Pole Dance Classes in Philadelphia

11 Top Pole Dance Classes in Philadelphia

Do you love pole dancing? Are you looking for pole dance classes in Philadelphia? In Philadelphia, several schools take pole dance classes to the public. In this article, I will list the top 10 pole dance classes in Philadelphia. 

The List of Pole Dance Classes in Philadelphia

1. Awakenings Pole Fitness 

  • 3901 B Main St, 
  • Suite 305, 
  • Philadelphia, 
  • Pennsylvania 19107, 
  • United State of America 

Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness Centre was established in 2012. This center offers pole dance classes in Philadelphia to adults only. 

The center’s mission is to help its students attain the fitness they desire, be confident, and love their bodies through their unique pole dance techniques. 

The school provides a safe, conducive, and supportive environment to everyone, including members of the LGBT community. 

Dance fees:

  • 10 classes: $225, valid for 90 days from the day of purchase 
  • 5 classes at $130, valid for 90 days from the day of purchase 
  • Single class at $35(one-time purchase). 

At Awakening Pole Dance Fitness, “you awaken your inner goddess”. Visit our website or call +148 4800 18074 for more information. 

2. Flaunt Fitness 

  • 1939 S 17th St, 
  • Philadelphia, 
  • Pennsylvania 19145, 
  • United State of America

Flaunt Fitness Studio offers pole dance classes in Philadelphia, United States. It was established in 2012 by Lauren “pinki” Schiaro, a pole dancer with over 16 years of experience. 

The center specializes in pole dancers for adults of all shapes, races and gender. Located in the beautiful city of Philadelphia, the fitness studio has a well-furnished state-of-the-art gender-neutral studio. 

Flaunt fitness offers the following classes: 

  • Introduction to pole 
  • Intermediate pole class 
  • Advanced pole dance class 
  • Climbing and inverting dance class 
  • Open pole dance classes 
  • Seductive pole dance class 
  • Hardcore heels pole dance class 
  • Fundamentals and conditioning pole dance classes 
  • Pole flow class dance 

Single-class pricing:

  • single pole: $25 
  • single aerial class: $35 
  • open pole: practice: $20 
  • Virtual pole single class: $25 for one month 
  • 5 class pass: $80 expires 3 months from purchase date 
  • 10 class pass: $140 expires 6 months from purchase date 

First-time students:

3 class pass mix and match: $55 

Monthly Package:

  • ● Platinum package: $90 per month 
  • ● Gold package: $80 per month 

Private lesson (one on one interaction):

  • 1 hour: $75 
  • 3 one hours classes: $280 
  • 5 one-hour classes: $250 

Group lesson:

  • ● 1-hour private lesson for two people: $90 
  • ● one-hour private lesson for three people: $120 
  • ● one hour private lessons for people: $440 

Visit their website or call +126 7699 6636 for more information. 

3. Pole Express 

  • 455 Germantown Avenue, 
  • Philadelphia, 
  • Pennsylvania 19104, 
  • United States of America 

Pole Express Studio was established in 2019 by Tara Johnson and offers pole dance classes in Philadelphia. The studio specializes in pole dance and pole fitness classes aimed at encouraging self-love and boosting confidence, self-esteem, and self-care. 

The classes include: 

  • Introduction to pole 
  • Pole fitness class 
  • Pole mix all levels 
  • Paleography 
  • Open pole class 


Drop in classes:

  • Single pole class: $30 
  • 5 pole classes: $90 
  • 10 single pole classes: $170 


  • Divine express: $135 per month 
  • Abundance express: $155 per month 
  • Elegant Express: $175 per month 

For more information, visit their website or call +130 2440 3801. 

4. Seduction Dance Studio 

  • 2129 E Lehigh Avenue,
  • Philadelphia, 
  • Pennsylvania 19125, 
  • United States 

Seduction Dance Studio offers pole and fitness and conditioning classes to students. Seductive Dance Studio is located in a clean, safe and conducive environment and gives women the opportunity to embrace their seductive side by incorporating fitness with pole dancing. 

They also host bachelorette parties, girls’ night out, birthday parties or any other events. Fees 

  • Single class: $25 
  • 5 classes: (a class weekly): $90 per month 
  • Practice: $10 per month 

Private class:

  • 1 hour: $100 
  • 1-hour 30-minutes: $150 per month 
  • 2 hours: $200 per month 


  • Pole conditioning class: $65 
  • 10 class package mix and match class: $160 
  • Party down payment: $100 

Please note: no walk-ins are allowed. Classes are booked by appointment. For more information, visit their website or call +121 525 98004. 

5. Simplicity Co Dance Fitness 

  • 3510 Scotts Ln, 
  • Philadelphia, 
  • Pennsylvania 19128, 
  • United States 

Simply Dance Fitness was established in 2016 and offers both virtual and physical pole classes in Philadelphia.

These classes are held in a judgment-free, conducive environment. These classes assist clients in attaining their health and fitness goals and make them feel more confident and sexy. 

For more information, visit their website or call +1484 4506 346. 

6. Exhibit A Studio 

  • 2745 N 47th street, 
  • Philadelphia, 
  • Pennsylvania 19133, 
  • United States of America 

Exhibit A Studio is a pole studio c in Philadelphia where freelancers can rent the studio to take their client’s pole classes in a confined space. 

The studio is fully furnished and is always available for use. 

Book a space today at this rate: 

  • Private pole lessons: $45 
  • Pole conditioning: $15 
  • Mixed pole: $20 

For more information, visit their website or call +1215 8787 653. 

7. Elite Pole and Fitness 

  • 5629 Bensalem Boulevard, 
  • Philadelphia, 
  • Pennsylvania 19020, 
  • United of America 

Elite Pole and Fitness were established 7 years ago by Amie Archut, a trained and professional pole dancer, and she teaches pole dance classes in Philadelphia. 

The studio offers the following classes: 

  • Intro to pole 
  • Pole level 1 
  • Pole level 2 
  • Pole level 3 and 4
  • Beginners pole floe 
  • Intermediate pole flow 
  • Advanced pole flow 
  • Pole strength and conditioning 
  • Mixed-level pole class 


● Single pole class: $28 

New client offer 

  • 7 classes: $77 
  • three classes: $33 


  • 4 classes: $80 classes per month 
  • 8 classes per month: $124 unlimited classes: $149 per month

Pole package 

  • 5 classes pole package: $115 
  • 10 classes pole package: $220 

For more information, visit our website or call +1267 2456 138. 

8. The HiGym 

  • 534 E Girard Avenue, 
  • Unit 1 Philadelphia, 
  • Pennsylvania 19135, 
  • United States of America 

This is the first all-in-one gym that offers pole dance classes in Philadelphia to everyone, including the LGBT community. The center is in a serene and calm environment and has excellent trainers and professional teachers in pole dance. For more inquiries, call +1785 473 1960 or visit their website. 

9. Master Jay Fitness and Entertainment 

  • 1520 Sansom St, 
  • FL 2 Philadelphia, 
  • Pennsylvania 19102, 
  • United America

11. A sensual You Pole Dance and Fitness 

  • 2819 Cedar Street, 
  • Philadelphia, 
  • Pennsylvania 19134, 
  • United States 

A sensual You Pole Dance and Fitness offers pole dance classes in Philadelphia to adults who want to learn pole dancing and also want to be physically fit. 

For more inquiries, call +1484 0796 223. 


To conclude, here are a few things to note about pole dancing: 

  • It is a form of artistic display and a good form of exercise. 
  • Pole dancing guarantees increased strength, especially when partaking in the climb, spin, and fireman pole dance moves 
  • Pole dancing leads to increased flexibility. 
  • It improves cardiovascular health as it increases heart rate, and this, therefore, increases the overall cardiac output 
  • Pole dancing can help with balance and coordination 
  • It leads to improved quality of sleep, which allows the brain to function better
  • It helps in weight loss 
  • ● It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, leading to a better mental health

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