31 Top Recruitment Agencies in Belgium for Foreigners

Job hunting is very tiring, so, I encourage job seekers to do whatever they have to do to ensure the process becomes easier for them. One way you can ensure this, is by registering with recruitment agencies.

This is the reason why we’ve covered 31 recruitment agencies in Belgium for foreigners and locals in this article.

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Before we dive right into the recruitment agencies in Belgium for foreigners, let us take a good look at the unemployment rate and the job opportunities present in Belgium. 

Unemployment Rate and Job Opportunities in Belgium

The unemployment rate in Belgium is low when compared to the rest of the world. It was recorded to be at 5.7% by March 2023.

This is lower than the unemployment rate recorded by first-world countries like Canada (5.3), the USA (3.6%), the United Kingdom (3.8%), and European Union (6.8%).

For those who are confused about the numbers, the population in these areas is higher thus, making those lower percentages to be higher numbers than that in Belgium.

The following are some of the major sectors that are hiring in Belgium.

  • Retail

  • Transport and logistics

  • Hospitality

  • Retail

  • Industry and production

  • Construction

  • Finance and banking

  • Services

  • Medicine

Useful Tips for Finding a Job in Belgium

There are certain steps you must take while trying to secure a job in Belgium. I have outlined a few of the things that you need to know as a job seeker in Belgium. 

  • Be Patient: Job hunting takes a lot of time. Some people submit hundreds of applications and have to wait for months and sometimes even for more than a year before they finally get that acceptance email. 
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  • Be Ready to Relocate: This is major because most jobs are in the big cities in Belgium, cities like Brussels, Ghent, and Antwerp.

  • You Have to Network: This may be very difficult for those who are introverted. However, your ability to meet and make new connections as you try to advance in your career is very essential to your job-hunting process.

The Recruitment Agencies in Belgium for Foreigners and Locals

Below is a list of some of the best recruitment agencies that you can find in Belgium.

Some of the benefits of registering with them include email notification once there is a new job, easy application after you update your profile, generates a pool of jobs that matches your profile and work experience, etc.

Hudson Belgium – 

This recruitment agency has been around for more than 40 years, and during this time, they have helped organizations in Belgium to build their workforce by matching them with skilled professionals who were job-hunting like you. 

They have over 275 consultants and they offer recruitment and selection services, assessment and development services, reward management, and training courses. Find more information here.

Robert Half Belgium – 

Robert Half is an internationally recognized recruitment agency, and they specialize in areas like legal (junior and senior legal counsel/advisors and more), IT (IT business analysts, application managers, helpdesk, innovation leads, IT project managers, etc.), Finance & Accounting (business analysts, auditors, controllers, accountants, etc.), Administrative, HR, & Office support (administrative employees, customer service employees, HR professionals, management assistants).

Find more information here.

Manpower Belgium – 

Another internationally recognized recruitment agency is Manpower. They provide job openings in areas like real estate, arts, entertainment, and recreation, wholesale, and retail trade repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, transportation and storage, accommodation and food services activities, financial and insurance activities, professional and technical activities, etc.

Find more information here.

Randstad Belgium – 

Randstad is a renowned recruitment agency, offering student jobs and permanent jobs, in areas like administration, technics, construction, marketing, logistics, finance, ICT, and sales.

Find more information here.

Adecco Belgium – 

For both skilled workers and students who need to build work experience, Adecco is a great choice for you to consider.

They offer full-time jobs in specializations like welders, forklift drivers, storekeepers, operators, drivers, electricians, HR, administration, finance, retail, marketing, and sales.

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Find more information here.

Michael Page Belgium – 

This is another great choice when it comes to recruitment agencies.

Their platform is easy to use, there is a clear option for job seekers to register there and upload their resumes.

You are also able to save jobs that catch your fancy. You can use the search bar to search for a keyword that fits your job description. Find more information here.

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HAYS Belgium – 

Hays is a global leader when it comes to hiring qualified professionals. They hire people for temporary, contract, and permanent positions.

You can easily find a role that suits your job description once you make use of their platform. 

They offer jobs in the specializations like senior management, sales, retail, purchasing and logistics, office support, marketing and communications, life sciences, legal, IT contracting, IT, human resources, engineering, construction, banking and insurance, and accounting and finance. Find more information here.

Accent Jobs – 

This recruitment agency is one of the best in Belgium. They offer job openings in specializations like administration, handicraft, construction, consultancy, creative professions, direction, logistics and distribution, marketing and communications, R&D and science, engineering, finance, health and beauty, horeca and tourism, human resources, etc. Find more information here.

Select HR – 

This recruitment agency specialized in human resources and recruitment advice, services, and solutions. They hire temp and permanent workers into available positions that match their experience and skill set. Find more information here.

Itzu Jobs – 

This recruitment agency provides you with student jobs, temporary jobs, and permanent roles.

They post jobs in specializations like a call center, horeca, human resources, logistics, etc. Find more information here.

Walters People Belgium – 

This is a professional staffing business. They help to link organizations to the competent hands and minds that they need and partner with job seekers to help them advance their careers.

They provide openings in specializations like customer service, sales & monitoring, logistics & supply chain, HR and payroll, accounting, tax, and treasury, banking and insurance, finance, and business support. Website: https://www.walterspeople.be/

Experis Belgium – 

This recruitment agency tries to gather the most in-demand talent to match them with openings that need them, they offer professional resourcing, consulting services, project services, and managed services in areas like business transportation, cyber security, digital workspace, cloud infrastructure, and enterprise applications.

Find more information here.

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Vivaldis Interim – 

This recruitment agency helps to free you from the stress it would take you to manually search for openings and apply for them individually.

They offer openings in transportation jobs, construction jobs, engineering jobs, maritime jobs, production jobs, and student jobs. Find more information here.

Synergie Belgium – 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a temporary job or a job with a view to a permanent contract, this recruitment agency is here to help you with all of that.

They offer openings for packers, order pickers, forklift/reach truck drivers, operators, truck drivers C/CE, technicians, welders, etc. Find more information here.

Axis Group Belgium – 

This recruitment agency offers selection and interim assignments, they also work to bring qualified hands together for specific short- or long-term assignments.

They focus on specializations like legal and compliance, administrative support, marcom and sales, human resources, insurance and pensions, finance and accountancy, asset management, and banking. Find more information here.

Ago Jobs & HR – 

This recruitment agency specializes in finding jobs in sectors like industry, construction, technics, chemicals, office, retail, IT, student jobs, food, legal and HR, transport, engineering, finance, public services, foreign, logistics, etc. Find more information here.

VIO Interim – 

This recruitment agency has for over 5 years provided jobs in specializations like logistics, production, sales, and services. Find more information here.

Unique Belgium – 

This is a top Belgium recruitment agency that specializes in transport, logistics and purchase, technique, sales, marketing, industry, human resource, maritime, customer care, administration, and finance.

Website: https://www.unique.be/nl

Ago International Belgium – 

This recruitment agency specializes in finding jobs in sectors like transport, logistics, sales, R&D, production, marketing, communication, junior roles, IT, HR, finance, legal, engineering, c-level. Construction, real estate, administration, support, procurement, and supply chain. Find more information here.

Konvert Interim – 

This recruitment agency helps you to find jobs in places like Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, Kortrijk, and Hasselt.

Their specializations include construction, food, logistics, interim positions, etc. Find more information here.

Absolute Jobs Belgium – 

If you are looking for jobs in specializations like production, construction, electricity, logistics, metal, administration, and finance, this is your go-to recruitment agency to help you find that job.

Find more information here.

Other Recruitment Agencies Can Be Found in the Table Below: 

Tempo-Team BelgiumFind more information here.
Start People BelgiumFind more information here.
Synergie BelgiumFind more information here.
Accent JobsFind more information here:

StepStone BelgiumFind more information here:

AgilitasFind more information here.
Experis BelgiumFind more information here.
Impact BelgiumFind more information here.
Secretary Plus BelgiumFind more information here.
Forum JobsFind more information here.

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