Pole Dancing Classes in Charleston SC

11 Top Pole Dancing Classes in Charleston SC

Pole dancing classes in Charleston SC have many advantages, including better coordination, muscle development, increased strength, fat burning, increased flexibility, and the production of “feel good” hormones. Additionally, it changes the way you view yourself and boosts your self-confidence.

Pole dance is not a very popular type of dance and it is not suitable for people of all ages so there are limited pole dance classes in the world as only a few people are interested in setting up such classes, especially in Charleston, SC. 

The List of Pole Dancing Classes in Charleston SC

Here is a list of the very few available pole dance classes in Charleston, SC: 

1. Tipsy Twerk Dance Studio

On June 23, 2018, while Domonique was looking for a way to commemorate her birthday, Tipsy Twerk, one of the best pole dance classes in Charleston, SC was born. She wanted to do something different and enjoyable because she was sick of the same old birthday dinners and club outings. As a result, Tipsy Twerk was created.

I never imagined it would become the well-known brand that it has, yet here we are four years later! Domonique Grant was the proprietor. Tipsy Twerk was developed to fill a void in the community where women from all backgrounds, including women of color, could feel accepted, respected, inspired, and most importantly, leave with greater confidence and social connections.

They not only offer pole dancing classes in Charleston SC, but they have also been featured on Bounce Around Charleston, in Travel Noire Magazine (top 10 things to do in black-owned Charleston, SC), Essence Magazine, and SC Voyager Magazine, and they also participated in Twerk N Twirl with Latrice Royale from RuPaul’s Drag Race during the four years they have been in business. Tipsy Twerk also works with numerous regional organizations to spread awareness of the value of good physical and mental health, as well as self-love and self-care.

As much as Domonique has interacted with women from all walks of life, her favorite part of the journey has been witnessing the ladies who attend her parties leave with new friends and pride. Tipsy Twerk isn’t only about having a good time; it’s also about women coming together and being free to be themselves.

For more information, visit their email: gettipsy@tipsytwerk.com

2. DivaDance

In a bedroom decorated with New Kids on the Block posters in a small Texas town, the genuine inspiration for DivaDance first emerged. Jami Stigliano, their CEO and “Head Diva,” started creating dance routines for herself and her friends long before Madonna, Mariah, Janet, and Paula Abdul were knocked off their levels of fame.

After earning her degree from The University of Texas at Austin, the former captain of the dance team moved to New York City to pursue her love of pop music.

While working as a music industry executive at Jive Records during the day, she also founded DivaDance, one of the pole dance classes in Charleston, SC at night as a rival to competitive dance studios that only catered to those headed for Broadway.

Although DivaDance only recently started expanding, they have long been dedicated to fostering confidence and fostering a sense of community. DivaDance is steadfastly committed to providing all adults with a safe environment, empowerment, and inclusiveness.

Apart from pole dancing classes in Charleston SC, they also offer workshops, parties, and events at all levels of choreography, which makes them a lot of fun. The pop music dance party is steamy, hot, and stress-free.

Check their website for more information.

3. Amorous Dance Pole and Fitness

Warm-up exercises and cardio bursts into cool-down exercises are included in each lesson at Amorous Dance Pole and Fitness, one of the pole dance classes in Charleston, SC. Stretching and exercises for building muscle are included. Women may have fun and relax while getting in shape and strengthening their cores by taking pole dancing sessions.

They have excellent instructors who will treat you with the respect you deserve. With Tanya, Jessica, Gabriella, Jenna, Maddie, Alexus, Ash, Elisabeth, Rosie, Taylor, and Katie by your side, you are in excellent hands.

Click here for more information.

4. Inversion Pole Fitness

Women can find their inner and outer strength at the exclusive movement studio Inversions Pole Fitness, where you will find the very best pole dancing classes in Charleston SC. Through several pole dance and other movement programs, they inspire women to bravely express their sensuality.

Through their pole dancing experience, girls change, gaining more energy, charisma, lifetime friendships, and unwavering self-love. Through a variety of pole dance and movement sessions, the Inversions program aims to develop the female body from the inside out. Put an end to your considerations and act fast by joining one of their Introductory classes to Pole Sessions today to increase your strength.

For more information, visit their email: lisa@inversionspolefitness.com 

5. Aerial Fit

Their goal at Aerial Fit, a dance studio offering pole dancing classes in Charleston SC is to teach anyone who wants to learn how to fly in the best possible way. Their classes all have a strong emphasis on enjoyment, safety, quality, and autonomy.

They think circus arts are beneficial for everyone. They provide a wide selection of programs, including classes that raise students higher, such as aerial silks, aerial hoop, and static trapeze, as well as low aerial classes like aerial yoga and grounded silks. They try to provide something to interest everyone interested in aerial arts. Aerial arts place a high priority on security and take this very seriously.

Industry-standard insurance coverage for Aerial Fit mandates strict adherence to safety regulations. They regularly inspect their equipment and only use the best equipment that has passed rigorous safety testing.

They employ crash mats with a thickness appropriate to the equipment and working height and maintain small class groups so that every student will receive the individualized attention and space they require to advance safely. They also provide their pupils with knowledge about safety and rigging so they can ask the appropriate questions and spot danger when they see it.

You can never find them hanging anywhere and everywhere. Circus arts make the unthinkable possible! They offer a secure, expert setting so that students can concentrate on their instruction and have fun. 

Click here for more information.

6. Sweat, Seduction, and Stilettos

Sweat, Seduction, and Stilettos (S³), offers pole dance classes in Charleston, SC in their sensuous and passionate dance class. They bring ladies and coach them as they lift, empower, and embrace their sexuality.

They enjoy seeing people embrace their sensuality and support them in doing so!

For more information, visit their email: sweatseductionnstilettos@gmail.

7. Dance Lab

For adult dancers to flourish as people, Dance Lab puts them on stage throughout the entire year to actively explore their dancing personalities. A dance lab is more than simply a dance studio; it is a vibrant hub of positive, uplifting energy and the ideal setting for people of all shapes and sizes to fall in love with the dance movement and what it can do for your life.

You’re at the right place since dancing makes people happy.

Click here for more information. 

Pole dancing works out the entire body. Flexibility is also increased, and it combines weight training with cardiovascular exercise. Pole dancers engage in acrobatic feats by suspending or propelling their weight around a metal pole. Even just trying to climb a pole takes great strength and the above-mentioned pole dancing classes in Charleston SC can help you achieve this. 

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