Recruitment Agencies in Lagos

15 Recruitment Agencies in Lagos: Best Complete Guide

A recruitment agency is a business that assists businesses in streamlining their hiring process by identifying qualified candidates for their open positions.

If a company chooses to hire one of a recruitment agency’s applicants, the agency will be paid a placement fee.

You can save time by working with a recruitment firm on both the hiring process and business operations.

However, it is wise to take some time to examine whether employing a recruitment agency is even worthwhile before you start looking for the best one.

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If you need to quickly fill specific types of roles inside your company, your choice to work with a recruitment agency could make all the difference.

In this post, the best recruitment agencies in Lagos are discussed, along with the benefits and drawbacks of employing one.

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How to Work With a Recruitment Agency?

You can begin by selecting specialized recruiters to assist your own recruitment efforts once you have assessed your employment requirements and that your hiring managers are at ease dealing with a recruitment firm.

nature and conditions of the recruitment services should then be specified in a recruitment agency’s terms of business agreement.

Then, to help them choose the best candidates as quickly as possible, you might inform them of the job positions and convey objective suitability criteria.

When you are ready to make a job offer, make sure you have the appropriate employment contracts in place so that you can provide your new hires with professional contracting experience and a fantastic first impression.

Advantages of Using Recruitment Agencies

What benefits may you expect from using a recruitment agency?

  • Enhance The Image Of The Employer

At the beginning of your journey, you might not have enough experience as an employer to draw qualified people on your own.

Working with a recruitment firm can help you stand out and engage in meaningful dialogue with great candidates.

Additionally, because recruitment agencies are aware of the qualities that the best candidates want in a company, they may assist you in enhancing your employer brand.

  • Makes Internal Resources Available

You can transfer resources to other business operations by working with a recruitment agency rather than investing as much in your own internal recruitment function.

Working with a recruitment firm at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey can be beneficial for this reason.

  • Rapid Candidate Sourcing

Recruitment companies work with job seekers, so they may already have a pool of candidates for your opening.

This can save you time from having to sift through talent pools on LinkedIn. A recruitment consultant can help you quickly shortlist the best prospects if you are hiring for several new positions.

Drawbacks of Using Recruitment Agencies

What drawbacks are there to using a recruitment agency?

  • Conflict Of Interest With Regard To Your Own Hiring Procedure

You are likely to draw qualified prospects on your own when you publish job advertisements on employment sites like LinkedIn.

Utilizing recruiting services may conflict with your own hiring efforts, so you must decide if you should use agency recruiters in the first place or if both can coexist.

  • Not All Suggested Candidates Are Qualified.

Even though you took the effort to craft job descriptions and inform recruiting firms of your needs, recommended candidates may not always be appropriate for your position and business when you are seeking specialist roles.

For instance, unless they are a specialized company, recruitment agencies won’t always understand the variations in software development positions and languages.

  • Time-Consuming And Expensive

Due to the fact that placement fees are typically calculated as a percentage of the candidate’s salary, hiring through recruiting agencies can be costly.

Additionally, it can take a lot of effort to explain your needs to headhunters in terms of skill sets and corporate culture. This time could be saved if you had internal recruiters.

The List of Recruitment Agencies in Lagos

Below is a list of the top recruitment agencies for you to check out if you are an employer or job seeker in Lagos:

Jobberman Nigeria

Find out more information here.

Workforce Group

Find out more information here.


Find out more information here.

La-Job Portal

Find out more information here.

Rovedana Limited

Find out more information here.

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Pearldrops Healthcare Staffing

Find out more information here.

Rehoboth Recruiters

Find out more information here.

Platinum Careers

Find out more information here.

5200mm Agency

Find out more information here.

Drivers Outsourcing Solutions ltd

Find out more information here.

Rekrut Consulting

Find out more information here.

Edge Recruiting Agency

Find out more information here.


Find out more information here.

PG Consulting Limited

Find out more information here.

Proten International

Find out more information here.

How Do I Send My CV To A Recruitment Agency?

In order to email a CV, do the following:

  • Identify the recipient’s business email address and enter it.

  • In the subject line of your email, state why you are sending your CV.

  • In the email, greet the person by name, introduce yourself, and explain why you are giving them your CV.

  • Leave a courteous closing and include your full name.

Do Recruitment Agencies Help You Find A Job?

Recruitment firms meet a particular demand. Employers need the proper applicants for their open positions, but they sometimes lack the time to go out and discover these candidates themselves.

They delegate this to recruit companies so that the company can focus more of its time on conducting interviews with candidates.

What Does A Recruiter Look For In A CV?

The appropriate kind of experience will be looked for on your CV.

Whether you spent six months in one position or four years in another, make sure your experience sounds consistent and applicable to the position you’re looking for.

Be precise about your specific contribution to any high-profile project and where you brought value.

Is it good to get a job through a recruiter?

You can benefit from their skills when you engage qualified recruiters to assist you in finding employment.

They can help you with this to enhance your cover letter, resume, and interview techniques, which will increase your chances of getting the job you want.

You can get advice from these experts on how to create a great first impression.

What Are The 2 Main Types Of Recruitment?

When you look for people to fill a position using your current staff, this is known as internal recruitment.

When you seek out individuals you have never met previously outside of your organization, this is known as external recruitment.

Which Is Better HR Or the Recruiter?

Recruiters are in charge of verification, while HR executives handle training and development.

Before employees begin doing direct work for the company, human resource management is mostly in charge of training them.

How Do You Say You Have No Experience But Willing To Learn?

Try something like this in your own words: “I am interested in an entry-level position.

I’m seeking an opportunity that will allow me to establish a strong professional foundation because I am aware that I still have a lot to learn.

What Do I Put On A Job Application If I Have No Experience?

Write about your experiences from school (such as pertinent courses or academic achievements), volunteering, internships, or extracurricular activities because you’re new to the employment market.

Always make an effort to relate your experiences to the business and explain how you might aid it in achieving its objectives.

Do Recruitment Agencies Help With CVs?

Recruitment firms frequently fill vacancies without advertising since they have a large database of excellent candidates in their “talent community.” Registering your CV with a few reputable agencies will allow them to keep your information on file in case a position in your field becomes available.

How Do You Introduce Yourself To A Recruitment Agency?

Let them know who you are, why you are writing to them, how you obtained their contact information, and what you are interested in about the position before concluding with a question or statement. I

nclude any common connections or referrals you may have in the body as well.

Which Are The First 3 Steps Of the Recruitment Process?

Three unique steps generally make up recruitment.

The preparation before to publishing an advertisement for the open position, the selection procedure, and finally selecting the ideal individual.

Is It Good To Be Hired By A Recruiter?

Working with a recruiter can help you move your job hunt forward. But keep in mind that it’s only one option.

So, take the experience at face value: They could be able to assist you in finding your next job, which would be a win for everyone.

Why Should We Hire You?

This inquiry can be answered well with, Sir, I’ve been developing a lot of technical and personal skills these past years.

And if I have the chance to work here, I can use these abilities to advance both my career and the company.

I have no doubt that the business will improve in the upcoming years. I appreciate having this chance to introduce myself.

Can You Fail An Interview And Still Get The Job?

If you’re lucky, they might overlook any mistake you made during the interview, no matter how minor, and still offer you the job.

Of course, this is most likely to occur even if your interview wasn’t great because you have the necessary skills and expertise for the position.

What Should I Not Tell My Recruiter?

If you have a weak point or blemish on your CV, such as the fact that you left previous employment under difficult circumstances, keep it a secret from the recruiter.

Don’t start to think that the recruiter is your new best friend; instead, tell your best buddy anything you want. The recruiter has a financial stake in your employment.

How Can I Introduce Myself During the Interview?

Take the time to introduce yourself even though you have an appointment so the interviewer will know who you are.

Make eye contact, smile, and express your excitement at meeting the interviewer.

Why Is No One Hiring Me?

The most obvious reason you might not be recruited is if you don’t have enough relevant experience.

It makes sense that you aren’t getting hired if you are applying for positions that require a specific degree of experience but don’t meet those requirements.

What Makes A CV Rejected?

Incorrect dates, when you list your jobs, you must make sure that the start and end dates are accurate; typically, specifying the month and year will be adequate.

Without this information, the recruiter will just assume that you are trying to conceal anything and will reject your CV.

What Colors Are Best To Wear For An Interview?

The ideal colors for a job interview are those that are neutral like navy, gray, black, and brown.

Another great option for a blouse or button-down shirt is white. A pop of color can definitely be added to a monochromatic interview dress.

Is It Ok To Bring Notes To the Interview?

If the notes include the inquiries you intend to make of your interviewer, you may bring them with you.

You may also include inquiries about the business that your study left open-ended.

What Documents Do I Need To Bring To A Recruiter?

You’ll receive a list of the necessary documents from your recruiter.

Government identification documents such as a driver’s license, social security card, high school diploma, birth certificate, college transcripts, and others may be included.

What to Say When You First Call a Recruiter?

Inquiring about the hiring procedure can help you prepare for the possibility that they might contact you in the future.

For instance, “Hello! I’m calling because I applied for the Customer Service position and sent in my CV. Can you tell me a little more about your hiring procedure and business?

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