15 Best Psychiatric Hospitals in Austin: A Complete Guide  

Regardless of what your or your loved one’s mental health needs may be, look no further than the psychiatric hospitals in Austin. They are built to help you rediscover the bright and happy future that you deserve. 

If you have a mental illness, we are here to be the provider you need on the List of  Psychiatric hospitals in Austin. Deciding to obtain treatment for yourself or someone that you love can be extremely overwhelming, even to the point of producing feelings of anxiety. 

Psychiatric hospitals in Austin are committed to excellence in the level of care they provide, as every patient can live a healthy, stable life through their holistic medicinal approach focused on personal, individualized treatment.

In this article, we will provide you with the information you need about the  Psychiatric hospitals in Austin to help you make informed decisions and take a step toward mental health recovery.

Psychiatric Hospitals in Austin 

  • Austin State Hospital (ASH)
  • Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic of Austin
  • Austin Psychiatric Clinic
  • Summit Mental Health Clinic
  • Northwest Psychiatry
  • Summit BHC
  • Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute (GBHI)
  • Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals 
  • Balcones Psychiatry and Mental Health 
  • Cross Creek Hospital 
  • Forefront Behavioral Health (FBH)
  • New Vision Psychiatry and Wellness
  • Forefront Telecare 
  • Roots Behavioral Health
  • Timothy Center

1. Austin State Hospital (ASH) 

The Austin State Hospital (ASH) is the oldest in Texas for the care and treatment of the mentally ill and was established as the State Lunatic Asylum in 1856. 

The name of the Austin Asylum was changed to Austin State Hospital in 1925 with its 299-bed. The Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation or the Texas Health and Human Services Commission operated it.

Austin State Hospital offers psychiatric services, which includes

Adult, Child, and adolescent psychiatric services, Forensic competency restoration services, and Specialty psychiatric services for people who are older or have an intellectual or developmental disability.

Treatment focuses on stabilizing acute psychiatric illnesses as Patients might stay several days to a few months and eventually return to the community where they can continue to heal.

  • Address:4110 Guadalupe Austin, TX 78751 
  • Phone: 512-452-0381 
  • Fax: 512-419-2163
  • Website:https://www.hhs.texas.gov/services/mental-health-substance-use/state-hospitals/austin-state-hospital

2. Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic of Austin

Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic is Austin’s Leading Private Reproductive Mental Health Clinic specializing in mental health related to reproductive sex hormones, thereby offering support on mental wellness during times of hormonal change as they believe everyone deserves to feel supported during times of change.

Hormonal change may occur during pregnancy, menopause, the menstrual cycle, infertility, and hormone replacement using evidence-based health. 

Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic consists of board-certified psychiatrists, licensed therapists, and staff who devote their time to providing personalized and evidence-based care to each individual by designing a safe, integrative treatment plan each patient individual feels most comfortable with.

  • Address:4022 Menchaca Road Austin, Texas 78704
  • Contact:(512) 982-4116
  • Fax: 512-265-9008
  • Email: inquire@rpcaustin.com
  • Website:https://www.rpcaustin.com/contact
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3. Austin Psychiatric Clinic

Austin Psychiatric Clinic is a mental health clinic committed to the treatment of mentally disordered people of all ages. They provide personal psychiatric care in a private outpatient setting.

Their services include Psychiatric Evaluation, Medication Management, Individual Psychotherapy, Off-site Legal and Medical Consultation.

  • Address:1600 West 38th Street #421
  • Austin TX 78731
  • Contact:512-407-9440
  • Website:https://www.austinpsychiatricclinic.com/contact-us

4. Summit Mental Health Clinic

With its experienced team of mental health professionals, Summit Mental Health Clinic provides psychiatric care for children and adults in a welcoming environment that helps patients feel at ease.

Summit Mental Health was founded in 2004 and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of depression, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),  and bipolar disorder. And has developed personalized treatment plans that meet each patient’s health needs.

Call Summit Mental Health Clinic or request an appointment online. Telemedicine appointments are also available.

  • Contact :(512) 732-2122
  • Address: 4131 Spicewood Springs Rd Building L, Suite. 2 Austin, TX 78750
  • Website:https://summitmentalhealth.com/contact/

5. Northwest Psychiatry

Northwest Psychiatry, since 2004, has provided outpatient psychiatric services in Austin, which include depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder, and bipolar disorders.

Their services include Psychiatric evaluation and treatment, including medication management for all psychiatric disorders, Diagnostic testing and treatment for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity disorder (ADD), Psychiatric evaluation for bariatric (weight loss) surgery, and Psychiatric evaluation of health care professionals for medical and nursing boards. 

Their patient-centered approach starts with a welcoming and friendly front desk staff before meeting the physicists.

  • Address:11673 Jollyville Road Suite 202, Austin, TX, 78759, US
  • Contact:(512) 342-7979
  • Website:https://www.northwestpsychiatry.com/

6. Summit BHC

Summit BHC facilities, 34 state-of-the-art facilities across the country, offer various mental health and addiction treatment services, including acute psychiatric care, detoxification, intensive outpatient, and residential treatment in beautiful and comfortable settings to help you start your new life in recovery.

The management and medical staff work closely with individual patients and their families to create and implement treatment to address their needs.

  • Phone Number: (877) 463-3553
  • website:https://summitbhc.com/

7. Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute (GBHI)

Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute (GBHI) is a state-of-the-art, 118-bed acute care psychiatric hospital offering high-quality behavioral health services to individuals in  Georgetown and Austin areas within a safe environment staffed by knowledgeable and empathetic professionals.

The inpatient acute care services and outpatient programs support patients through their discharge, and the staff works with each patient to promote stabilization and healing according to the patient’s unique needs. 

All Patients admitted to Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute (GBHI) will learn how to appropriately express emotions, use effective communication skills, increase self-esteem, manage anger, and develop life skills.

The Assessment and Referral Department ensures that the admission process flows as well as possible for all patients and their families. 

  • Emergency:(512) 819-1154
  • Main Phone: (512) 688-6126
  • Main Fax: (512) 819-1110
  • Admissions Fax: (512) 819-1111
  • Address: 3101 S Austin Ave.
  • Georgetown, TX 78626
  • Website:https://www.georgetownbehavioral.com/contact-georgetown-behavioral

8. Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals 

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Austin exists to provide intensive and specialized care to patients in need to achieve their goals.

The Center for Improvement recognizes the hospital in Healthcare Quality as a Center of Excellence in Long-Term Acute Care.

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals admit patients seven days a week as referred by physicians or case managers at an acute care hospital or other healthcare facility (such as a rehabilitation facility, nursing home, etc.). 

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Clinically trained healthcare professionals evaluate all referrals before admission.

  • Phone number: (469) 621-6700
  • Email: info@chghospitals.com
  • Website:https://www.chghospitals.com/contact-us/

9. Balcones Psychiatry and Mental Health 

Balcones Psychiatry and Mental Health aims to provide a sanctuary of healing and restoration in Austin by serving individuals and families needing mental health services in a warm and welcoming environment.

We have a  team of dedicated nurse practitioners armed with extensive expertise, compassion, and understanding to support individuals along their journey toward inner harmony and personal growth.

They believe affordable, accessible mental health care is important, which is why a wide variety of private insurance plans is acceptable.

  • Address:314 e highland mall blvd, Ste #305,Austin united states
  • Phone Number:5128070640  
  • Email:admin@balconespsych.Com
  • Website:https://www.balconespsych.com/

10. Cross Creek Hospital 

Cross Creek Hospital offers inpatient programming with therapeutic interventions that focus on facilitating stabilization and enhancing the personal growth of every patient.

The staff provides patients with a personal touch of care by approaching each individual with genuine concern and compassion and treating them with the respect and dignity they deserve.

They supply many  treatment options, which include

Inpatient treatment, Intensive outpatient treatment, Partial hospitalization, Detoxification, Mental health treatment,  and Psychiatric treatment.

  • Website:https://www.crosscreekhospital.com/about/contact/

11. Forefront Behavioral Health (FBH)

Forefront Behavioral Health (FBH) provides high-quality outpatient psychiatric care and individualized treatment options to help you move your life forward. 

Advanced treatment options are available at FBH, such as Magstim Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), to overcome certain psychiatric conditions without the use of long-term medications. 

Forefront Behavioral Health (FBH) also integrated the latest behavioral health tracking mobile apps, allowing patients to track and report their symptoms as part of their comprehensive treatment strategy.

Most insurance plans are accepted here.

  • Address:2911 Medical Arts St #8 Austin, TX 78705
  • Phone: 512-580-2323
  • Website:https://www.fbhaustin.com/

12. New Vision Psychiatry and Wellness

New Vision Psychiatry and Wellness was created to provide compassionate, evidence-based, and holistic mental health care to help you on your journey toward mental health wellness. 

New Vision Psychiatry understands the struggles and stigma of living with a mental health illness. It is on a mission to help reduce the stigma associated with mental health treatment so people of all ages feel comfortable seeking help. 

They treat everyone with respect and dignity in an environment that promotes healing and helps clients take charge of their mental health. 

New Vision Psychiatry and Wellness offers telehealth to all patients to enable patients to get the necessary medical care in the comfort of their own homes.

Most commercial insurance, some Medicare plans, and the traditional Texas Medicaid are currently acceptable.

Phone 512-595-7475 

  • Email: admin@newvisionpsychiatry.com
  • Website: https://www.newvisionpsychiatry.com/

13. Forefront Telecare 

Forefront Telecare is the behavioral healthcare provider and the largest acute and specialty telemedicine provider. They provide high-quality, cost-effective virtual behavioral health, allowing patients to live their best lives.

Forefront operates in all 50 states and provides a wide range of telehealth solutions that meet behavioral health needs and extend care teams’ services.

They are Consistent and reliable access to telepsychiatry for medication management and talk therapy services. 

Forefront consists of a network of 400+ Psychiatrists, Psychiatric NPs, and Psychologists nationwide and maintains the highest quality standards through the Joint Commission accreditation.

  • Adress:3500 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 105, Hamilton, NJ 08619
  • Website:https://forefronttelecare.com/

14. Roots Behavioral Health

Roots Behavioral Health is a family-owned behavioral health clinic founded in 2016 by  Brent and Andrea Turnipseed to address a  need for affordable and accessible behavioral healthcare in Austin. They built an approach to mental healthcare.

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Roots Behavioral Health takes a unique approach to well-being.

They combine empathy, innovation,evidence-based therapies, and preventative mental healthcare to treat and help people live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Their psychiatrists and physicians provide comprehensive psychiatric care with a special focus on general health.

Additionally, Roots Behavioral Health has expanded services to include a ground-breaking approach called ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and other serious conditions.

  • Adress:1524 S. IH-35 Frontage Road, Suite 202
  • Austin, TX 78704
  • (fax) 512-681-7656
  • Website:https://rootsbehavioralhealth.com/contact/

15. Timothy Center

The Timothy Center was founded by Dr. Jimmy Myers in 2001, and In 2007, Dr. Josh Myers, Jimmy’s son, joined, and they co-own and co-operate the CenterCenter as Austin’s leading provider of quality, affordable Christian counseling, ensuring the highest level of professional standards in mental health care.

Timothy Center has become one of the most sought-after Centers for assistance. It has proven the usage of psychotherapeutic techniques and counseling methods coupled with accredited training and licensure to help with Children, Teens, Adults, Couples, Parenting, and Families. 

The  Gold Seal of Approval in Behavioral Health Care was awarded to Timothy Center and Accredited by The Joint Commission In  2017. 

The CenterCenter has grown from 2 licensed professionals to over 20 Licensed, Trained, and Certified clinicians working with hundreds of individuals and families weekly. It is now open in 3 locations, with secure online counseling available throughout Texas.

However, to make their services as accessible as possible, most major insurance carriers, including Cigna, Humana, BCBS, and United Healthcare (IOP Only), are acceptable. 

  • Contact:512-331-2700 
  • Website:https://timothycenter.com/


1. How long will I stay in a Psychiatric Hospital in Austin? 

The length of stay is determined individually with consideration of each patient’s treatment and discharge plans. A patient’s stay will be determined through consultation with one’s treatment team under the direction of the attending psychiatrist.

2. How much medication will I receive when I am discharged from the hospital?

Upon leaving the hospital, you will receive a prescription from your physician, if appropriate, to help you maintain your medication. While it may vary case-by-case, the physician will decide the typical prescription. You can discuss this with your physician before discharge.

3. Who can refer patients to a Psychiatric Hospital in Austin? 

  • Family members or friends of a patient
  • Emergency rooms/medical-surgical hospitals
  • Counselors/therapists
  • Psychiatrists/psychologists
  • Mental Health Crisis Teams
  • Clergy
  • Family Practice/Internal Medicine/Pediatric Physicians
  • The person seeking help may also call


We understand that talking about mental health can be challenging and even confusing. Still, the psychiatric hospitals in Austin are here to support your journey of recovery from all mental health challenges.

They ensure you or your loved ones emerge stronger, restored, and equipped with the tools to navigate life’s challenges.

Request an appointment or call today at any of the psychiatric hospitals in Austin.

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