Recruitment Agencies in Poland for Foreigners

7 Best Recruitment Agencies in Poland for Foreigners

It is simple to get employment in Poland through a recruiting agency, and this article includes a list of the best recruitment agencies in Poland for foreigners and the benefits of working in Poland.

International job seekers frequently apply for positions through recruiting firms in Poland for foreigners as one of their options when looking for employment in Europe.

How can I find a job in Poland? This is a common question asked by most immigrants who wish to settle in Poland. Does Poland hire workers from abroad? How might a foreigner find employment in Poland?

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Poland has seen a rise in job seekers over the years. Foreigners are also among these job seekers. Poland has demonstrated that it can provide businesses with all they need to flourish and has grown into a desirable option for skilled international workers and other job seekers.

Benefits of Working in Poland

An individual would clearly consider the benefits he would receive as a worker while considering moving abroad to work in another nation. These are the work benefits to be aware of if you’re considering taking a job in Poland abroad.

  • Parental, paternal, and maternity leaves

Six weeks before giving birth, women can begin taking advantage of their 20 weeks of paid maternity leave. Regardless of how long they have worked for their present employer, women can take maternity leave. There is a two-week maximum for paternity leave.

In addition, either parent may take advantage of the 32 weeks of parental leave that are theirs to take.

  • Sick leave and pay

You should receive at least 80% of your typical income for the first 33 days of sick leave in a year (14 days for those aged 50 or older). This cost will be met by your employer. The social security system then pays the employee a sickness payment at the same rate of 80% for each day of absence, or 100% in some circumstances.

  • Life insurance

If provided by your employer, it’s a well-liked benefit that guarantees a life insurance plan for a specific period of time. When choosing, please be cautious to verify the time frame it covers. It can continue when your employment with the company ends, and then you might have to make the entire contribution payments on your own.

  • Social security benefits

You must pay into the local social security system while working in Poland. The nation’s social security program provides insurance for illness, disability, old age, and accidents. Your contribution entitles you to the same advantages as Polish citizens.

Beneficiaries in Poland receive healthcare through the Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia, a publicly supported healthcare system. All employees and their families are entitled to get public healthcare for free.

In addition, private healthcare is quite well-liked in this country, and the majority of firms provide private health insurance to international employees and their families.

Every employer typically works with a selected private health care provider to create a plan for its employees. From the most basic to those that cover specialty healthcare, you can pick from a number of company-sponsored plans, and you can typically insure your spouse and children as well.

  • Leave of Absence

Each year, employees are entitled to 20 or 26 paid vacation days. Employees with less than ten years of service (for one or more employers) are entitled to twenty days of leave, whereas those with ten years or more of service are entitled to twenty-six days. Employees who are hired for the first time accrue 1/12 of their yearly leave time for each month worked.

Best Recruitment Agencies in Poland for Foreigners

Below are some of the best recruitment agencies in Poland for foreigners. You can follow the link to register your profile with them, so they can match you with the best jobs.


The traditional hiring process has been reimagined by Jobian and strengthened using contemporary tools. The Jobian platform now makes their full international hiring process open online. Additionally, their system is built to deliver the greatest openings precisely for the wants and wishes of each client.

Jobian is a group of skilled recruiters, IT experts, managers, attorneys, and call center staff. They collaborate with dependable partners to offer high-quality, secure, and reasonably priced services in the areas of employment, immigration assistance, legal assistance, banking operations, insurance, and assistance with resolving day-to-day difficulties associated with living abroad. Their priorities are legal, safe, and cost-free employment abroad. Find more information here.


A global provider of entire workforce solutions, AMS was established in 1996. By creating, reshaping, and maximizing workforces, they help enterprises thrive in a time of perpetual change.

They achieve this by providing talent and technology advice services, internal mobility and skill development, and contingent labor management. 

Again, their 6500+ professionals provide their solutions. Their ultimate goal is to assist clients all around the world, including more than 100 blue-chip corporations, with building flexible, resilient, varied, and distinctive workforces. Find more information here.

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APS Profit Polska

In several industrial and production areas, APS Profit Polska handles temporary personnel leasing and one-time recruitment for job placement. They seek employees with the appropriate set of competences and skills, including those in other industries, by carefully analyzing the demands of the firm.

They are a group ready to take on any hiring task. APS Profit Polska has been successful in hiring the greatest specialists as well as executive-level managers and management personnel. They employed 2,325 temporary workers for user firms in 2019 just through employee leasing, in addition to offering payroll and HR services. Find more information here.

Atoz Serwis

One of the international Poland employment agencies that hires foreign workers is Atoz Serwis. They are concentrated on providing a solution for recruiters of foreign workers, businesses, and students. They also offer permanent residence, work visas, business visas, education processes, and IT solutions. Find more information here.


IT & Technical Recruitments and Outsourcing is provided by Optiveum. Their boutique IT recruitment and outsourcing consultancy supports local and international clients with resources from Poland and other Central European nations thanks to their 20 years of worldwide expertise working with multinational HR & Outsourcing firms. Find more information here.

Orus Outsourcing

Parts of the production and logistics processes are outsourced by Orus. Since 2012, they have begun doing business internationally. Furthermore, they are a part of the HRBC Group, which unites consulting, hiring, and outsourcing businesses. 

They are able to guarantee the best caliber of services as a result, ensuring their clients’ ongoing happiness through collaboration and observable outcomes. They work in the food, agriculture, construction, and service industries. Find more information here.


AKCJA Job is a Polish company that handles foreign hiring. Their services include hiring temporary staff, hiring full-time staff at all levels of the organizational structure, consulting on competence management, and providing training on career management and competence development.

In addition, AKCJA Job provides recruitment services to all Polish and international businesses. They are experts in hiring both lone workers and entire teams of specialists from other professions dedicated to carrying out more challenging assignments. Find more information here.

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