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6 Best recruitment agencies for teaching Abroad: Best Guide

Although it can be difficult and time-consuming to get a teaching job in the USA as a foreign national, teaching recruitment companies in the country have made it their mission to assist in this endeavor.

The best recruitment agencies for teaching abroad in the USA will be covered in this post, along with further information.

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Why are teaching employment agencies significant in the USA?

As previously stated, looking for a job might be exhausting. But as a teacher with a full schedule, you may certainly benefit from the assistance of a recruitment firm. Some of these organizations will aid in matching your resume with open job opportunities.

In contrast to other internet platforms that publish job openings for various industries, recruitment firms assist you in finding the ideal job that is suitable for you. You can apply for teaching positions directly through recruitment companies in the USA.


How recruitment agencies operate

You may be curious about how employment agencies operate. Well, there is no need for concern. People looking for work have access to recruitment firms. They should not be confused with other job portals. Mainly because recruitment services match your profile with what the institution is searching for using their resources. And for this reason, applying for jobs through recruiting agencies is the quickest option.

If you’re a teacher wishing to study in the USA, employing a recruitment firm can help you land a job more quickly.

Mandatory Agency Fee

Even if the required price varies from agency to agency, hiring a recruitment agency to get you a job is not free.

Understand the terms and conditions associated with a recruitment agency before signing up for a teaching position in the USA. While some recruitment companies may charge you 5 to 15% of your pay or compensation after hiring you, some may charge you more. Some recruitment agencies may charge you through the school you work with, however not all will.

How American schools hire foreign teachers

The majority of the time, foreign recruitment organizations are used to bring thousands of teachers into the United States each year. You must be aware of a few informational points regarding the hiring of teachers in the USA:

  • Obtain the skills you need for teaching

Your likelihood of being chosen for a job will increase if you possess the necessary abilities. It’s possible that the talents needed are similar to ones you currently possess.

  • Teaching credentials/certifications

Every employment has specific qualifications, and teaching in the United States includes obtaining the necessary credentials. You must obtain a degree and certification from the pertinent, globally recognized teacher’s board.

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  • English proficiency test

Approved English proficiency test must also be passed. To be able to teach in the USA you must pass exams like the TOEFL or IELTS, regardless of the subject or course.

  • Availability for interviews

Don’t limit the job application procedure to just one stage because you will need to be accessible for interviews (s). Depending on what the school requests, the interview may be conducted virtually or in person.

Best recruitment agencies for teaching Abroad

Below are some of the best recruitment agencies for teaching abroad.


The greatest international recruitment company for bringing instructors from other nations to the USA is eTeach. They are free, and their platform provides uncommon access to teaching positions.

You can directly apply for jobs using their portal. You may get in touch with them via phone at 01276674150, email at, or through their official website.

The Education Group

The education group takes pleasure in being one of the top hiring firms for foreign instructors. In 1988, Katherine Stuart founded this organization.

This organization has assisted foreigners in finding the greatest jobs in addition to helping teachers in the United States. The education group can be reached by phone at (800) 369-9102 or online through their official website.

Educational Directions, Inc

Portsmouth-based Educational Directions is a staffing firm. This organization aids educators in finding the greatest jobs in the USA.

More than 400 American schools are partnered with them. Visit their official website or call (401) 647-2794 to get in touch with this organization.

Search Associates

One of the top worldwide recruitment firms is Search Associate. This organization is well-known for helping job seekers from all over the world.

Since its inception in 1990, Search Associate has established itself as one of the top firms for hiring instructors. They may be trusted and dependable.

They’ll help you avoid wasting time and advise you of the specifics so you can acquire the best job in the USA.

One of the biggest staffing companies in the USA, Search Associate partners with more than 700 colleges globally. They have 20 offices spread throughout several nations. Visit their website to find out more about their offers.

Educational partners international (EPI)

One of the Best USA Overseas Teaching Recruitment Agencies is Educational Partners International. EPI is in the business of hiring instructors for positions in k–12 institutions across the USA.

They are open to all academic disciplines, so if you excel in math or another area, they will want your assistance. The teachers who will impart their expertise and influence pupils with their culture will benefit most from their service.

Think about using the EPI recruitment agency if you’re looking for a teaching position in the USA. They are trustworthy, and you can use their services to get the ideal placement. Visit their website to find out more about their offers.

International Schools Services.

One of the greatest USA Overseas Teaching Recruitment Agencies is International Schools Services. For the past 60 years, ISS has proven beneficial. Although this recruitment organization is located in the USA, it assists thousands of people in finding teaching employment there.

They are a nonprofit company with connections to more than 800 schools worldwide. They devote time to finding you the greatest deal in addition to being experts in hiring teachers from other nations. You can get in touch with ISS by visiting their website.

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