Recruitment Agencies for Overseas Jobs in South Africa

12 Recruitment Agencies for Overseas Jobs in South Africa

The third quarter of 2022 saw South Africa’s unemployment rate fall to 32.9% from 33.9% the previous quarter and below market expectations of 33.4%.

As employment increased by 204 thousand to 15.765 million and the number of unemployed decreased by 269 thousand to 7.725 million, this was the lowest unemployment rate since Q1 of 2021.

An international workforce not only increases productivity and creativity at work, but it also fosters a more vibrant and satisfying workplace culture for all employees.

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You will develop new soft skills, such as networking and communication techniques, in addition to new technical ones at your new career abroad.

After all, having to get by in a foreign city without knowing the language develops your resourcefulness, and collaborating with people from other cultures will help you communicate more effectively.

In this article, we take a look at some of the top recruitment agencies for overseas jobs in South Africa.

Recruitment Agencies for Overseas Jobs in South Africa

In general, any new professional experience will give you the chance to develop your hard or even soft abilities.

Working overseas gives you the chance to develop existing abilities, like enhancing your creativity in this new setting, or learn new techniques, like a different way to tackle an issue.

Below are some of the top recruitment agencies for overseas jobs in South Africa that can help you secure a job overseas.

Robert Walters Recruitment

A global, specialized professional recruitment consultancy is Robert Walters. When the Group established its first office in the heart of London in 1985, their tale officially began.

Since then, they have grown into a multinational company that currently operates in a variety of global marketplaces.

Businesses all over the world have relied on them for more than 37 years to discover the greatest specialized specialists, and they are trusted to support the career development of the top executives in the world. Find out more information here.

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You can upload your resume to JOBVINE so that recruiters and potential employers who are browsing the site can examine it and contact you directly or through the website.

You can also get further assistance with career advice that you can use as a reference when deciding which career path is best for you or whether your talents match the profession you want to pursue. Find out more information here.

Measured Ability Agency

They are a global recruitment firm established in South Africa that employs the skills and competencies that have effectively worked for more than 30 years.

Their organizational structure includes specialized divisions serving the mining, construction, and oil and gas sectors as well as related divisions in the subsea & marine, drilling, well deliveries, rig crew, health & safety, and architectural sectors. Find out more information here.

Waitred Recruitment

Through their diligent work ethic, the practice of not charging applicants registration or application fees, and their clientele of prestigious companies that provide some of the best positions and opportunities, Waitre d’ Recruitment has established a reputation as being South Africa’s best overseas recruitment agency. Find out more information here.

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Initiate International Agency

For opportunities in South Africa’s digital marketing, IT, finance, real estate, sales, online gaming, contact centers, office management, and executive fields, turn to Initiate International.

They also provide businesses with in-demand foreign language speakers.

They recruit all over the world with staff in Malta, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Gibraltar, Macau, Vladivostok, and South Africa. Find out more information here.

Other recruitment agencies for overseas jobs in South Africa are listed below:

Michael Page AfricaFind out more information here.
Key Recruitment GroupFind out more information here.
Medipath RecruitmentFind out more information here.
e-MergeFind out more information here.
Communicate RecruitmentFind out more information here.
SciTech PlacementsFind out more information here.
RedLineFind out more information here.

Is It Easy To Get A Job In South Africa As A Foreigner?

In South Africa, finding employment as a migrant might be challenging unless you have the necessary training and credentials. Employers prefer to hire from the pool of locally unemployed people since semi-skilled and unskilled jobs are hard to come by.

How Do I Find Opportunities To Work Abroad?

Start your job search by looking via foreign job sites, making connections with recruiters, or checking to see if the companies you’re interested in are hiring. You’ll then need a compelling application! Do your research on the business and make sure your cover letter and CV are tailored to the position.

Which Country Is Easy To Get a Job For Foreigners?

The first country is Canada since it has a simple and flexible immigration process for foreigners. Apart from that, obtaining a visa in Canada is quite inexpensive compared to most other nations.

Which European Country Gives Work Visa Easily?

The ability to balance work and personal life is prized in the Netherlands. They are renowned for being accommodating with regard to work visas. The “Orientation visa,” which has no limits, enables permission for non-EU nationals.

What Is The Easiest Career To Get Into?

The three jobs that are the easiest to obtain are cashiering and serving customers. The majority of the mentioned positions demand excellent communication and customer service abilities.

Find a work that meets your demands since it’s crucial to keep in mind that someone else’s concept of an easy job can be different from yours.

Which Country Pays More Per Hour?

Australia continues to hold the record for having the highest minimum wage in the world. Australia’s minimum wage, set by the Fair Work Commission, is projected to be $18.29 per hour (including taxes and other fees), or $694.90 per week, as set by the Australian Federal Government.

Which Are The 5 Hardest Countries For Obtaining Citizenship?

It is particularly challenging for foreigners to get citizenship or permanent residency in Austria, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and the United States.

What Is The Most Powerful Passport In The World?

Japan has the most powerful passport in the world for the fifth consecutive year. The nation got first place in the 2023 Henley Passport Index rankings.

Which Country Welcomes Immigrants The Most?

Canada offers an outstanding education to overseas students, accommodating immigration regulations, straightforward visa requirements, and both part-time work permits while studying and post-study employment permits. It is one of the most immigrant-friendly nations in the world.

What Is The Best Country To Emigrate To From South Africa?

Those who want to go from South Africa to a nation that is strong in several ways should choose Portugal. Compared to South Africa, Portugal offers more prospects for business, is safer, and is a friendlier place for families.

Which Country Is Best For Unskilled Workers?

Unskilled laborers in Norway can perform a task without any specific training. They can learn on the job without a specified level of schooling as well.

What Country Has The Highest Unemployment Rate In The World?

With a 34 percent unemployment rate in 2021, South Africa led the world. Eight of the ten nations with the highest rates of unemployment were in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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