40 Top Real Estate Companies in Sydney: Best Picks

Do you want to sell your property? Or are you in search of Real Estate Companies in Sydney to cater to your property needs?

Whether you are seeking the ideal real estate professional or aiming to advance your real estate career, here are the top real estate companies in Sydney to assist you. 

Real estate companies in Sydney play a pivotal role in the thriving property market of Australia’s largest city. As a global metropolis known for its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and economic opportunities, Sydney offers a diverse range of real estate options. 

These companies serve as the driving force behind the city’s dynamic property landscape, connecting buyers, sellers, investors, and renters to their dream properties. 

With their expert knowledge, extensive networks, and comprehensive services, these real estate firms contribute significantly to the growth and success of Sydney’s real estate sector.

Real estate involves not only properties but also people. By embracing diversity and inclusion, Real Estate Companies in Sydney are well-equipped to serve customers and meet their requirements.

Selecting the right real estate agent to sell your home is a crucial decision. Your home is a highly personal asset that you’ll be buying, selling, or renting over time.

As well as building long-term relationships with clients these agencies strive to have a deep understanding of client’s needs.

In the realm of real estate, perfect timing, extensive knowledge, and strategic negotiation skills are paramount. Having the right agent with a strong network can be a crucial factor, especially when you’re selling or buying a home, ensuring you achieve your goals and maximize returns. 

A stagnant property without any activity results in financial losses. On the other hand, a skilled agent with valuable contacts and negotiation abilities can be profitable and add value to your transactions. Conversely, choosing the wrong real estate agent can lead to financial setbacks.

Marketing and advertising are also vital aspects of real estate, just like any other business. The way a property is presented and pitched holds great importance. 

Different strategies come in the real estate business. Expert knowledge and a well-designed plan significantly influence the outcomes.

Some of which include various activities like remodeling, upgrades, property styling, professional photography, internet search optimization, floor plans, marketing, and videography. 

The List of Top Real Estate Companies in Sydney 

With real estate companies in Sydney, you can invest in and make the most out of your investment property. Here are the Top Real Estate companies in Sydney: 

  • Ray White 
  • McGrath Estate Agents 
  • LJ Hooker
  • Raine & Horne
  • Harcourts
  • Century 21 
  • Richardson & Wrench
  • Di Jones Real Estate
  • Bresic Whitney 
  • Morton
  • Phillips Pantzer Donnelley
  • Cobden & Hayson 
  • McGrath 
  • The Agency
  • BradfieldCleary
  • Richardson & Wrench Mosman & Neutral Bay
  • Martin Property
  • Starr Partners
  • Belle Property Mosman 
  • Ayre Real Estate 
  • Stone Real Estate
  • Metro Realty 
  • Vanguarde Estate Agents 
  • Laing+Simmons CBD Surry Hills 
  • Upside Realty 
  • Century 21 City Quarter 
  • Cunninghams 
  • Devine Real Estate 
  • Sydney Cove Property
  • Sydney Realty Group 
  • Your Empire Buyers Agents:
  • Boutique Property Agents 
  • McGrath Estate Agents Millers Point 
  • Den Property Group 
  • North Sydney Real Estate 
  • Legend Property Holdings 
  • Niche Properties Pty Ltd 
  • Callagher Estate Agents
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Ray White 

Established in 1902 – Ray White is one of Australasia’s largest real estate companies and one of the country’s best-known family businesses. Sells more than $95 billion worth of property every year.


They have specialties in residential, commercial, rural property, and livestock sales plus leasing, marine, property management, and off-the-plan projects.

Visit the Website: (https://www.raywhite.com/)

McGrath Estate Agents 

Founded in 1988 – McGrath Estate Agents has grown to be one of Australia’s most successful residential real estate groups.


Provides services in residential property sales, property management, residential project marketing, mortgage broking, auction services, and career training.

Visit the Website: McGrath Estate Agents.

LJ Hooker 

For over 90 years – LJ Hooker a renowned Australian real estate network has been committed to guiding clients to help them make the right choice.

LJ Hooker has offices nationwide and agents are local experts helping clients in their real estate journey.


Buy, Sell, Rent, Invest – Residential, Commercial, Local, and Rural.

Visit the Website: LJ Hooker.

Raine & Horne 

Founded in 1883 – Raine & Home is an Australian-owned family business, with experience in real estate. With experience and a unique reputation, they have a focus on culture and ethics and have continually evolved to ensure and remain ahead within the market.

This agency sells over $10 billion worth of property each year and manages over 120,000 properties across Australia.


Buy, Sell, Rent – Commercial, Rural Properties, Social, and Search Marketing.

Visit the Website: Raine & Horne.


Founded In 1888- Harcourts are a leader in Australian real estate – and a fast-growing real estate brand across Australia. 

Harcourts Real Estate strives to build genuine, lasting relationships with both clients and business partners to help them achieve their individual property and financial goals. 


They offer a full range of specialist real estate services, including Residential, Commercial, Rural and Regional, and Property Management.

Visit the Website: (https://harcourts.net/au)

Century 21 

Founded in 1994 – Century 21 is one of the largest and most recognized real estate organizations dedicated to achieving the best results for clients who buy and sell real estate.

With over 220 independently owned and operated offices and highly experienced real estate agents, they have been assisting the people of Australia to find beautiful properties and homes for sale.


Buy, Sell, Rent.

Visit the Website: Century 21.

Richardson & Wrench 

Founded in 1858 – Richardson & Wrench is a network of real estate professionals and has established an untarnished reputation for honesty, integrity, and professionalism helping many people realize their dreams.

The Richardson & Wrench network consists of 80 independently owned offices in metropolitan and regional locations throughout NSW and Queensland – and growing. 

Visit the Website: Richardson & Wrench.

Di Jones Real Estate 

Established in 1992 – DiJones is a renowned real estate company with great commitment to clients and employees striving to make the property experience a rewarding one.


Investing, buying, and Selling.

Visit the Website: Di Jones Real Estate.

Bresic Whitney 

Founded in 2203 – Bresic Whitney is a leading Australian lifestyle property group with great real estate experience in property management.


Buy, Sell, Rent – Property Management. 

Visit the Website: Bresic Whitney.


Morton has grown to become a leading independent agency specializing in Sydney CBD and the city fringe. They strive to set new benchmarks in industry service and standards.

Services: Buy, Sell, Rent, Manage, Residential Sales, Property Management, and Building Management.

Visit the Website: Morton.

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Phillips Pantzer Donnelley 

Established in 2013 – PPD has ranked as one of the Top Agencies in NSW. With a team culture, extensive network, and shared vision for excellence PPD had continued to set new benchmarks and achieve record sales with a reach that stretches across the eastern coastline.


Sales, Management and Marketing, Residential and Commercial sales.

Visit the Website: Phillips Pantzer Donnelley.

Cobden & Hayson 

For over 30 years – CobdenHayson is a progressive independent real estate agency specializing in helping people purchase, sell and rent properties.

Services: Property Sales and Lease Property Management, Rent.

Visit the Website: Cobden & Hayson.


Founded in 1988 – McGrath is a renowned real estate company built around a community of genuine, like-minded professionals who strive to achieve the best result for each client.

Services: Residential Property Sales, Property Management, Residential Project Marketing, Mortgage Broking, Auction Services, and Career Training. 

 Visit the Website: McGrath.

The Agency 

The Agency is a renowned real estate agency that brings together the most experienced real estate professionals who have demonstrated success in their local market from across the country.


The Agency delivers across four key areas: Residential sales, Project Marketing, Property management, and Commercial.

The combined strengths of these divisions allow The Agency to offer its clients the power of an extensive national network, a wealth of cross-selling opportunities, and a more seamless experience overall.

Visit the Website: The Agency.

Bradfield Cleary 

Bradfieldcleary is a renowned real estate company in Sydney Australia serving clients with their property needs with a hard-working, strong-willed, and reliable team.


Full-Time Property Manager – Buying, Selling, Rent.

Visit the Website: https://www.bradfieldbadgerfox.com.au/

Richardson & Wrench Mosman & Neutral Bay 

Richardson & Wrench Mosman/Neutral Bay is a real estate agency in the Lower North Shore, servicing the suburbs with over 160 years of combined real estate experience. 

They deliver a high standard of real estate services – from sales, auctions, and property management to leasing and advice. 


Buying, Selling, Rent, Property Manage.

Visit the Website: Richardson & Wrench Mosman/Neutral Bay.

Martin Property 

Established in 2016- Martin Property Consultants provides an all-inclusive property service to investors in the rental market.

From sourcing properties at yields specific to each client’s requirement to fit-outs, maintenance, rent collection, and full letting/management, they provide a tailored service to property investors.

Services: Payments, Appraisal, Free Landlord Advice, Maintenance Requests.

Visit the Website: Martin Property.

Belle Property Mosman 

For more than 20 years- Belle Property, a full-service real estate agency in Australia has catered to and offered premium services. 

Collaborating with a global network of agents and clients who share a common understanding of excellence, Belle Property is one of Australia’s leading lifestyle real estate providers.


Belle Property Escapes, Belle Property Commercial, Belle Property Retail, Belle Property Projects, and Belle Property International.

Visit the Website: Belle Property Mosman.

Ayre Real Estate 

Ayre is an apartment-focused real estate agency of property experts who combine strategic insight and human experience to deliver exceptional results. 

They help clients achieve their property goals by helping them to grow personal wealth whilst enhancing their lifestyle and working within vibrant and connected vertical communities.

Services: Buy, sell Rent Management.

Visit the Website: Ayre Real Estate.

You can also check out these:

  • Stone Real Estate 

 Services: Expert Sales & Marketing, Property Management.

Visit the Website: Stone Real Estate.

  • Metro Realty 

Services: Appraisals, Property buying & sales, Detailed Inspection, Property Sale Valuation, Rental Valuation, Property Leasing, Property Management Service, Property Repairs. 

Visit the Website: https://www.metrorealty.com.au/

  • Vanguarde Estate Agents 

Services: Project management, Property management, Warehouse property sales, Commercial Lease, Real estate residential sales and property management, Renting / Rental, Property buying & sales.

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Visit the Website: Vanguarde Estate Agents.

  • Starr Partners

– Established in 1992 

Services: Buy, Sell, Rent.

Visit the Website: Starr Partners.

  • Laing+Simmons CBD Surry Hills 

Services: Warehouse property sales, Project Marketing, Rental Inspections, Residential & Commercial, Sales, Sales Property Management, Specialist Services, and Strata Management.

Visit the Website: https://www.lsre.com.au/cbd-surry-hills

  • Upside Realty NSW & ACT 

Services: Appraisals, Buying agent services, Property buying & sales.

Visit the Website: Upside Realty NSW & ACT 

  • Century 21 City Quarter 

Services: Project Management, Property rentals, Real estate sales management, Apartment leasing, Real estate sales.

Visit the Website: https://cityquarter.century21.com.au/

  • Cunninghams 

Services: Sales, Rent, Property Management.

Visit the Website: https://www.cunninghamsre.com.au/

  • Sydney Cove Property 

Services: Land leasing & sales, Property auctions, Property buying & sales, Sales & Lease for Commercial Properties.

Visit the Website: Sydney Cove Property.

  • Sydney Realty Group 

Services: Land leasing & sales, Luxury property buying & sales, New construction sales & leasing, Project management, Property auctions, Property buying & sales, Real estate development, Real estate investing, Real estate sales management, Commercial Property.

Visit the Website: Sydney Realty Group.

  • Your Empire Buyers Agents – Sydney Office 

Services: Real Estate Consultancy, Property leasing, Property Portfolio, Property Renovation, Property management.

Visit the Website: Your Empire Buyers Agents – Sydney Office.

  • Devine Real Estate 

Services: Sales Rent, Property Management.

Visit the Website: Devine Real Estate.

  • Boutique Property Agents 

Services: Project management, Property management, Real estate investing,  Bridging Loans, Concierge Service, Investment Property Managing, and Management Services.

Visit the Website: Boutique Property Agents.

  • McGrath Estate Agents Millers Point 

Services: Rent-Sales-Buy Property,  Appraisals, Property Management.

Visit the Website: McGrath Estate Agents Millers Point.

  • Den Property Group 

Services: Leasing, Rent, Property Maintenance, Real Estate Investment, Investment Property.

Visit the Website: Den Property Group.

  • North Sydney Real Estate 

Services: Land leasing & sales, Buy – Sell – Rent of Properties, Properties Lease, Property Appraisal, Property Investment, Real estate investing.

Visit the Website: North Sydney Real Estate.

  • Legend Property Holdings 

Services: Land leasing & sales, New construction sales & leasing, Property management, Property rentals, Real estate investing, Commercial Sales And Leasing.

Visit the Website: Legend Property Holdings.

  • Real Estate Redefined

Real Estate Redefined is a full-service boutique real estate agency based in the heart of Sydney’s exclusive Double Bay, Australia. 

The founder, Elliott Wasserman has 20 years of experience, and with a highly efficient and experienced team, they are very focused on client needs to achieve results. 


Sell, rent, Property Management.

Visit the Website: Real Estate Redefined.

  • North Sydney Real Estate 

Services: Land leasing & sales, Property buying & sales, Property rentals, Real estate investing, Property Investment.

Visit the Website: North Sydney Real Estate.

  • Sydney Side Real Estate 

Services: Property Management Services, Residential Property Management.

Visit the Website: Sydney Side Real Estate.

  • Callagher Estate Agents 

Services: Apartment rentals, Land leasing & sales, Property rentals, Commercial Leasing, and Property Management Support.

Visit the Website: Callagher Estate Agents.


In conclusion, real estate companies in Sydney form the backbone of the city’s property market, facilitating seamless transactions and creating opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. 

Their expertise in navigating the complexities of the real estate landscape, coupled with a deep understanding of the local market, ensures that clients can make informed decisions. 

Whether it’s buying, selling, investing, or renting, these real estate companies serve as invaluable partners, assisting clients in achieving their property goals. 

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