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11 Top Teaching Recruitment Agencies in UAE: Requirements

Are you in search of teaching recruitment agencies in UAE?

This article provides you with the best recruitment agencies, as well as detailed information about each agency. 

The United Arab Emirates has evolved from a “no man’s land” to a significant global city and as such there is a high demand for qualified teachers. Additionally,it has been one of the most famous tourist sites and it is known for its dazzling modern structures.

Additionally, Dubai, a city in UAE is a paradise for cosmopolitan students and teachers at large. Teaching in Dubai is a great opportunity for you to enjoy a good salary and seek other opportunities open to you. 

Therefore, in this post, we’ll walk you through the various teaching recruitment agencies as well as the qualifications that can influence your earning in the UAE.

Are Teachers Required in the UAE? 

There are lots of teaching opportunities in the United Arab Emirates mostly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Most of the teaching jobs are for teachers in all subject areas both in private and public schools

It’s no surprise that the UAE has become one of the most famous places for people who want to teach in another country.

One of the huge benefits of teaching in the UAE is that the school pays very well plus other good things like health insurance and good places to live.

What Is The Average Salary Of Teachers in The UAE?

In Dubai and the UAE, salaries for teachers typically vary from $35,000 to $55,000 USD per year, with administrators earning significantly more. 

However, it’s important to note that the salary depends on their experience, the certificate presented, and the school you apply to. 

Additionally, a lot of schools come with agreements stating the length in which the teacher will stay, it could be 2-3 years in length or more.

The agreements can cover some of your expenses, which can be as follows; 

  • Accommodation: Schools in which teachers are accepted always provide accommodation for them.

  • Flight tickets are covered during the holiday especially when you’re flying out to visit a loved one. If a public school employs, the government pays for any trip you go for during the school holiday.

  •  Health insurance: Your health expenses are covered by your employer.

However, most times, due to the agreements and provisions covered by the school, teachers tend to save their salaries to send home to their loved ones during their Stay in the UAE. 

Salaries paid to teachers depend on the field you’re working in. It can be at a language school, vocational school/college, private international school, or public school. 

Qualifications That Can Influence Your Earnings In The UAE

  • Bachelor’s Degree

This is one of the qualifications for teachers in the UAE. Furthermore, if you want to work as a teacher at a private institution, you must have a degree in the field you intend to teach. 

With the appropriate degree, recent graduates in teaching can anticipate a starting salary of at least 9,000 AED plus housing.

  • TEFL/TESOL Certification 

Since the majority of institutions in the UAE prefer to hire teachers with government-issued teaching licenses and/or education degrees, this credential is often not a necessity. 

However, if you have never taught ESL kids, attending a good TEFL course will teach you how to interact with your students more effectively.

The level of experience varies depending on the emirate. Others can hire young graduates while some require two years of post-graduate experience.

  • Teaching License Or A Degree In Education

In the UAE, there are endless possibilities if you hold a teaching license or a degree in education. Salary ranges normally start at 10,000 AED and can reach 20,000 AED or more per month.

  • Post-graduate degree

You will undoubtedly stand out on the job market in the UAE with an M.Ed or PGCE. Expect to be paid more and have greater career progression chances.

How do I Get A Teaching Job in The UAE?

Recruitment agencies are the most effective and secure method of finding employment in the UAE. They constantly engage with schools to find teachers and learn how they can help. 

Additionally, you must apply to these agencies in order to be placed in a school; there will be a screening and review procedure. 

Best Teaching Recruitment Agencies in UAE?

A federation of seven emirates makes up the United Arab Emirates. These Emirates include: Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi.

The first four emirates are well-liked locations for academic travel. Most of the time, teaching in any of these four Emirates is incredibly thrilling and difficult. 

Nevertheless, they provide you with the best work-life balance.

Below are the best teaching recruitment agencies in the UAE.

  • Michael Page
  • International Teacher Plus
  • The Adecco Group
  • Gulf Education 
  • Decision Management Consultant
  • Agile Consultant
  • ANOC Management Consultants
  • BAC Middle East 
  • Agile Consultant
  • Charterhouse Consultancy
  • Cooper Fitch

Michael Page

A global teaching recruitment agency, Michael Page has offices in many different countries. 

Additionally, they have access to a sizable database of applicants, making it simpler for various individuals to apply through them.

 Al Khatem, Abu Dhabi, and the United Arab Emirates are the three locations of the agency in Dubai. 

Visit Website: Here

Email Address: clientmiddleeast@michaelpage.ae

Address: Office No.202, Al Fattan Currency House Tower -1, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

International Teacher Plus

Finding teaching employment in Dubai is made easier by the international teacher plus recruitment agency.  Are you a teacher?

Your best teaching prospects with reputed institutions in the Middle East and Asia are their top priority.

They have almost 20 years of real-world expertise in international hiring.

Visit Website: Here

Phone Number: +1-613-592-5858

Email address:


The Adecco Group

The Adecco Group is the leading provider of human resources globally and an international recruitment agency.

Visit Website: Here

Address: Adecco middle east HQ- Dubai, marina plaza, Dubai marina road, office 1206, Dubai, UAE

Address 02: Adecco Abu Dhabi branch, Addax tower, 5711 office, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Email address: adeccoae.info@adecco.com

Gulf Education

Gulf Education is a small, student-focused business that specializes in teacher recruiting, professional development for teachers, and the design and outfitting of contemporary learning environments for children.

Their team is made up of educators, project managers, designers, consultants, and school administrators who have all worked in the field of education before. They are all motivated by the same goal: to provide learning environments that are focused on the needs of individual students and are stimulating and inspiring.

Visit Website: Here

Phone Number:+971 2 886 4877

Address: Najda St- Al Danah-zone 1- Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Decision Management Consultant

Since its establishment in 1990, this firm has assisted in the recruitment of several teachers for Dubai. 

They also believe that each client is a distinct corporate entity that requires qualified assistance and cutting-edge management solutions. 

Visit Website: HERE

Phone number: +97142624023

Address: Hamid bin Soughat Building, opp, Crown Plaza, 601 Salahuddin Road, Deira, Dubai, UAE

Email address: info@dmcdubai.com

Agile Consultants

They have a reputation as a talent solutions business that places a strong emphasis on maximizing each person’s potential.

Visit the website: Here

Address: Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE

Phone number: +97145801837

Email address: info@agileconsultants.ae

ANOC Management Consultants

This ground-breaking worldwide career development firm takes pleasure in helping local firms employ qualified personnel from abroad. 

Their main objective is to add value for companies and develop long-lasting careers for outstanding people. 

Visit website: HERE

Phone number: +97144449599

Address: Boulevard Plaza, Tower 1- Downtown Dubai, UAE

Email address: info@anoc.ae

BAC Middle East

 They can help you with all of your hiring demands and procedures because they are the most experienced, reputable international recruitment agency in Dubai. 

Visit Website: HERE

Address: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Boulevard, Downtown, Dubai, UAE

Phone number: +97144018970, +971585934993

Email address: recruit@bacme.com, submit@bacme.com

Charterhouse Consultancy

An internationally recognized recruitment firm, Charterhouse Consultancy, was established in Dubai in 2004. In Dubai, they stand for the positions that are most in demand. 

In addition, this employment firm helps professionals in Dubai advance in their careers, and you can get in touch with them using the details below.

Visit website: HERE

Address: Maze Tower, suite 903, sheikh Zayed road, Dubai, UAE

Phone number: +97143723500

Cooper Fitch

Cooper Fitch is dedicated to helping clients and job seekers succeed. 

Additionally, they guarantee top-notch service to each client and application, luring the best talent to the job markets for applicants. Use the details listed below to get in touch with them.

Visit website: HERE

Phone number: +97143522506

Address: JBC 1, 15th floor, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE

Email address: talktous@cooperfitch.ae

Alliance Recruitment Agency

Due to its successful placement of all foreign workers in Dubai, Alliance Recruitment Agency has been able to establish itself as a global organization. 

They work to close the gap between them in order to find a win-win solution for all sides. They are also aware of the needs of both the companies and the candidates. 

Visit website: https://www.alliancerecruitmentagency.com/recruitment-agency-dubai/

Address: Al Seef, Marina, Dubai, UAE

Phone number: +971523090313

Email address: pallavi@allianceinternational.co.in

The Educational Programs Adopted In The UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, there are many distinct kinds of schools that follow a wide range of various curricula. 

It’s crucial to have a basic understanding of each curriculum so you may select the one with which you feel most at ease and look for teaching positions abroad in accordance with your preferences. 

Even if you don’t have a preference, it can be useful to know what curricula you can encounter while working as a teacher abroad. IB, US/AP, local, and the National Curriculum for England are some of the curricula that are most frequently taught in the UAE.

Why consider teaching in the UAE?

The UAE has a robust and attractive market for teaching jobs. This indicates that there are a wide variety of teaching positions available, and you can save a sizable sum of money while seeing a new nation and culture.

Additionally, there isn’t much of a language barrier because English is the preferred business language and the UAE is a hub for international commerce.

Since the UAE is a very popular teaching location for foreigners, there is a vibrant expat community there. As a result, you will meet people from all over the world.


What Kinds of Schools Are There in the UAE?

In the UAE, there are many opportunities for teachers to teach. You can work as a teacher in any kind of institution, including colleges, public schools, foreign schools, preschools, and kindergartens. 

Additionally, you’d have a wide range of alternatives in the UAE, regardless of the type of school you have teaching experience in or the type of school you wish to start working at. The following are the types of schools that can be found in the UAE.

  • Preschools/kindergartens
  • International schools
  • Public schools
  • Universities

There are many different teaching roles open in the UAE?

Teaching posts will be available in the mainstream (K–12) public or private schools in the UAE. For all courses, including math, history, physics, English, and more, foreign instructors are required.

 Additionally, you might collaborate with university-level as well as K–12 students.

Does the UAE have a large foreign population?

Totally!  The UAE has one of the greatest ratios of foreigners to natives in the entire globe.

Foreigners make up between 25 and 35 percent of the teaching personnel in the public school system. More than 70% of the population is an expatriate, which is another factor.


There are teaching positions available in the UAE, where there is a significant need for high-quality international education. 

Although you can anticipate a greater cost of living in such places, many teachers will wish to reside in the affluent metropolises of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Consider less well-known places like Ras Al Khaimah or Al Ain if saving money and avoiding traffic are important to you. Despite the much cheaper cost of living, the salary is still competitive.

Hope you found this article helpful.

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