15 Top Pole Dance Classes in East London

Anyone can learn the technique of pole dancing. You’ll be prepared to begin your pole journey after just a few pole lessons. Remember that all dancers were all novices once!

The pole dance classes in East London enjoy the teaching process and observing the students’ growth, and they strive to provide a safe space where students can always express themselves freely in class without worrying about being judged.

Pole dance classes in East London are listed below:

The List of Pole Dance Classes in East London

1. Chisenhale Dance Space

East London’s champion of experimental dance and performance is Chisenhale Dance Space, which offers pole dance classes in East London. They are an organization run by artist members that have been headquartered in Bow for more than 35 years.

The program, which is created by, with, and about the Members, consists of affordable rehearsal space for creating lessons for kids and adults, artist development programs, a cutting-edge performance program at the venue and elsewhere, and participation and education projects in ToweHamlets

All of the communities that use their facilities in the present and the future, including members, hirers, students, guest artists, and audiences, are welcomed at CDS. The safety and support of those who are marginalized from other artistic settings, platforms, and communities are actively prioritized by their organization.

Including but not limited to racism, colorism, ableism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, misogyny, classism, xenophobia, fatphobia, body-shaming, or slut-shaming, CDS does not tolerate any behavior or language that exhibits hatred or hostility toward or may have an authoritarian impact on, others.

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2. East London Burlesque

Award-winning cabaret performer, producer, and director Alisa aka Evelyn Carnate founded East London Burlesque Studio (Miss Burlesque UK 2019, Co-founder of The Bitten Peach). Burlesque artists, professional cabaret performers, producers, and costumiers instruct the classes.

Located in the center of the thriving creative district of Hackney Wick, this unique and distinctive rehearsal space is a private red and pink boudoir. For solo or small company rehearsals and creative arts, the studio is available for rental.

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3. Dancewithus.co.uk

Dancewithus.co.uk, one of the studios that offer pole dance classes in East London provides kids, teens, and adults with a variety of dance and fitness classes. In a friendly and enjoyable setting, take classes in stretching and conditioning, commercial dance, jazz, acro, and ballet.

Preschoolers can start taking dance courses, and adults can also learn to dance. They appreciate the chance to touch each of their student’s lives. They support positive traits like a high level of motivation, good self, consciousness, commitment, self-discipline, team spirit, ability to focus, tenacity, and most importantly, the understanding that if they work hard, they can accomplish their objectives in addition to giving each student the best dance training possible.

They think that for young kids to succeed in anything, they must put up their best effort and be exposed to high-quality standards and perfection in all they do. They promise to bring out the “very best” in every dancer with qualified instructors constantly available for each of the students.

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4.  Hemera Pole Dance School

From beginner to intermediate levels, they offer pole dance fitness classes at Hemera Pole Dance School, one of the schools that offer pole dance classes in East London.

Whether you want a gymnastic-style class that focuses solely on acrobatic pole tricks or a pole choreography class with more sensual techniques, they try to cover all the different pole dance genres. View their schedule to see all the pole lessons, courses, and workshops they provide.

They assist ladies in finding fun, innovative ways to work out, get in shape, and mold their bodies at Hemera Pole Dance School. Women who want to tone up, slim down, get in shape, and feel amazing can get assistance.

In London, they offer pole fitness courses. The sessions are a fantastic method to exercise; they provide noticeable benefits, and in addition, you learn a fantastic new ability at the same time.

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5. BB Studio London

Since that’s where it all began, the pole classes are what they are most well-known for. Becky started out teaching two pole lessons a week in 2017, but as time went on, she added more and more classes.

With numerous weekly pole workshops that range in style from learning tricks and techniques to intense choreography, the pole is still a mainstay in their program.

Since their modest beginnings, they have brought in additional classes that they love to provide and fantastic people to the team. The people at the BB Studio, one of the studios tofferfers pole dance classes in East London adhere to the holistic philosophy of caring for the mind, body, and spirit.

They currently offer a variety of courses and programs, including pole dancing, aerial yoga, yoga, holistic well-being workshops, relaxation events, etc. They like assisting you in finding harmony between yin and yang, peaceful and energetic. Therefore, there is a class waiting for you if you need an energy boost or to unwind and rest.

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6. London Dance Academy

Innovative dance and fitness classes are offered at the London Dance Academy, a dance and alternative fitness studio. In 2005, they launched the London Academy of Poledancing, one of the pole dance classes in East London.

All of the instructors have advanced degrees in fitness, making them some of the most skilled performers and teachers in their respective industries. They have classes for artists of all experience levels, from absolute beginners to working professionals. Since each person is unique, they work to encourage an honest and healthy way of living.

London Dance Academy are trailblazers that are redefining fitness while putting your specific requirements first. They draw on their knowledge to provide fun and original strategies for maintaining excellent mental, physical, and emotional health.

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7. Maya Velvet Pole Studio

Potential students are given a significantly more specialized experience through MVP, a studio that offers pole dance classes in East London. The programs have a maximum of 2 persons to a pole due to class capacity restrictions. This makes learning in the classroom much more satisfying.

Their pole dancing courses run for a total of 4-6 consecutive weeks, once a week, in East London, Limehouse, near to the City of London, and also in Kew. Along with group sessions, MVP also provides private pole dancing lessons and hen or birthday party package deals, all of which are taught by a teacher with extensive experience both as a pole dancer and as a pole dance instructor.

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8.  Adore Dance London

One of the pole dance classes in East London, Adore Dance London provides dance instruction for both adults and kids. Classes are taught by Connor Taylor, an IDTA-certified dance teacher with years of teaching experience, and his network of professional dancers.

Running enjoyable and social classes is always prioritized while yet upholding a high level of technical proficiency. They inspire dancers to quietly push themselves and grow in confidence through their small class sizes and industry-leading instruction & training—all while making new friends!

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9. Eilatan Fitness Studio

Everyone and anybody has the opportunity to try pole dancing thanks to Eilatan Studio, a studio that offers pole dance classes in East London. They want to provide a positive, secure environment where everyone is made to feel at home. They provide classes for people of all skill levels, even those who have never tried pole dancing.

At Eilatan, they like all of the many distinct pole dancing techniques. Everything will be covered in the courses and workshops, including heels classes, tricks, combos, and strength and conditioning. You may find it here whether your goal is a technique, flexibility, dancing, or you’re just searching for a fun new approach to exercise.

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10. Lyric Dance School London

They are a reputable private school for ballet and performing arts. For kids aged 2 to 12 in the London area, they offer Baby Ballet, Kids Ballet, Freestyle, and Performing Arts programs.

The ballet classes are open to students of all ages and skill levels. Their acting, singing, and dancing classes are very well-liked because they combine these engaging arts in a fun way. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 are welcome in the classes.

They attempt to introduce music and dancing to young children as early as possible. They have several campuses in Kingston Upon Thames, Stratford and Newham, and Wood Green, all in the London area.

The teachers are all well-educated and have tremendous work experience. Because the sessions are small, they can give each student excellent individualized instruction and high-quality dance instruction. The school gives certifications for formal exams with the IDTA governing organization. Additionally, they put on a lavish annual stage production for the kids that you can view in their Gallery.

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11. AirCraft Circus Academy

The oldest and most prestigious independent circus training institution in London, AirCraft Circus Academy is located in South East London’s Royal Borough of Greenwich. Originally created in 2002 at ‘The Hangar’ in Stratford, moving to Thames-Side Studios in 2007 as the ‘Hangar Arts Trust’, and currently trading as AirCraft Circus Academy (2018); the institution has been instructing adolescents, adults, and pros in circus arts for almost 18 years.

They are dedicated to making circus training available to everyone and think that anything is possible, especially for those who wish to learn circus skills or use them to improve their quality of life. Everyone has the potential to excel, regardless of their beginning abilities; all it takes is the correct instruction and direction.

They are renowned for having top-tier circus instructors who are masters of their art both as practitioners and performers. In a compassionate, safe, yet challenging environment, they put a lot of emphasis on improving physical fitness, physical strength, and well-being.

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12. Angelina Jandolo Dance

Weekly ballet courses are taught throughout London by Angelina Jandolo and her staff of youthful, amiable dance instructors, who aim to teach both adults and kids the strength and poise of dance.

The instructors at AJD, one of the studios that provide pole dance classes in East London, have all performed at a professional level, and they offer lessons to both those who want to advance via the IDTA ballet exam syllabus and those who just want to dance for fun. Additionally, we offer a ton of tap, street dance, jazz, Pilates, Progressing Ballet Technique, and contemporary jazz classes, all of which are taught to exam-board standards.

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13. The Pole Hub

They provide pole classes at The Pole Hub, a studio that offers pole dance classes in East London that are centered on the Surrey, Berkshire, and London regions. The pole classes are ideal for anyone of any fitness level, age, size, and shape if you grow tired of the gym or want something hard yet enjoyable.

From pole fitness to heels and flow choreography lessons to flex and stretch, they offer a wide variety of activities. The classes are carefully planned so you get a good workout while having fun and making new friends. Please visit their official website for the details you require, then get in touch to schedule your first class. They assure you won’t regret it!

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14. HYPE fitness

In order to make exercise accessible to everyone, whether you visit one of the London locations or train with them online, HYPE fitness, a studio that provides pole dance classes in East London was founded in 2010.

They think that by providing something unique, they may differentiate themselves from the crowded and antiquated fitness market. They are a specialized fitness center, and its class schedule is unlike anything on the schedule of any other gym.

They boast of some of the finest and most experienced instructors in London, and they offer unique, thrilling, and individualized workouts in our fully safe facilities. They also provide excellent instruction and customer service, both in-person and online.

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15. Shuffles School of Dance

From tap to ballet, cheer to street cheer. Look no further if you’re seeking pole dance classes in East London. They are one of the top dance studios in the area with more than 20 years of dance training and a variety of dance forms to select from.

In order to help your children advance quickly in their chosen field, they provide services for both children and adults, including syllabus tutoring from a young age. They teach dance in a variety of styles at Shuffles School of Dance, one of the most reputable and trusted names in the business.

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It might be challenging to pole dance without any flexibility training, regardless of the style you choose to practice. You must determine which stretches will benefit your pole dancing the most once you have a clear understanding of how many there are in the world. The dance classes above can give you flexibility training alongside their classes. 

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