Pole Dance Classes in Brooklyn

6 Top Pole Dance Classes in Brooklyn:17 Schools to Consider

Dancing is one activity that has existed for a long time and is still quite popular. It is an activity everyone can do regardless of age or gender. The only difference is some people dance for fun while some dance for a career. Either way, whether you are dancing for fun or to build a career in dancing, you need dance classes to help you develop your skills.

Below is a compilation of dance classes in Brooklyn or its surrounding areas. Please take a look at them below and pick the one that catches your fancy. 

We have also listed some of the pole dance classes in Brooklyn that you can try out.

Dance classes in Brooklyn

1. Mark Morris Dance Group

Mark Morris is a dance group that holds dance classes in Brooklyn and whose mission is to develop, promote, and sustain dance, music, and opera productions.

Their dance classes include various genres of fitness and dance such as their introductory series, master classes, and intensives. Their class is all in-person classes so to be a part of this you have to visit there.

For more inquiries, visit their website. 

2. Dance Fever Studios

At Dance Fever studios, it is believed that anyone can learn how to dance. Dance fever is committed to making dance easy and fun for everyone.

They teach the basics of dancing all through to the advanced stage. Some of their classes include Salsa, Argentine tango, ballroom, Latin, hustle, and even wedding choreography. Their classes are both group lessons and private lessons. 

Below is the cost for their private dance lessons and group lessons

  • $95 for 55 minutes session
  • $450 for 5 private dance lessons
  • $850 for 10 private dance lessons
  • $160 for two monthly group cycle 

To register for any of their lessons, click here Call (718)637-3216

Address: 159 20th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232 

Address 2: 3009 Avenue J Brooklyn, NY 11210 

3. The Brooklyn Dance centers 

The Brooklyn Dance Center offers dance classes in Brooklyn for over 30 years now. They offer classes in different styles for students of all ages. They teach styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, lyrical, and lots more. 

To showcase their student’s talents and improvements, they have a yearly recital. Whether you are interested in dancing for fun, for fitness, or to be a professional dancer, Brooklyn dance center is perfect for you. For more information about this dance center, click here.

Address: Bay Ridge 8717 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209

4. Dance Connection

Dance Connection is a dance school that holds dance classes in Brooklyn for children. Their main aim is to provide a secure and friendly environment for your kids to learn and thrive in the art of dance. Their classes are on different dance styles such as Tap, Acro, First steps pre-school, Ballet, and lots more. 

According to the reviews, Dance connection is more like a family. The teachers and staff are said to be professional and nurturing. To know more about these amazing dance classes for kids, visit their website here.

5. Nieves Latin Dance Studio 

Nieves Latin Dance studio is a dance studio focused on teaching salsa and bachata. Their classes are always fun and always last for approximately 50 minutes – 1 hour. They teach classes for students of all stages that are from beginners to advanced. 

According to reviews, this studio is more of a community with professional and amazing instructors interested in the development of their students. To be a part of this amazing community, click here

6. Dance work dance center

Dance work dance center is a school whose aim is to provide quality dance training while helping to build their student’s confidence, self-discipline, and healthy lifestyle in a supportive environment. Their classes are for students ages 2.5 years to 18 years. Their classes include Hip hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, and Acro Tap. Click here for more information. 

347 -497 – 5111

Address: 7116 13th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11228 

7. Brooklyn Music school

Brooklyn music school also offers dance classes. They encourage children to express their joy of movement in a safe environment.

Diversity is a very important factor at Brooklyn Music School and due to that, they have a variety of dance styles such as Ballet, Creative Movement, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap Dance, and African Drumming and Dance. With this variety, your child is free to pick anyone that interest’s him/her. 

Brooklyn Music School is so much interested in their student’s performance so they create opportunities for their students to share their handwork, talent, and unique abilities on stage with an audience. They organize programs such as Dance recitals, collaborations with their musical and theatre program, and lots more. 

If you are interested in knowing more about these amazing dance classes for your child at the Brooklyn Musical School, click here or call (718) 638-5660

Address: 126 ST FELIX ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11217

8. Beyond Dance Center

Beyond Dance Center is home to over 250 students who take lessons in a variety of dance styles.

It is a dance school in Brooklyn committed to cultivating the joy of learning dance in a safe and nurturing environment.

They offer classes in Ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, modern, acro, and more. Beyond dance is for dancers of all skill levels and ages starting from beginners to professionals.

For more information on this dance school, visit their website here

9. Cynthia King Dance Studio

Known as one of the top dance classes in Brooklyn, The Cynthia King Dance Studio has been a vital part of Brooklyn’s rich dance culture for nearly twenty years.

The studio trains dancers of all ages and skill levels in a variety of dance styles such as Pre – K dance, Technique classes, Ballet, and Modern dance.

Hip hop, dance fusion, Tap, and lots more. This dance school brags about having amazing dance instructors committed to the growth of their students.

To know more about this school, click here or call 718. 521. 4043

Address: 327 east 5th Street, Brooklyn NY 11218

10. Triple Essence Dance Studio

With 19 years of providing quality, cutting-edge dance instruction, we have the Triple Essence Dance Studio.

This dance studio offers an instructional program to support all your desires and aspirations in dance. They teach a variety of dance styles such as Hip hop, jazz, modern, and lots more. 

Triple Essence is a National award-winning studio whose dancers have won various awards and have been accepted into prestigious performing arts schools.

Some of their dancers have also been featured on television and others have become dance instructors themselves.

You see, at triple essence, it’s all about greatness. 

For further inquiries, click here or place a call to (718)-439-8557

Address: 7905 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11228

11. Brooklyn Park Dance

Brooklyn park Dance was established to teach the fundamentals of dance in a welcoming environment for all ability and skill levels.

They offer dance classes in styles such as Tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, pointe, ballroom dance, and lots more.

Their classes are for both children and adults so parents can come along and have their dance classes in the same environment as their kids. 

To know more about how to be a part of the dance classes at Brooklyn park, visit their website.

With the above list, you should be able to pick one school that catches your eye. After picking the school, studio, or dance center that suits you, don’t forget to pick out your dancing gear and head out to start your amazing dance journey. 

Pole dance classes in Brooklyn

As an activity that combines both dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole, Pole dancing can be said to be one form of dance with amazing benefits.

Aside from the first benefit being that it is a fun way to exercise, pole dancing also helps develop the body and make one physically fit. It is one exercise I’d recommend for everyone regardless of your gender.

Pole Dancing requires skills and you can get those skills without a few lessons here and there. This is where pole dance classes come in.

In order for you to master the art of pole dancing, you have to take lessons and because I’m nice, I’d be giving you a list of pole dance classes in Brooklyn. This is for my Brooklyn peeps alone.

Pay close attention to the list of schools below and pick the one that suits you. Let’s dive right in. 

1. Incredipole

Incredipole is a dance studio in Brooklyn that offers pole dance classes. This dance studio which was established in 2015 has been said to no longer be just a studio but a community of dancers who push each other to learn and become better. 

At Incredipole, first-time students only have to pay $20 for their first class which has to do with the introduction to pole dancing while other classes have different prices if you aren’t new to the art of pole dancing.

For more information about the pole dance classes at Incredipole, visit their website or call (646) 396-3699

Address: 43D 9th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215

2. Full circle Brooklyn

If you are looking for a place to make you confident in your body movements and in the art of pole then you should check out the pole dance classes in Full circle Brooklyn.

With some of the most experienced instructors in NYC who are devoted to the progress and development of their students, you are bound to get the best. 

Their classes at Full circle Brooklyn include Introduction to pole, Beginner pole 1, Beginner pole 2, Intermediate pole, intermediate/advanced pole, pole conditioning, and lots more. They also have classes to help you increase and maintain your flexibility. 

For further inquiries on their classes, visit their website here or call 347-365-5388. 

Address: 318 Gates Ave. #C3 Brooklyn, NY 11216

3. Foxy fitness and pole 

Foxy fitness and pole is a move and choreography-based pole dance school in Brooklyn, founded by Ashley Fox and Virgil Avery in December 2011.

Foxy’s aim as a pole dance school is to educate on the athletic, artistic and professional aspects of pole dancing.

They teach their students how to promote good health and creative expression through the art of pole dancing. 

They also help their students explore the art of pole dancing and achieve amazing results in flexibility, muscle strengthening, toning, and cardiovascular endurance. 

Since 2011, Foxy’s have trained over 30,000 students and they also produce Eleven biannual Foxy student showcase.

Whether you have decided to take on pole dancing for fun, fitness, competitions, or performance, Foxy’s is a great place to start.

Visit their website here to know more. 

4. Rising star dance lab

The rising star is a dance studio that teaches dance to kids and adults in Brooklyn. They are a global art project whose aim is to open opportunities in the world of dancing to kids and adults.

They offer quite a number of dance classes from Salsa to Bachata and also pole dance classes. They are open 6 days a week from 9 am- 10 pm.

For more information about the rising star, click here.

Address: 1601 Gravesend Neck Rd, Brooklyn, NY.

5. Jump Dance Studio

The jump dance studio is one dance studio that aims to provide your dance career with the ultimate dance experience.

Their prestigious training program is sure to ensure your growth and development as a dancer.

They offer a bunch of dance classes among which is the pole dance classes. This studio brags of amazing instructors and a dance experience to die for. Click here for more information. 

6. V Balance Pilates

If you are ready to jump-start your journey into health and wellness then you should visit V Balance Pilates’ amazing pole dance classes in Brooklyn.

This dance school teaches both Pilates and pole dance classes. According to reviews, their classes are amazing and the instructors are great.

To know more about the pole dance classes at V Balance Pilates, click here or call ( 646) 209-0892

Address: 502 Gravesend Neck RD, Brooklyn, NY 11223

From the list above you should have made your pick. Now get your dancing gear, prepare your mind and head out to one of the above places so you can kick start your pole dance journey. I’m rooting for you over here. 

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