Top 10 Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies in the World

If you are looking for the top 10 oil and gas recruitment agencies, then you are on the right page.

Before receiving any prospective payment from a customer, recruiters spend the majority of their time working.

There won’t be any expenses for the work done if no candidate is hired. There is no fee to be paid if a recruitment firm is unable to successfully help your business.

As a result, you can be sure that our services, resources, and expertise are directed at finding you the ideal candidates to help with your ambitions for business growth—people who are working for you because it’s their dream job.

7 Reasons You Should Use a Recruitment Agency

We all understand that a recruiting agency’s primary goal is to assist both employers and job seekers in locating the ideal candidate for open positions. Sadly, few people are aware of all the additional advantages of employing a recruitment agency.

Did you realize that working with specialized recruiters may be quite advantageous for hiring managers as well as your entire business? Here are a few benefits you can get from using a recruitment agency’s professional advice and services.

They Are Competent In Their Field.

Working with a recruitment agency has several benefits, but the main one is that this is what they do!

To increase the number of applications, they create interesting job adverts. To identify the best prospects early in the employment process, they rapidly and efficiently screen applicants. But more importantly, their crew works nonstop to fulfill your employment requirements. Their major objective is to identify outstanding individuals whose ideal position is working for your company.

Expanded Range

Not all of the top applicants are actively seeking employment. These individuals are referred described as “passive talent” by a recruitment agency, and they are harder to discover.

Another advantage of dealing with a recruitment firm is that there is a good chance that the recruiters are aware of who those individuals are, how to get in touch with them, and more crucially, how to motivate them to take action.

Understanding of the Market

The greatest recruiters learn a lot about the industry they work in through their talks with prospects and clients. They frequently have insightful information and wise counsel to share with you. This is one of the most important aspects of their job.

Using a recruiting agency gives you access to their knowledge about compensation rates, skill sets that are accessible, expectations for career growth, contract support, current hiring challenges, and even market trends in your industry that you might not otherwise be aware of.

Put The Client’s Needs First

A recruiter spends most of their time working before they might possibly get paid by the customer. If no candidate is hired, there won’t be any costs associated with the task. There is no fee to be paid if a recruitment firm is unable to successfully help your business.

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This makes sure that all services, resources, and experience are directed towards giving you the greatest prospects to support your business growth plans—those for whom working for you is their ideal employment.

Knowledge of Recruiting Specialists

Your internal recruiters may need to conduct difficult interviews for a variety of positions they are not particularly familiar with as your company expands and develops.

Staff members at agencies specialize in hiring for a certain industry or vertical. They frequently have a more in-depth understanding of technological professions and the abilities required for them as a result.

Additionally, they are qualified to identify transferrable abilities relevant to your job vacancy that others in your organization might overlook.

The construction, energy, renewable energy, architecture, civil engineering, technology, and infrastructure industries are all served by teams of recruiters from different recruitment companies. Their breadth of knowledge and skill makes completing your most recent tasks a breeze.

Best Candidates

Utilizing a recruitment agency improves your chances of meeting with excellent applicants that have the necessary skill and industry knowledge. They have access to a sizable talent pool of reference-checked, pre-screened applicants. This implies that you will only meet with applicants who have undergone a thorough evaluation and interview.

As a recruiting firm, they work with candidates every day and are professionals at selecting, speaking with, and evaluating individuals for positions across different industries. Additionally, they can offer consulting and recruitment support services to firms, offering expert guidance and help to make sure your interview process runs properly.

They are able to make a fantastic match by understanding the demands of their candidates as well as their requirements through best-practice methodologies.

Quicker Hiring

The time it takes to fill your available positions will be reduced if you work with a recruitment firm. Compared to you, a recruitment firm can locate applicants far more quickly.

Their specialized recruiters use the most recent technology and business intelligence to find your dream candidates in half the time thanks to a sizable talent pool in their database, a network of connections to draw on, and access to expensive systems that help them locate people with those difficult-to-find skills you’re looking for.

Additionally, this means that the recruitment agency will only send prospects for your assessment who meet your standards and executive search criteria. All of this expedites the hiring process for you!

Top 10 Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies

Excellent earning potential, travel possibilities and career advancement are all provided by the oil and gas sector.

The oil and gas sector offers options to work in the region or nation of your choice because it is one of the most globally diversified energy industries. Below is a list of the top 10 oil and gas recruitment agencies.

Petroplan Recruitment South Africa

Location: Africa

In terms of graduate employment, the energy industry has historically been at the top. Energy businesses are more than ever seeking young talent to lead the transition to a more sustainable future as the switch to renewable energy picks up speed.

The services of this are improved by the knowledge of the sector and discipline-focused teams, who comprehend and forecast the specific sector, project, and commercial issues, and are adapted to specific customer and regional requirements.

Find out more information here.

CA Oil & Gas South Africa

Location: Africa

A part of CA Global Headhunters Pty. is CA Oil & Gas (Ltd). They specialize in contractor services and oil and gas recruitment for the African and global markets, with their head office located in Cape Town, South Africa.

They concentrate on placing foreigners, African locals, and diaspora workers across all disciplines in the industry’s upstream and downstream operations. For both onshore and offshore projects, they supply qualified candidates for oil and gas positions across Africa, Eurasia, the Americas, and the Middle East.

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Find out more information here.

The Green Recruitment Company

Location: Europe

The Green Recruitment Company is a leading global provider of recruitment solutions for the green technology and energy industries. They have locations on four continents and have assisted their clients in hiring people in more than 50 different nations.

Find out more information here.

Euro Petroleum Consultants

Location: Europe

Engineering and technical recruitment experts EPC Recruitment Solutions have more than 20 years of experience effectively placing top talent for contract, temporary, and permanent positions all around the world.

Euro Petroleum Consultants provides clients with priceless recruitment support because of its considerable industry expertise, experience, and wide global network of contacts.

Find out more information here.

Trust Recruit – Singapore Recruitment Agency

Location: Asia

Singapore’s top relationship-based human resource and recruitment company is called Trust Recruit.

They offer individualized workforce solutions for their corporate clients, which include multinational organizations, the public sector, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as other businesses, and they have more than 20 years of combined consulting expertise.

Find out more information here.

Agensi Pekerjaan Asia Recruit Sdn. Bhd.

Location: Asia

Asia Recruit has a focus on engineering, information technology (IT), sales & marketing, customer service, finance & accounting, HR & Administration, top management, and corporate strategy.

Clients range from small to large multinational organizations from a variety of industries, including oil & gas, technology, banking & finance, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and call centers.

Find out more information here.

Petro Staff International

Location: North America

Jobs on Earth Inc. is a Canadian business that goes by the trade name Petro Staff International, with its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.

In the North American and South American markets, they are perfectly situated for locating and hiring elite talent. They offer a distinctive experience in hiring, placing, and consulting for the oil and gas industry.

To find out more information visit:

CSI Recruiting

Location: North America

CSI Recruiting has been specializing in hiring and placing personnel for the upstream (exploration and production) sector of the oil and gas industry for 22 years.

Contact them right now to put their knowledge and network to work for you if you need technical talent to supplement your E&P personnel or if you are a seasoned professional in petroleum engineering, geosciences, or land.

Find out more information here.


Location: South America

One of Airswift’s key resource delivery centers, which offers 24/7 volume recruitment, ex-pat recruitment, and expansion of emerging markets, is located in Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro, Airswift has local recruitment teams that are experts at spotting and nurturing local talent.

Find out more information here.

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Strategic Recruitment Solutions Inc.

Location: South America

SRS is here to support and counsel you at every stage of the process, whether you’re looking to hire or are looking for your next career opportunity.

Their knowledgeable recruiting consultants will introduce you to a variety of top-performing blue-chip organizations and SME’s as well as the best applicants available in the market.

Find out more information here.

Who Is The Biggest Recruitment Agency In The World?

Randstad, a Dutch company based in Diemen, is often considered as the best recruitment firm on the planet. They have more than 4,800 offices in 60 different countries and employ tens of thousands of people every day.

Which Industries Use Recruitment Agencies the Most?

  • Logistics: To fill employment openings, many logistics organizations turn to temporary staffing firms.

  • Manufacturing: With the utilization of robotics and other technological advancements, the manufacturing sector is still expanding healthily.

  • Horticulture.

  • Recycling.

What Is The Hardest Industry To Recruit For?

According to research, the roles that are the most difficult to fill are those for computer workers, medical experts, salespeople, and product/project managers.

How Much Should You Pay A Recruitment Agency?

When hiring higher-paid employees, recruiting services may demand hefty fees. A recruitment agency will typically charge between 10 and 30 percent of the base annual compensation.

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Is It Worth Using A Recruitment Agency?

Employment agencies are experts in their sector and can also help match you with job openings. Their connections and demonstrated expertise in the field put them in a terrific position to assist you in getting an interview for the ideal position.

Do Recruitment Agencies Charge Candidates?

You cannot be charged by recruitment companies for finding or attempting to find you employment. You may be required to pay for certain services, such as drafting a CV, training, or transport. If you give notice, you are allowed to cancel these.

What Is A Recruitment Fee?

Recruitment fees are the expenses related to using outside agencies to find candidates for jobs. These differ according on the kind of contract, the position that needs to be filled, and the agency.

Do You Get Paid Less If You Use A Recruiter?

Recruiters don’t take a percentage of your pay. However, if the employer and the staffing agency have a contingency agreement in place, the recruiter is paid a percentage of her first year’s salary by the company.

Why Are Recruitment Fees So High?

The percentage they charge typically rises when several recruitment agencies are involved in the hiring process because the risk is larger. Whether or not they are successful in hiring a candidate, fixed-cost recruitment companies and job advertising agencies will charge a set price.

Which Company Hires Most Freshers?

The most promising industries from a fresher’s point of view are information and technology, e-commerce and technology start-ups, and telecommunications, with 65%, 48%, and 47% of employers expressing an interest to hire, respectively.

Do Big Companies Use Recruiters?

The best candidates are not actively hunting for work or devoting much time to browsing internet job listings. Instead, job recruiters frequently get in touch with them personally to discuss openings. As a result, recruiting agencies create a sizable pool of exceptional individuals to present to businesses.

Do Recruiters Actually Help You Get A Job?

A recruiter will provide you with honest criticism of your drafts, pointers on how to highlight your abilities and accomplishments, and guidance on how to modify your resume to fit the jobs you are applying for.

The recruiter can also assist you if you have a portfolio to present. Helping you find employment is the job of the job recruiter.

Do Recruiters Try To Get You The Most Money?

They are not attempting to optimize your pay or find you the best position for your career. They are working as swiftly as they can to find any buyer for your experience and skill set.

It is in your best advantage to apply for a number of jobs, receive multiple offers, and negotiate each one before selecting the position that is the best fit for you.

Is it OK to ask a recruiter about salary?

Before applying for a position, you can undoubtedly ask a recruiter what the salary range is. You are actually saving time for the hiring team, the recruiters, and yourself by asking this question.

Can Negotiating Salary Backfire?

An important aspect of accepting a new job is negotiating pay, but getting this step wrong might cost a candidate the position. Additionally, even if the consequences aren’t quite as severe, the conclusion of salary talks might hurt an employee’s capacity for professional success.

Can I Work For 2 Agencies?

You are free to register with as many recruiters as you choose as a candidate, and since their services are offered at no cost to you, why not? Of course, there are advantages to submitting your CV to more than one employment agency as opposed to just one. 

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