18 Top Recruitment Agencies in Denmark for Foreigners

There are lots of employment opportunities that you may never come across on your own if you are not registered with multiple recruitment agencies in Denmark for foreigners and locals.

These recruitment agencies work with understaffed organizations and help them seek talents with the right amount of experience and skill to fill these open positions in the company.

Many people get their jobs by using recruitment agencies. Although it is not an automatic process, it does increase your chances of being called for an interview and getting a job because of the tons of positions they send your way. 

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If I were you, I would go through these recruitment agencies and try to register with as many as I can, so that I am able to apply for more jobs that fit my profile.

Before we dive into the list of recruitment agencies in Denmark for foreigners and locals, let us look at the unemployment rate in Denmark and some of the specializations that easily get a job here.

Unemployment Rate and Sectors Hiring in Denmark

Denmark has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. In February 2023, the unemployment rate was just 2.7%.

There are many factors that contribute to this low unemployment rate, and they include a strong economy, social safety net, and a highly skilled workforce, all make it easier for people to get new jobs.

The sectors in Denmark where people are likely to find a job easily include:

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • IT and communications

Tips needed as a job seeker while trying to secure a job in Denmark include:

  • Learn the language: As a foreigner, you must learn Danish. It is the official language, and it is widely spoken by most Danish people, so if you are to build your career and social interactions with them, you must learn the language.
  • Network: You must be able to socialize and create new connections because this helps with getting recommendations for a job. Many people have testified to the fact that someone that they met somewhere recommended them, and that is how they got a job.
  • Be ready to relocate: Seeing how most of the good jobs in Denmark are located just outside of Copenhagen, you must be willing to relocate if the job you find is situated there. I remember one time I got a job in a city, and I just couldn’t relocate for some reason, and I had to turn down the offer.
  • Be patient: This is one skill that every job seeker must have. It takes a while to land an interview much more a job. Some people are lucky, and they get a job after applying for just a while, but a majority wait a long time before landing a job.
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The List of Recruitment Agencies in Denmark for Foreigners

Below are some of the top recruitment agencies in Denmark for foreigners and locals as well. Remember that for you to be considered for a job here in Denmark, you must possess the right to work.

You must be a resident with a working permit. 

ProData Consult

This recruitment agency formed a merger with Emagine in December 2021, and together they have offered top IT, business & engineering consulting services in Europe. 

Emagine has its footprint in Western Europe where it provides job openings in engineering, business, and IT positions.

ProData Consult on the other hand has its footprint in Northern Europe and is renowned for sourcing IT and business professionals Find more information here: https://prodataconsult.com/emagine/.


This recruitment agency stands on the principle that retention and development are two crucial topics in recruitment.

They offer temporary positions that provide you with the opportunity to earn some money and gain experience in different industries.

You will be able to explore their open positions once you visit their official page. Find more information here.


Due to the extra cost and lack of professionalism that may occur when medium-sized and large companies in Denmark hire their own recruiters to handle the entire recruitment process which involves writing job ads, job advertisements, searching for candidates from a database by screening their cv, etc, they now prefer to make use of recruitment agencies like this who are more skilled in this role and won’t need to be paid monthly, only when a recruitment process is held. 

This recruitment agency shows you how many CVs they have in their database, how many vacancies are currently open, and the number of jobs fair they have coming up. Find more information here.

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Hays Denmark

This is an internationally recognized recruitment agency that has operations in multiple countries.

They are a good option when it comes to finding ways to land a job. From regular job postings to other services that can aid you land a job. The platform is simple and easy to use for running job searches.

Find more information here.

Adecco Denmark

When it comes to temporary jobs and recruitment, Adecco is a leading expert. Hundreds of people find their job using their platform. You can begin your journey with them by building your job profile. Find more information here.

Kelly Services Denmark

This is a very simple and direct recruitment agency. Once you get to their home page, there is an option to upload your CV which will be used to build your work profile.

They cover job specializations including life sciences, finance & accounting, customer & call center, sales & marketing, travel, office & administration. Find more information here.


This is a nice recruitment agency to work with and they offer job openings in specializations like information technology (system development, IT support), engineering and technology (electronics, medical, chemistry), management and staff (project management, freelance), trade and service (cleaning, restaurant, retail), industry and craft (building, agriculture, transport), sales and communication (marketing, culture, design), teaching, office and finance, social and health, etc.

Find more information here.

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Unique Human Capital

This is a top-notch recruitment agency that offers services such as board services, executive search, search & selection, outplacement, and management performance.

They offer job placements in specializations like retail, transport and logistics, finance, industry, life science, FMCG, construction, professional services, etc.

Find more information here.

Nordea HR & Recruitment

This recruitment agency has offices in Copenhagen and Taastrup.

They offer services to corporates & institutions, small & medium businesses, and personal customers. On their homepage, with a click of a button, you will find all the open vacancies which you can apply for.

Find more information here.

Right People Group

They provide qualified consultants to businesses in Denmark. Their specializations include remote software teams, software solutions, and IT & business consultants. So far, they have had 750 projects in this year alone, and have had dealings with 390 clients in total. Find more information here.

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Compass Human Resources Group

This recruitment agency has 6 offices in the Nordic region and one in the United Kingdom. They possess in-depth knowledge from 6 major industries and have 30+ years of experience matching understaffed organizations with professional talents.

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Their main areas of specialization include ESG, supply chain & operations, finance & economy, marketing & sales, IT & digital, human resources, and general management. Find more information here.

PharmaRelations Denmark

This is a medical recruitment agency that offers services like interim solutions, interim executives, consulting & outsourcing, executive search, specialist recruitment, audits, business transformation, due diligence, Nordic market entry, and pharma-relations academy.

They specialize in regulatory services, quality assurance, pharmacovigilance, pharmaceuticals, supplements & food, cosmetics, medical affairs, medical writing, sales & marketing, digital & social media, data & technology, market access, pre-clinical service, clinical studies, medical engineering, and medical devices. Find more information here.

StudentConsulting Denmark

This staffing company specializes in finding placements for students and those with professional qualifications. They have assigned more than 20,000jobs in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Find more information here.


This recruitment agency offers services like HR development, search & selection, outplacement, team development, team development, and leader development. Upon reaching their webpage, all you do is search for the role that suits you best. Find more information here.

SAM International

This recruitment agency offers services like onboarding & outplacement, executive search, recruiting, headhunting, and development. They have over 25 years’ experience matching job seekers to open positions. Find more information here.


This recruitment agency has been in existence since 1997 and they lots of experience from the industries they recruit for. They offer employment for those who specialize in franchise, industry and warehousing, metal, office, and barley. Find more information here.

Active Search Consulting

They ensure they follow up once you start working with them as their main goal is to see you employed. Find more information here.

Pro Selection

They conduct search & selection, executive search, try & hire, Vicar service, outplacement, order candidate newspaper, and customer references. You can enter your CV, or if you have none, they can help you with your cv. You can also scan through the vacancies when you are done uploading your cv. Find more information here.

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