12 Top Pole Dance Classes in Detroit & What to Expect

Pole dance classes in Detroit help you become stronger, and more flexible, lose weight, improve coordination, tone your body, build muscle, boost your confidence, release endorphins, and feel amazing.

Working out with a pole is a terrific and enjoyable method to get fit. Week by week, you may watch how your abilities and strength are developing.

Classes are friendly and enjoyable, and they’re a fantastic place to meet fresh faces who want to get fitter, too. So, here is a list of some incredible pole dance classes in Detroit if you need the inspiration to work out or are already working out and searching for a new, entertaining activity to add to your schedule:

The List of Pole dance classes in Detroit

1. Detroit Dance Center

The total learning experience and personal development of the student are the main priorities of DDC, one of the pole dance programs in Detroit.

Their aims are to enhance their kids while having fun with movement, teach good technique in level-based lessons, provide a space for all dancers to develop team love, and give them a sense of belonging. They work to promote dance through performances and give interested parties the chance to compete.

You and your dancer(s) would be a wonderful addition to their expanding community. They impart knowledge of several dance styles, including pole dancing. They are the studio for you if your celebrity aspires to be that triple-threat entertainer or just desires to try something different.

Their instructors are devoted to fostering in each pupil a passion for dancing that will last a lifetime. They are empathetic and caring experts with experience and certification.

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2. Vixen Dance

For women to outspokenly express themselves and re-connect with themselves, Vixen Dance, one of the pole dance classes in Detroit, offers beginner to adequate level pole and exotic dancing lessons.

Their method is seductive, enjoyable, encouraging, and thoughtfully crafted to make sure that everybody feels appreciated and welcomed exactly how they are.

They have instructed female students of all ages, ethnicities, and experience levels since 2006. They simply dance without passing judgment.

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, girls’ night out, bachelorette party, or any other event, a vixen party is sure to be a blast. Give your ladies royal treatment by taking a private class in their sensual studio.

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3. Bad Girl Fitness

Both new and returning students are welcome to attend their individual one-on-one sessions and small group classes. To ensure a seat, please make a reservation in advance at Bad Girl Fitness, one of the pole dance classes in Detroit.

Class sizes are limited, so they fill up quickly. They also host private events, however with some restrictions and capacity limits. Some of these limitations include:

  • 1. When in the studio, masks are compulsory. Please cover your face when entering and exiting.
  • 2. 6.5-7 feet separate the poles to encourage social distance.
  • 3. If you’re sick, remain at home.
  • 4. If possible, wash your hands before entering and after leaving the studio.
  • 5. Please be at class five minutes early. Late arrivals would no longer be accepted.
  • 6. To prevent the transmission of germs in high-traffic areas, meticulous cleaning and sanitization will be done before and after each lesson, as advised by the CDC.
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4. PoleFIT Revolution, LLC

Women can play and explore their athletic and sexual selves in a safe setting at PoleFIT Revolution, a distinct studio. Since almost 16 years ago, Melanie has worked as a professional, manager, and fitness consultant in the health and fitness industry. She is also the owner of PoleFit Revolution, one of the pole dance classes in Detroit.

She is an ACE, AFAA, and AEA certified Group Fitness instructor as well as a Personal Trainer via the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

She is a Professionally Certified Pilates Instructor (900hr. +, Beginner – Advanced, Special Needs & PreNatal) via PEAK Pilates out of Boulder, CO, and has been instructing Pilates and Yoga for about ten years.

She finished her 200-hour Yoga Shala training in 2002 in order to further her passion for Mind/Body workouts. She was first exposed to pole dancing at a house party, and after having her second kid through c-section, she started taking her pole dancing seriously.

Her expertise with yoga, pilates, and fitness classes helped her as she continued on her pole fitness adventure by learning from dancing competitors, classes, national fitness conventions, and self-taught practice.

She desired to use her experience to instruct others in safe and efficient pole fitness. She began by instructing numerous home parties and one-on-one courses.

She saw the potential and need to share her enthusiasm and experience with others in order to help them build their body and reclaim the confidence they deserve as she trained my clients—most of whom were female—in all types of fitness. You can be confident that you will receive the finest pole dance classes in Detroit thanks to Melanie’s extensive credentials.

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5. Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio

Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio, formerly known as Pole Addiction (founded in 2005), one of the numerous pole dance classes in Detroit, underwent a change of name in 2017.

While creating new and interesting lessons and introducing its students to the world of aerial arts, Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio aims to uphold the high standard of personalized instruction for which its brand is renowned.

Diverse aerial arts, pole dancing, and other movement modalities are taught at the Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio.

They are renowned for providing specialized aerial instruction for a variety of modalities, including aerial yoga, aerial silks, aerial hoop/Lyra, pole, aerial hammock, and trapeze.

Sessions are extremely individualized, with a focus on obtaining great movement quality, building an aerial repertory, improving san strength and mobility, and keeping safety as the number one concern.

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6.  Detroit Flyhouse Circus School

Individuals of all ages and skill levels, from complete beginners to expert circus artists, can receive instruction at their circus school. Traditional circus skills like aerial silks, trapeze, aerial hoop, partner acrobatics, hula hoop dance, fire performance, and more are taught in their curriculum.

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Foundational circus artistry is taught through memberships in circuses, as well as life-improving abilities including poise, confidence, responsibility, and teamwork.

To remain at the top of their game and assist students from various backgrounds, all Detroit Flyhouse instructors go through intensive teacher training and ongoing continuing education. They believe you will concur that their squad is excellent. In all of their memberships, their teachers promote a body-positive environment.

At the Flyhouse, people of all ages, sizes, and ability levels are welcome. Members of the Detroit Flyhouse Circus School enhance their coordination, balance, strength, conditioning, and general fitness via their support and encouragement in a non-competitive, encouraging, and enjoyable setting.

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7. Tap Dance Detroit

Tap Dance Detroit + Performing Arts Center is a spot for dance, providing daily drop-in lessons for all stages from amateurs to experts. It was founded by former Radio City Rockette Denise Caston-Clark.

The joy, effort, concentration, and abandon of dancing help them develop their uniqueness and talent. They provide classes in a variety of dance styles, such as pole dancing and tap dancing.

They provide young programs and unique performance possibilities, such as the TDD+PAC Company, which in addition to their weekly lessons also participates in competitions, workshops, and festivals.

At Tap Dance Detroit, classes are instructed by seasoned pros with years of expertise in developing outstanding dancers. The development, instruction, and appreciation of the art form by each individual are the top priorities of their faculty.

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8. ArtLab J

Dedicated to the art of dance in the city of Detroit, Artlab J, one of the dancing schools that provide pole dance classes in Detroit, aims to establish venues where individuals of all ages and skills may learn and grow and connect through dance and culture. They think that everybody can dance!

ArtLab J is a 501(C)(3) non-profit company that was established in 2012 by artistic director Joori Jung. Its three main branches, dance, lab, and education, all serve to advance the dance arts and foster human connection.

ArtLab J links people across differences of color, age, sex, class, gender, religion, status, and more by using the power of dance to bridge those divisions rather than just exposing their personal stories.

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9. Vertika Pole Fitness

Pole as an art has a wide history in exotic dance clubs, Chinese theatre, Indian culture, and more. Today, it draws inspiration from strong female role models like J. Lo, Rihanna, and FKA Twigs and has a sizable online following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok. In Canada, there are several provincial and national competitions, as well as numerous international competitions and shows.

Even now, it is still regarded as a legitimate non-Olympic sport, which shows how widely accepted it is.

You embark on a journey to embracing your body, your dancing, and your power at Vertika! Vertika, one of the pole dance classes in Detroit, offers you an engaging and distinctive exercise experience by offering a variety of movement- and fitness-based classes.

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Embrace the inner knowledge that you are deserving of this in all the ways that make you feel good about your physical being.

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10. Motor City Street Dance

The 2016-founded Motor City Street Dance Academy is committed to training young people from all across Detroit and promoting hip-hop culture to Southwest Detroit.

Through traditional hip hop genres like Aerosol Art, Breakin’, Popping, Jit, DJing, beat-making, anime/comic design, and yoga, MCSDA offers dance, art, and music classes.

MCSDA seeks to improve the lives of Detroiters by utilizing hip-hop, physical exercise, and healthy living as tools to empower youth with community relationships, specialized qualifications, career choices, and a healthy lifestyle.

Their main goal is to uplift Detroit’s marginalized neighborhoods, much as how the genre’s early pioneers did it decades ago. They deliberately seek to provide a place where everyone can freely express themselves.

For more information, call +1 313-800-5976

11. Polarity

The proprietor of aUM Yoga is also the creator of Polarity, one of the pole dance classes in Detroit and an event venue in Ann Arbor.

The goal of Polarity is to introduce all forms of pole fitness to students, local businesses, and local residents. It is a friendly, upbeat space.

The Polarity team wants to create an oasis for its clients that encourages growth, fosters tranquility, teaches self-love, and instills a playful awareness through creative workshops, knowledgeable instructors, and a wide range of sessions.

The Michigan Pole Dance Society calls this place home with pride! A distinctive venue for your upcoming special event is Polarity!

​For more information, visit their e-mail: polarityannarbor@gmail.com

12. Detroit School of Burlesque

Body-positivity seminars are a major focus of burlesque classes. Regardless of age, physical appearance, race, sexual orientation, or career, everyone is invited to enroll in classes.

After working as a performer for many years, Holly opened the first burlesque school in Detroit to teach the skill of strip teasing, the Detroit School of Burlesque.

Everyone is given the freedom by the school to be sexual both on stage and off. In 2016, Holly established the first institution of its sort, the Detroit School of Burlesque which has now become one of the pole dance classes in Detroit.

The DSB uses the art of the tease to encourage body positivity and empowerment. It has an extensive 8-week curriculum and special guest instructors.

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Pure amateurs and inflexible individuals alike are welcome to enroll in pole dance classes. The majority of pole dancing lessons in Detroit also don’t have any limitations on body type or size.

For some, that might mean hanging handless upside down from a pole. Others may only need to be able to flip around the pole without tripping. No matter where you are right now, a 4-week course can help you improve, and the classes listed above can do just that!

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