Psychiatric Hospitals in Raleigh NC

18 Best Psychiatric Hospitals in Raleigh NC

We all believe that a healthy body is the same as a healthy mind but mental illness has a far greater impact in our lives than we think.

At any given time, one in five Americans has a mental health diagnosis and over 40 percent of us will receive one over our lifetime

The good news is we have better treatments now at the psychiatric hospitals in Raleigh NC which improves one’s path to wellness and happiness as they offer quality and cost-effective health services to help us back on track.

Mental health treatment focuses on helping individuals recover from mental illnesses like bipolar disorder, clinical depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia,  substance-related disorders, and other challenging psychiatric conditions

A team of psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, and other trained professionals develop a comprehensive treatment plan by working together, thereby addressing the mental health conditions of an individual. The medical staff are accessible 24 hours a day in 7 days.

Services such as  Individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy serve as ways to deliver mental health support. These services can be administered while in an inpatient setting, outpatient setting, or at a clinical office.

This article will give a detailed view of the list of psychiatric hospitals in Raleigh NC with high-quality, high-value care that is both affordable and accessible to everyone.

Let’s dive in!

Psychiatric Hospitals in Raleigh NC

  • Veritas Collaborative
  • Strategic Behavioral Center
  • Holly Hill Hospital
  • Central Regional Hospital (CRH)
  • Johnston UNC Health Care 
  • Duke Regional Hospital
  • HRC Behavioral Health and Psychiatry
  • Duke Raleigh Hospital
  • Duke University Hospital 
  • Triangle Springs 
  • Best Day Psychiatry and Counseling Raleigh
  • Julian F. Keith Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center
  • WakeMed Rehabilitation Center
  • Longleaf Neuro-Medical Center
  • Gupta Psychiatry
  • Person Memorial Hospital
  • Vitlink Psychiatric Services PLLC
  • Raleigh Oaks Behavioral Health

Veritas Collaborative

Veritas Collaborative works together to save lives ensuring one receives first-rate treatment at the recovery center and gets the level of care that’s right..

They offer inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, and outpatient programs for children, adolescents, and adults. 

They offer best practices and proven therapies, delivered with expertise, understanding, and compassion.

Veritas collaborates with other providers throughout treatment, ensuring a seamless transition and support from admission to discharge from their Centers and beyond.

At Veritas, you will be sure to receive the very best treatment, delivered in a warm and inclusive environment, by a caring and highly qualified team that knows the way to recovery.

Phone: 1-855-875-5812.

Strategic Behavioral Center

Strategic Behavioral Center, is a state-of-the-art private non-profit psychiatric hospital consisting of over 112 beds for mental health and addiction in North Carolina.

Their services are available for adolescents, adults, and seniors who struggle with behavioral health and are seeking a chance to recover.

They help their patients improve their clinical status, regain their quality of life, and return to daily activities in their homes, workplaces, and communities.

Address: 3200 Waterfield Drive – Garner, NC

Phone: 919-800-4400

Holly Hill Hospital

Holly Hill Hospital located in Raleigh, North Carolina for nearly 40 years has been equipping patients with the skills needed to return healthier and happier on the path to wellness. 

The clinicians at Holly Hill Hospital have many years of experience in the fields of mental health and addiction, providing support to patients, their families, and the community at large. 

Address:3019 Falstaff Road Raleigh, NC 27610


Central Regional Hospital (CRH) 

Central Regional Hospital (CRH) is a State psychiatric hospital in North Carolina operated by the Division of State-Operated Healthcare Facilities within the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

The hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. The hospital also is certified to provide treatment by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

The hospital provides high-quality, integrated, psychiatric treatment and medical care to children, adults, and adolescents in  North Carolina. They also offer different types of special therapies and counseling. 

CRH is a psychiatry residency training site that provides training for medical students, nurses, social workers, psychologists, chaplains, physical therapists, occupational therapists, recreation therapists, and a variety of other disciplines.

Address: Central Regional Hospital

300 Veazey Road

Butner, NC 27509


Johnston UNC Health Care 

 Johnston UNC Health Care provides the best patient experience as patients get service from satisfied staff.

They have nearly 300 physicians with a wide range of specialties and over 150 dedicated volunteers to meet the needs of every patient

Address: 509 N. Bright Leaf Blvd.

Smithfield, NC 27577

Phone: (919) 934-8171

Duke Regional Hospital

Duke Regional Hospital is an exceptional healthcare hospital with 88 inpatient beds which for over 45 years has served Durham, Orange, Person, Granville, and Alamance counties and the surrounding communities for 45 years. 

They have more than 3,500 employees and competent staff with up-to-date knowledge and skills who provide outstanding medical care with compassionate service in a comfortable community hospital setting. 

They offer care at the Duke Rehabilitation Institute, Duke Behavioral Health Center North Durham, and the Health Services Center. 

The U.S. News and World Report ranked Duke Regional Hospital as the 9th best hospital in North Carolina and 4th in the Raleigh-Durham area for the 2022-2023 year.

Address:3643 N Roxboro St

Durham, NC 27704-2702


HRC Behavioral Health and Psychiatry

This is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary group practice of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and therapists with offices in both Raleigh and Chapel Hill offering quality mental health services and is one of the oldest operating clinical practice groups in NC.

They support a positive, safe, and respectful environment.

Address of Raleigh Office: 4201 Lake Boone Trail, Suite 201, Raleigh, NC 27607 – 

Phone:(919) 785-0384

Duke Raleigh Hospital

Duke Raleigh Hospital provides a patient-friendly environment for patients to improve their health, advance knowledge, and inspire hope.

The hospital has 204 inpatient beds offering a comprehensive array of medical health services and 24/7 emergency care, community outreach, and education programs.

Duke University Hospital 

Duke University Hospital is ranked as one of the best hospitals in the United States and is known worldwide for its outstanding care and groundbreaking research.

It has 1,048 inpatient beds and offers comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, including a regional emergency/trauma center.

For 2022-2023, U.S. News and World Report ranked Duke University Hospital first in North Carolina and the Raleigh-Durham area.

Triangle Springs 

Triangle Springs is one of the behavioral health hospitals located in Raleigh, NC  providing inpatient and outpatient programming for those facing mental health and addiction challenges. 

Triangle Springs is committed to solving the largest healthcare challenge of our generation which lacks access to quality care for mental illness and addiction.

They support your journey of recovery from mental health and addiction challenges.

Address:10901 World Trade Blvd.

Raleigh, NC 27617


Best Day Psychiatry and Counseling Raleigh

Best Day Psychiatry and Counseling, formerly known as Fayetteville Psychiatric Associates was established in 2004 to provide quality psychiatric care and services to both adults and children. 

They provide outpatient treatment which also includes psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and therapy for all ages. They are passionate about helping their clients live happier lives and approach each client’s challenges with a caring optimism.

Address:4505 Fair Meadows Lane, Suite 102

Raleigh, NC 27607

Phone: (919) 670-3939

Fax: (984) 200-6429

Julian F. Keith Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center

Julian F. Keith is an  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center (ADATCs) designed specifically to provide medical treatment and prepare adults with substance use such as alcoholism, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders for recovery services. 

They also partake in detoxification, Psychiatric services, nursing services, recreational therapy, family services, and discharge planning.

Phone:(828) 257-6200

Address: Building icon

201 Tabernacle Road

Black Mountain NC, 28711

WakeMed Rehabilitation Center

WakeMed Rehabilitation Center is an inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital for adults and children established in 1961.

It is also a private, not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, consisting of 14 members representing the community.

They offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy as well as fitness and wellness programs with the aid of expert and compassionate care teams with a focus on helping patients gain independence and live life to the fullest.

However they ensure patient safety; enhance the patient and family experience; and deliver high-quality, high-value care that is both affordable and accessible to everyone.

WakeMed also  has three acute care hospitals which include the WakeMed Raleigh Campus, WakeMed Cary Hospital, WakeMed North Hospital

Address:3000 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27610 

Longleaf Neuro-Medical Center

Longleaf Neuro-Medical Center formerly known as the North Carolina Special Care Center was founded in 1978 and was officially changed to Longleaf Neuro-Medical Treatment Center in 2007 and became a nursing facility for the state psychiatric hospital.

Individuals who require specialized nursing services and treatment as well as nonacute psychiatric treatment were referred to this hospital. 

North Carolina Special Care Center in 1997 added a specialized unit for the care and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

Address:4767 Ward Boulevard

Wilson, North Carolina 27893

Gupta Psychiatry

Gupta Psychiatry delivers quality care that you can trust as they individualize all treatment plans to the unique needs of their patients. 

Gupta Psychiatry uses a holistic approach to patient care, psychiatric care, medication management, and therapy as they believe in a healthier body, mind, and spirit

They provide an environment that is calm and cozy, so everyone can feel comfortable here as they would at home.

Address:2610 New Bern Ave, Raleigh, NC 27610

Phone: 919-870-8409

Fax: 877-622-8953

Person Memorial Hospital 

Person Memorial Hospital is a Joint Commission Accredited full-service hospital that showcases Care, Kindness, and Compassion with modern facilities and equipment to provide everyone with the best possible health care.

Person Memorial Hospital is equipped with for 98 beds (38 Acute Care beds and 60 Extended Care beds) and over 350 staff members provide the best care and comfort for patients, residents, and families.

Address:615 Ridge Road

Roxboro, NC 27573

Vitlink Psychiatric Services PLLC

Vitlink Psychiatric Services PLLC is a Psychiatry Physicians organization practicing in Raleigh, NC which offers a wide range of services including psychiatric evaluations, medication management, clinical assessments, therapies, and psychological testing.

Its founder Dr. Jabbour has been a practicing Psychiatrist in NC since 2001 and established his own private psychiatry hospital in 2004.

Address:8380 Six Forks Rd. Suite 101 Raleigh, NC 27615

Phone: (919)636-1664

Fax: (855)443-8778


Raleigh Oaks Behavioral Health

Raleigh Oaks Behavioral Health is an innovative facility that provides behavioral health services to adults and aged people through psychiatric and medical assessment, followed by a treatment process. 

Over time they will be expanding their services to offer programs that support children and teens.

Address:3200 Waterfield Dr.

Garner, NC 27529


What Are the types of Mental health illnesses?

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Psychosis
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Drug Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction

How do I contact a psychotic Hospital in Raleigh NC?

 You can call any hospital anytime, or an online contact form should be completed and submitted. Seek the nearest emergency room or contact 911 if you need immediate medical assistance.

3. Who provides psychiatric care?

A psychiatrist supervises care, and a psychiatric nurse or group therapist provides care.

4. When are the visiting hours of a psychiatric hospital in Raleigh NC?

Staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Life can be very difficult to navigate and we sometimes find ourselves on the path that leads us away from happiness. Our mental health is been disturbed.

The Psychiatric Hospitals in Raleigh NC looks forward to being part of your journey into improved health and to increasing your awareness about wellness from a whole different angle

With a staff of clinicians experienced in the fields of mental health and addiction, these psychiatric Hospitals are a source of support for everyone

Book an appointment to enjoy outstanding and compassionate care from Raleigh NC Psychiatric Hospitals.

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