Pole Dance Classes in Dallas

16 Top Pole Dance Classes in Dallas: Top Studios

With more people being aware of the advantages to overall strength and fitness, pole dancing has grown in popularity as a form of exercise. These exercises tone the entire body while strengthening the core and overall body by using the body as resistance.

Pole dancing is enjoyable, but it’s also a serious athletic activity that shouldn’t be taken lightly and can’t be self-taught, which is why pole dance classes are necessary.

The List of Pole Dance Classes in Dallas

Here is a list of some pole dance classes in Dallas:

1. Power BAR Dallas Pole Dance Studio | DFW

Strong women are created and supported through Power BAR Women’s Fitness, one of the many pole dance classes in Dallas. Being both physically and psychologically strong is what is meant by strength.

All the women whose lives they affect should be inspired to love and accept themselves more and to strive to become better versions of themselves. They have a strong desire to empower as many women as they can through community initiatives. They insist that each woman must start by admiring and loving herself.

They hope to connect with a large number of women who want to take charge of their self-improvement and self-acceptance by using the pole dancing platform.

They are motivated because they are aware that every woman is stronger than she may think and that many women frequently hide in the darkness of self-doubt and low self-esteem. Power BAR Women’s Training offers a secure and encouraging environment for women to accept how powerful they truly are through fitness, camaraderie, and fun with pole dancing.

For more information, click here 

2. Extend Fitness Studio

A former exotic dancer launched Extend Training Studio, one of the numerous pole dance classes in Dallas (formerly known as The Girls’ Room) in 2008, which has now grown to become the region’s oldest pole and aerial fitness studio.

For students of all ages (18+), experience levels, and fitness levels ranging from beginner to advanced, they offer training in pole dance and fitness, exotic dance, Lyra hoop, flexibility, and conditioning.

Additionally, they provide their students with shared training time to practice, get ready for performances, and private training sessions with their award-winning instructors. They also take great delight in being fantastic party hosts. For an amazing party experience, no.  matter the event—bachelorette, birthday, or night out—EFS has you covered.

For more information, email them: extendfitnessstudio@gmail.com

3. Zensual Dance Fitness

Zensual Dance Fitness is one of the pole dance classes in Dallas and has trained tens of thousands of women and some men since 2009. They make sure that everyone can participate in Zensual pole dancing sessions in a secure and enlightening environment. You’ll gain strength, discover how to dance freely, and become a gorgeous pole dancer.

In Dallas, Texas, Zensual Dance Fitness provides workshops, bachelorette and Texas-Girls’ Night Out pole parties, and pole dancing classes.

Click here for more information

4. The Leg Room

When the Dallas School of Burlesque shut its doors after six years in business, The Leg Room Burlesque and Drag Studio opened. Two dance rooms are available at The Leg Room, one of which has poles for classes in pole dancing.

The Leg Room’s goal is to create and promote a sense of magic and sexual liberty through its Private Parties, Classes, and Live Events, preserving the essence of burlesque and drag alive.

For more information and inquiries, contact them at LegRoomStudio@gmail.com. 

5. Kandy & Krome Room

The studio’s sensual side, known as Kandy & Krome Room, encourages women to embrace their sensuality. In addition to being a great workout, their pole sessions help students develop their confidence and agility. You’re invited to become a part of the expanding sisterhood by Kandy & Krome Room!

Call: +1 972-850-8733 for more information

6. Queens N’ Stilettos

Anyone who has a love or interest in the movement of dance is welcome at Queens N’ Stilettos, one of the pole dance classes in Dallas and a dance studio in the DFW Metroplex. You may be confident that you will obtain the greatest education possible while enrolled in their programs because they have extensive expertise in both teaching and performing.

They are dedicated to giving their pupils the abilities they need to succeed in the competitive world of performing “Stage Performance,” in addition to empowering them through dance. They work tirelessly to support the students in achieving their objectives through regular mentoring and commitment.

Click https://www.queensnstilettos.com/ for more information

7. MoveStudio

MoveStudio, one of the best pole dance classes in Dallas has been assisting individuals in moving with greater fun and ease for 22 years! In the convenience of one’s own home, MoveStudio’s goal is to nourish the body, mind, and spirit via movement and social support.

They provide amazing online yoga, Nia, Pilates, and fitness courses taught by your favorite MoveStudio experts. They provide a warm environment for students who want to grow and recover from environmental and physical challenges. There is a place for you at MoveStudio with qualified, supportive, and caring instructors, a large range of activities, and a welcoming and unbiased culture!

Click https://www.movestudio.com/home for more information.

8. Ruby Room Studio

Dancers of all skill levels can take dance and fitness courses at The Ruby Room from some of the best instructors in the business. Their goal is to give their students a high-quality dance education while instilling values like tenacity and endurance, as well as confidence and respect for the arts. They instruct dancers of all levels and offer a wide range of dance and fitness classes.

For more inquiries, contact them via email: rubyroomstudio@gmail.com

9. DivaDance North Dallas

The most popular hip-hop dancing studio in Carrollton, Addison, and Richardson. Sexy, steamy, and stress-free, DivaDance’s adult dance courses were designed to boost your self-esteem and allow you to conquer your interval training (while having fun)! You’ll pick up new moves to your favorite pop songs, both new and old. It’s not just classed either; they also throw some truly impressive parties. Your squad will appreciate DivaDance®, whether it’s for a birthday or bachelorette party.

The best way to do more of what you love is to join DivaDance as a member, whether you want to dance at home on their live broadcasts or join them for safe, socially isolating courses. They have additional Plans & Passes that will enable you to incorporate more dancing into your life if commitment scares you.

Click https://divadancecompany.com/ for my information.

10. LineRcize

The first line dance workout class was called LineRcize. LinerRcize, one of the pole dance classes in Dallas incorporates some fitness flair while teaching the newest and best line dances. In this session, dance, core exercises, and kickboxing are combined to provide a fun, energizing total body workout. LineRcize feels more like a “night out” than an “exercise” while DJSS is providing live music.

The excellent atmosphere and upbeat vibe in every classroom distinguish them from other schools. Freddie’s stupid quips, jamming, and DJSS live music. Overall, the environment is enjoyable and welcoming. Having fun with this thing is one of their primary tenets, so just be yourself and enjoy your workout. They believe that their class’s family-like atmosphere is what attracts people the most. They go on social trips like bowling and karaoke, and they take part in neighborhood activities.

Click https://www.linercize.com/ for more information.

11. Shine Fitness Studio

Shine Fitness Studio is one of the best pole dance classes in Dallas. Hurst, Texas, is where it is. They provide strength, flexibility, aerial, and pole fitness. They provide these wonderful classes for new students or those looking for a challenging new experience. They think everyone can benefit from pole and aerial fitness!

They take great pleasure in being a safe studio with appropriate rigging, safety gear, and trained employees. With their collective expertise of more than 40 years, they can confidently claim to have the best staff around.

Click https://shinefitnessstudio.com/ for more information.

12. Twisted Grip Fitness

In the center of Plano, Texas, they are a warm and friendly pole dance fitness studio. For all skill levels, they provide a variety of entertaining and difficult dancing fitness classes. You can work with their staff of knowledgeable coaches to achieve your fitness objectives. Your entire body is worked out by pole dancing. Using only your body weight aids in toning and defining your back, chest, and abs.

Join their community of people wanting to twist their way into shape if you’re ready to grow muscle, boost your confidence, and have fun while doing it!

Click https://www.twistedgripfitness.com/ for more information.

13. Altitude Pole Fitness & Aerial Arts

Everybody can have access to pole and aerial arts, according to Altitude Pole Fitness & Aerial Arts, one of the pole dance classes in Dallas. Regardless of fitness level, size, age, or gender, their licensed instructors carefully choose a distinctive and progressive curriculum to assure safety, success, and pleasure. Their purpose is to provide a setting where teachers and students can develop their power, positivity, and confidence in a motivating, kind, and encouraging environment.

They provide weekly pole fitness, aerial silks, aerial sling, aerial hoop, and aerial rope sessions for ages 7 and up, ranging from brand-new beginners to advanced levels. Since the studio offers more than 60 lessons per week, adult students can choose from a range of days and hours to accommodate their hectic schedules. An enrollment-based program gives their children and teenagers the constancy they require, and when combined with a developmental curriculum, they can satisfy the needs of every student, no matter where they are in their aerial adventure.

Fees and package 

● Explore package: $60 and is valid for 10 days. 

● Express package: valid for 10 days at $30 

● Just visiting a single-class drop-in at $40 per class. For more information, visit our website or call +1214 494 0580.

Click http://www.altitudefitnessfrisco.com/ for more information.

14. Star Status

Do you require a well-established dance school where you can learn and teach that is conveniently located in the DFW and big enough to support your growth? From basic to intermediate pole classes are available at Star Status, one of the very best pole dance classes in Dallas. So that every one may receive the individualized attention they require, each class is small.

This lesson is ideal if you are brand-new to pole dancing. This entry-level session will help you develop confidence, muscle, endurance, and metabolism by fusing fundamental pole maneuvers, spins, and climbing.

For more information, visit https://www.starstatusstudio.com/.

15. Caulfields Dance Fitness

You were created to be a performer in all facets of life, including dancing. Join Caulfieds Dance Fitness to put an end to the competition and take control of your capacities. Relive the joy of spinning and jumping to the music in your childhood bedroom by following your gut instinct. By simply being there and being yourself, you raise the bar for the ladies in your immediate vicinity. They can enable you to fly the freak flag and let you alter ego run wild. See where it leads you once you exit the studio.

For more information, click https://www.caulfieldsdancefitness.com/.

16. Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED 

The trendiest and BEST location to celebrate your bachelorette or birthday party is Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED®, one of the pole dance classes in Dallas. They are conveniently situated in the DFW region and will put you right in the thick of the hottest Dallas activity.

Their spacious, expertly constructed apartments provide a wonderful experience for all of your visitors. Even though they are frequently imitated by others, their teams and their studios’ level of expertise is unrivaled.

For more information, click https://www.poledancepartiesdallas.com/pole-dance-party-dallas.

17. Extend Fitness Studio 

136 Glass Street, 

Suite 140, 

Dallas TX 75207, 

United States 

Extend Fitness Studio offers pole dance classes in Dallas to adults (men and women of all ages, gender, and sexuality. 

Established in 2008 by a former pole dancer is known to be the longest-running pole dance school in Dallas. Extend Fitness Studio aims to empower women and men through pole dancing to embrace their bodies, be confident and feel sexy again. 

They have various classes for different levels: beginners, intermediate and professional. The school is located in a serene and safe environment with state-of-the-art facilities. Classes are held every day of the week, both online and offline. They are also available for private classes. 



  • 1 hour:$30 

Virtual membership one-time purchase 

  • 5 classes: $100 
  • 10 classes: $180 

Fitpass auto-renew 

  • 5 classes: $90 
  • 10 classes: $162 

Drop in a virtual class 

  • 30 minutes virtual class:$8 
  • One-hour virtual class: $10 

Fitpass virtual punch card 

  • 9 classes: $81 
  • 12 classes: $96 

Visit their website or call +121 47353 233. 

18. DFW Pole Dance Class 

2650 Midway Road, 


Dallas TX 75006 

United States 

DFW Pole Dance Class is one of the pole dance classes in Dallas known to be one of the top-notch pole dances due to the professional services rendered and classes. The institution was established in 2007 by Laster, an incredible pole dance instructor. 

DFW Pole Dance Centre not only takes pole dancing, but they also organize pole dance parties to create beautiful memories for everyone. The school has a beautiful studio with state-of-the-art facilities designed to meet the needs of every student. 


  • DFW basic pole dance class for 50 minutes for $29 per person.

  • Sugar rush dance class for 75 minutes at $37 per person. 

  • Cake, cake, cake for 90 minutes at $47 per person. For more information, visit their website or call +1972 8508 733.

19. Teasing With Envy Pole Dance 

1350 Manufacturing Street, 

Store 219 Inside The Bodee Shop, 

Dallas, TX 75207 

Teasing With Envy Pole Dance School 

is one of the pole dance classes in Dallas for adults. The school offers pole dance classes for women to feel sexy, comfortable and happy. Apart from pole dance classes, the school also hosts private, private pole parties and many more. 

For more inquiries, call (214) 454 6025.

20. Vertical Fitness Dallas 

6090 Campbell Road, 

Ste 136 Dallas, 

TX 75248, 

United States 

Vertical Fitness Centre offers pole dance classes in Dallas, Texas, United States. Karen Palmer owns vertical Fitness Centre, the only pole fitness instructor certified to teach pole fitness up to level 5 in the whole of Dallas. 

Vertical Fitness Centre offers pole fitness class, dance class and pole ‘o’ graphy class. The school has friendly, dedicated and experienced instructors who are there to help the students find their feet in pole dancing. 

The school also offers group and private pole dance classes to interested students. 


All classes cost $28 per class and are valid for one individual. 

Membership Fee 

  • Orchid package: 8 classes at $148 monthly 
  • Vertical fitness Dallas 12 months unlimited plan: $199 per month with a 12-month commitment
  • Violet membership plan: $225 per month for 15 classes with a 3-month commitment 
  • Vertical fitness Dallas 5-class punchcard:$110 and is valid for 6 weeks
  • Vertical fitness Dallas10-class punch card: $179 and is valid for 6 weeks
  • Vertical fitness Dallas 6-month unlimited plan:$250 
  • Private lesson: 1-hour pole class $90 For more inquiries, visit their website or call +1972 679 1020.

Pole dancing requires effort, which increases heart rate and causes calorie burning in the body. Dependent on their weight and the complexity of the routine, pole dancers have been known to burn up to 1000–1500 calories every hour, so if you feel the urge to burn calories, the above list of pole dance classes in Dallas is for you.

Benefits of pole dancing 

  • Pole dancing builds confidence and self-esteem. 

  • It helps to burn calories faster. 

  • It builds body stability and balance 

  • It promotes sound sleep. 

  • It tightens the muscles and tones the body 

  • It reduces stress and hormonal imbalance. 

  • It increases cardiovascular flow and endurance 

  • It is excellent for the joints and bones because it enhances flexibility. 

  • Here are a few things to note before attending the pole dance class:

  • Do not apply lotion cream or oil to any part of your body because that may lead to friction and affects your grip on the pole 

  • It is also advisable not to use jewelry of any kind. 

  • Comfortable dressings such as shorts, leggings, crop tops, and sports bras are acceptable to wear to pole class.

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