responsibility by working, and they relieve part of their parents’ financial load by earning their own money.

Below is the list of part time jobs in Vancouver for high school students:


Average pay per hour: $16

In retail establishments, cashiers are in charge of processing and receiving payments.

Working the cash register is one of the responsibilities of a cashier (processing payments, issuing receipts) Greeting customers and answering any inquiries they may have.

A cashier’s job is difficult since they must stand for lengthy periods of time, make repetitive actions, and lift inventory.

Finally, negotiating emotionally charged situations with customers can be the most difficult aspect of being a cashier. 

Sales Associate

Average pay per hour: $20

A sales associate is typically in charge of greeting customers, maintaining floor appearance, leading consumers to merchandise, and managing cash registers.

They ensure that their company’s sales increase and that customers receive products that meet their needs.

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Bookstore Clerk

Average pay per hour: $24

A bookstore clerk is in charge of carrying out a number of tasks related to cash sales, credit card purchases, reordering, invoicing, stocking and pricing of goods in the bookstore; handling refunds for returned items; purchasing used textbooks in accordance with guidelines; and performing related work as necessary.

It’s undoubtedly a benefit if you enjoy reading and are a regular reader or if you have literary training. Customers frequently want recommendations.

Sandwich Artist

Average pay per hour: $16

The Sandwich Artist welcomes and serves customers, prepares meals, upholds hygienic and food safety standards, and manages or processes some light paperwork. A crucial aspect of this profession is providing excellent customer service.

When making sandwiches for customers, a sandwich maker needs to be patient, attentive, and enthusiastic in their conversation.

Physical requirements: Most of the time during their shift, sandwich makers are on their feet, but they may also need to lift or clean large items.

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Average pay per hour: $16.59

A barista is a trained individual who prepares and serves special drinks like coffee and tea. They are in charge of collecting payments and orders from customers.

Additionally, they sanitize and clean their tools, equipment, and seating locations.

A barista’s job is by no means simple. The entire process of assuming such a responsibility can be difficult and even unpleasant.

The first challenge is learning how to prepare each type of coffee and trying to remember what goes into a cortado, latte, and cappuccino.

Food Courier

Average pay per hour: $20

Delivery of food to a customer by a restaurant, shop, or independent food delivery business is known as retail food delivery.

A popular way to place an order is through a food delivery service, a restaurant or grocery store’s website, or a mobile app. Instacart is the food delivery service that pays the most, with drivers claiming to make up to $30 per hour.


Average pay per hour: $25.91

A lifeguard, often known as a lifesaver, is in charge of inspecting a body of water and carrying out rescues to assist struggling or injured swimmers in reaching safety.

In addition to monitoring every swimmer in the water and providing first aid to wounded swimmers, their responsibilities also include communicating with swimmers to enforce swimming regulations.

Work opportunities for lifeguards include beaches, lakes, water parks, and public swimming pools.

They collaborate with other lifeguards to protect swimmers, carry out rescues, and in some cases, administer life-saving first aid.

Residential Cleaners

Average pay per hour: $27

Dusting and vacuuming floors, wiping down bathroom and kitchen counters, emptying trash cans, cleaning sinks and toilets, washing dishes and doing laundry (double check during booking), and cleaning out hard-to-reach spaces such under mattresses are all common cleaning services.

A one-bedroom, one-bathroom home needs about 1.5 hours to be thoroughly cleaned by a professional domestic cleaner.

But if the house is cleaned every week, it will only take this long. If the house is not kept clean, it will probably take at least 2.5 hours.

Math/English Tutor

Average pay per hour: $25

Creating learning strategies, addressing challenges, helping with homework and advanced studies, assessing progress, and encouraging a student are all responsibilities of the tutor.

In order to create a positive learning environment for a student, a math tutor must also build rapport.

The Math/English Tutor/Instructor is in charge of helping students with their academic math homework, problem-solving skills, and test preparation.

Casual Laborer

Average pay per hour: $23

Casual workers include those with zero-hour contracts, short-hour or guaranteed minimum-hour contracts, self-employed or freelancing agreements, contractors or subcontractor contracts, and fixed-term, term-time contracts.

They put in a few weeks or days of work and are paid for it. Employers don’t frequently hire casual employees.

They are typically unskilled employees, such as those who work on construction sites.

Dog Walker

Average pay per hour: $20

To ensure the safety of both the dog and the walker, there is a great deal to understand (and unlearn) about dogs.

Technical expertise, physical stamina, and in-depth knowledge of everything from dog behavior to pet first aid to knowing and interpreting local laws are required for careful, professional dog walking.

You must be able to work outside in all conditions and possess great interpersonal and communication skills.

Additionally, having a connection to and knowledge of dogs is crucial. Being patient is crucial since developing a loyal clientele takes time.

Housekeeping Room Attendant

Average pay per hour: $25

The guest rooms would need to be vacuumed, dusted, cleaned, and polished. Make mattresses, swap out the linens, and replace any worn-out towels and toiletries.

Deliver and pick up guest-loaned items, such as irons and ironing boards. Ensure the privacy of visitors and the safety of the guest rooms.

Ice Cream Scooper

Average pay per hour: $19.00

Ice cream scoopers prepare other food items, serve ice cream, and give samples to each customer.

The duties of an ice cream scooper include scooping ice cream into cones and cups, explaining the ingredients to customers, and mentioning any special offers or discounts.

Prep Cook

Average pay per hour: $18.99

You’d need to Clean and chop vegetables, cut meat, and prepare other components for cooking.

Prepare ingredients and workstations so that meals may be made in accordance with recipes.

Cooking fundamentals like lowering sauces and par-boiling meals should be practiced. Preparing basic meals like salads and entrees.


Average pay per hour: $14.79

A server’s duties include serving diners by assisting them with placing, receiving, and paying for their orders before, during, and after their meals.

By periodically checking on their tables throughout the course of the service, they also make sure that food and drinks are delivered on time.

Benefits of Having a Job in High School

Below are some of the benefits attached to having a job in high school:

  • It can teach students about the connection between salaries and education.

  • The majority of high school students work in low-wage jobs that need little to no education. This might help to emphasize the importance of education in earning a successful living.

  • It has the potential to explain the value of money. Teenagers who do not have a job must rely on the generosity of others. Working offers students their own money and teaches them the true worth of a dollar.

  • It can instill the value of budgeting. Students can observe how fast their hard-earned money can be spent on useless items.

  • It has the potential to teach time management skills. Students must learn how to arrange their days in order to balance a job and academics.

  • It can boost self-esteem. Having a job can make students feel more capable than they would otherwise.

  • It can assist youngsters in staying out of trouble. Summer jobs have been demonstrated to reduce violent events among poor kids by 43%. After-school jobs may offer similar advantages.

Disadvantages of Having a Job in High School

Although there are tons of benefits associated with having a job in High school, there are also some downsides to it and that is what we address in this section of the article.

  • It can have a negative impact on academic performance. While the relationship between employment and grades is difficult to quantify, researchers have discovered that students who work more than 20 hours per week perform worse academically.

  • It frequently fails to impart useful knowledge. According to research, the majority of occupations held by high school students do not offer skills that can lead to any form of career advancement.

  • It has the potential to establish negative attitudes toward employment. The majority of secondary school pupils work in menial employment. This might lead to negative attitudes toward work in general.

  • It depletes personal time. Some working high school students are caught in a catch-22 situation. They require money for a social life, yet working full-time leaves them with no time to socialize.

  • It can cause fatigue. Working a job and then studying at home can leave a student with little time to sleep.

    This, in turn, might cause fatigue, which can have an influence on one’s health and overall well-being.

Is It Easy To Get Job in Vancouver?

Finding employment in one of these industries is difficult, but not impossible. Indeed, Vancouver will soon face a skills deficit, particularly in technology.

So, if you know how to code, you should have no trouble getting work.

How Much Does A 16 Year Old Get Paid A Month in Canada?

$14.25 – General labor. $13.40 – Students under the age of 18 who work during summer vacation, school breaks, or for less than 28 hours per week when school is in session.

$12.45 – Liquor servers. $15.40 – Homeworkers (including students; this is more than the student salary).

How Can I Make An Extra $1000 A Month in Canada?

  • Juggle a Few Side Hustles to Make an Extra 1,000 a Month.

  • Transcription

  • Investing

  • Work as a Virtual Assistant

  • Earn $1,000 a Month with Rentals

  • Start a Blog

  • Freelance Writing

  • Start a Niche Website

How Can A 16 Year Old Make Money Online?

  • Play Video Games.

  • Do Data Entry Work.

  • Get Paid to Review Songs.

  • Test Products.

  • Watch Ads for Money.

  • Take Pictures with Your Phone.

  • Sell Stuff Online.

  • Take Online Surveys.

How Can I Get My First Job At 16?

To find a job when you’re 16, ask your friends and extended family if they know someone who is looking for young individuals.

You can also inquire about potential positions in local restaurants, cafes, and retail establishments.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Be A Cashier?

The legal age to work as a cashier in the United States will normally be subject to the national minimum age of 16 for individuals to find and hold regular employment.

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