12 Best Psychiatric Hospitals in Fort Lauderdale

This article will help you identify the psychiatric hospitals in Fort Lauderdale to seek treatment and live a beneficial and productive life.

Suppose you or a loved one are struggling with mental health issues, which include depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or perhaps a developmental disorder. In that case, it may be time to seek help or treatment at any of the psychiatric hospitals in  Fort Lauderdale.

At the psychiatric hospital in  Fort Lauderdale, an individualized treatment plan is created based on each patient’s needs. The staff also summarized how the treatment will occur to ensure a smooth transition.

Treatment starts immediately at any of the psychiatric hospitals in  Fort Lauderdale with a comprehensive clinical and behavioral evaluation. Once symptoms have been discovered, behavioral interventions, medications, and therapeutic activities are put into the patient’s care plan. 

 List of Psychiatric Hospitals in Fort Lauderdale

  • Neuropsychiatric Institute
  • HCA Florida Woodmont Hospital
  • New Age Psychiatry 
  • Memorial Regional Hospital
  • Aventura Hospital
  • Nelson A. Hernandez, M.D., Psychiatry
  • Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation 
  • Soul Mental Health
  • South Florida Psychiatry 
  • Henderson Behavioral Health 
  • Smith Community Mental Health
  • Larkin Community Hospital 

1.Neuropsychiatric Institute

Neuropsychiatric Institute offers behavioral health services for children, youths, and adults. They believe that one does not need psychiatric support if problems are kept under control, but if one is in a situation where problems are in control of them, then one should seek help. 

Their clinical staff, such as Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers, and Mental Health Counselors, are authorized to treat patients with mental issues.

Neuropsychiatric Institute offers services to patients throughout Florida, mostly from our neighboring counties of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Pasco, Polk, Sarasota, and Hernando.

In addition to the services offered by this institute, they accept insurance plans, and appointments are scheduled flexibly by the patients in person or through a phone call. 

Revisiting of patients is scheduled after each appointment, where questions are asked regarding the adverse effects, views of how the medications are working for the patient, and how further treatments are going.

Medication management appointments are to last for about ten to twenty minutes. Patients are advised to make sure that the follow-up appointment(revisiting of patients)is scheduled for a date before they run out of medications.

  • Website:https://neuropsychiatric.net/location/
  • Phone Contact: (813) 636-8811

2. HCA Florida Woodmont Hospital

HCA Florida Woodmont Hospital, also called Woodmont Hospital Mental Health and Wellness, was established in 1974 and has been the top leader in bringing breakthroughs in many medical specialties. 

HCA Florida Woodmont Hospital, as a  service acute care facility, has provided thorough care to South Florida residents

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HCA Florida Woodmont Hospital’s Center for Behavioral Health is a  mental health and wellness facility not attached to any other hospital on the campus. Their clinical staff are skilled physicians specializing in behavioral health and focusing on listening and giving family care to patients.

 Many of these experienced physicians are certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology to receive the compassionate care one deserves in a conducive environment, thereby fully grasping the patient’s needs and individualized care experience.

  • Website:https://www.hcafloridahealthcare.com/locations/woodmont-hospital
  • Phone Contact:(954) 721 – 2200, (954) 724 – 6506

3. New Age Psychiatry 

New Age Psychiatry provides authorized and certified psychiatric services through virtual remote help and in-person appointments within Florida. 

They enhance individualized care plans, including chronic illness management, offering a wide range of services for diagnosing and treating various psychiatric illnesses and assisting in rehabilitation for quick recovery. 

New Age Psychiatry is associated with being the foremost healthcare network in the country, offering emotional and stable patient care that infuses into the mind, as well as clinical and service excellence.

Medication management and counseling are delivered by telehealth throughout Florida.

  • Website:https://newagepsychiatry.com/contact/
  • Phone Contact:(877)769-5206

4. Memorial Regional Hospital

Memorial Regional Hospital, situated in Hollywood, is one of the largest hospitals in Florida that offers a range of healthcare services in an emotional and stable environment, which includes an emergency room and Level I Trauma Center staffed by the board of certified trauma surgeons to handle the most critical situations.

Memorial Behavioral Health Services at Memorial Regional Hospital offers high-quality behavioral health services to both hospitalized and ambulatory patients who need psychiatric treatment for various mental health illnesses and disorders.

Their clinical staff diagnoses and treats mental illness and disorders in a conducive and serene environment to assist in the quick recovery of the patients.

Their team staff, including psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, social workers, psychotherapists, counselors, and peer support specialists, are skilled and knowledgeable in various fields to provide scientific study advances to help patients achieve their personal goals.

  • Website:https://www.mhs.net/locations/memorial-regional
  • Phone Contact:954-987-2000
  • Appointments: 954-276-5500

5. Aventura Hospital

Aventura Hospital, formally called Golden Isle Hospital in Hallandale Beach, was established in 1965 and is licensed as an acute care facility that offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services.

Aventura Hospital has repeatedly made capital advances and gained the best healthcare talent and state-of-the-art technologies to meet neighboring communities’ increased and expressed needs.

  • Website:https://www.hcafloridahealthcare.com/locations/aventura-hospital/about-us/contact-us/
  • Phone Contact: (305) 682-7000

6. Nelson A. Hernandez, M.D., Psychiatry

Nelson Anibal Hernandez, MD Psychiatry, is a health care provider in Fort Lauderdale

.The hospital was named after Dr. Nelson Anibal Hernandez.

Dr. Nelson Anibal Hernandez specialized and gained experience associating with Bayfront Health in Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry, including mental health crisis rehabilitation, inpatient, consult liaison and outpatient services.

 Dr. Hernandez Psychiatry offers high-quality behavioral health care services to patients across Broward County while bringing wide skills in addiction and detox treatment of Psychiatry.

He is a diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN). He is a faculty member of the PBCGME Psychiatry training program at the University Hospital and Medical Center.

  • Website:https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-nelson-hernandez-xj7cg
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7. Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation 

Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation is a non-profit mental health organization that offers monetary support to patients and families living with a mental disorder who cannot afford mental health services and teaches the community about mental illness through outreach activities and public education.

They make accessible, inexpensive psychiatry medications for patients who are unable to access mental health services and assistance through screenings and need evaluation with the purpose of helping them recover their daily lives.

The requirements, abilities, and preferences of each individual seeking services are addressed using the screening and needs evaluation data. 

  • Website:https://www.guardianbehavioral.org/
  • Phone Contact:800-338-5770

8. Soul Mental Health

Soul Mental Health offer treatment to mentally ill patient and their family. The treatment plans are designed with advanced scientific study to encourage and strengthen patients.

In addition, providing good quality, empathetic health care to patients, families, and others in need is made through a complete arrangement of exceptional services and purposeful expectations for the best clinical objectives.

  • Website:http://soul-mental.com/

  • Phone Contact:754 300 7001

9. South Florida Psychiatry 

South Florida Psychiatry provides high-quality psychiatric care plans for adults and children with an advance in managing different mental and behavioral health disorders, including anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

They also diagnose and treat developmental disorders like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in kids and adults.

They are equipped with well-trained staff that provide psychiatric support, medication management, and other services in-office and through a virtual telecommunication platform and also a compassionate and serene environment for individuals to express their mental and behavioral health concerns.

Their staff practitioner,  Dr. Ernesto L. Sarduy, has served veterans with trauma in Miami, Florida, since 2017 and was known as the first psychiatric nurse practitioner resident in the history of the Miami VA.

South Florida Psychiatry providers also have extensive knowledge of helping LGBTQ people navigate the different obstacles they face, counseling them in eating disorders, substance abuse, and other mental and behavioral conditions affecting the LGBTQ community. 

They have been recognized and awarded several times because of their patient-centered services.

  • Website:https://www.southfloridapsychiatry.co/contact-us

10. Henderson Behavioral Health 

HBH, founded in 1953, was named in honor of Mr. Alexander D. Henderson and his wife Lucy, who offer care, support, and inspiration to people who have a mental illness to recover their lives.

 Its mission as a foremost provider of accessible and quality healthcare services has helped the people of South Florida improve their mental wellness each year.

Being among the largest and oldest providers, Henderson makes provision of health care facilities and housing for persons of all ages with mental and behavioral health conditions to quicken their recovery process.

Health care provides state-of-the-art research and scientific practices and a wide range of assistance in treating a person with complete behavioral health services. 

  • Website:https://www.hendersonbh.org/
  • Phone Contact:954-486-4005

11. Smith Community Mental Health

Smith Community Mental Health is a community mental health center providing highly effective, patient-centered, and knowledgeable services to adults, adolescents, children, and families. 

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They are nationally licensed by CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and interventions are based on systematic and scientific study practices proven successful in working with individuals and families.

 They offer a wide arrangement of services while focusing solely on providing services to children and families of all ages.

Smith Community Mental Health was created in memory of a young psychiatrist, Dr. Christina G. Smith, whose goal for the treatment of those with mental health disorders has been guiding and pushing Smith Community Mental Health forward to this day.

The mission of Smith Community Mental Health is to provide quality behavioral health services and deliver sensitive, empathetic health care with a commitment to maintaining human dignity.

  • Website:https://smithcmh.com/

12. Larkin Community Hospital 

Larkin Community Hospital Behavioral Health Services is a 50-bed inpatient psychiatric and addiction facility providing comprehensive inpatient behavioral health services. 

Larkin Community Hospital strives to constantly increase the quality of care and foster a positive environment for every patient and their family to receive treatment.

  • Address: 1201 N 37th Ave, Hollywood 33021 FL.
  • Phone: 754-777-5600 Fax:786-456-8271
  • Website:https://larkinhealth.com/en/treatments-services/mental-health-psychiatry/


1. What happens at your first appointment?

Information is gathered, and your concerns and what you want to resolve are discussed at your first appointment.

An assessment is completed during this time, and based on the assessment, recommendations are made for services, which will be discussed with you.

2. How long will I stay in a Psychiatric Hospital in Fort Lauderdale?

The length of stay is determined individually with consideration of each patient’s treatment and discharge plans.

A patient’s stay will be determined through consultation with one’s treatment team under the direction of the attending psychiatrist.

3. Will I be revisited at the Psychiatric Hospital in Fort Lauderdale after my first appointment?

Yes! Patients are revisited after the first appointment, where questions are asked regarding the adverse effects, views are given on how the medications work for the patient, and further treatments are discussed.


Mental health is just as crucial as physical health as it determines a person’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Many disorders and conditions can be treated with the right diagnosis.

The experienced mental health team in the psychiatric hospital in Fort Lauderdale works together, offering hope and support for individuals with a wide range of behavioral and mental health needs.

Book an appointment today, as the list of psychiatric hospital in Fort Lauderdale exceed expectations by providing superior service standards and should be your preferred choice when seeking mental health or substance abuse treatment.

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