Top 10 Solar Companies in Dubai

Top 10 Solar Companies in Dubai: Products & Details

Are you in the beautiful place of Dubai and searching for Top solar Companies for your residence or Company? 

Are you ready to; Reduce your carbon emissions, Cut expenses, and Enhance your dependability? Opt for one of these top 10 Solar Companies in Dubai in this article. 

Dubai, a global hub for innovation and sustainable development, has been at the forefront of embracing renewable energy solutions. 

With an unwavering commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting clean energy sources, the city has witnessed the rise of numerous solar companies that are shaping the region’s energy landscape. 

Solar energy generation has shown up as a rapidly expanding renewable electricity source. 

With an increasing number of enterprises in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region recognizing the advantages of solar energy, there has been a specific requirement for streamlined solar solutions.

How Does Solar Power Work? 

Solar panels transform sunlight into usable solar energy, which is then converted into electrical power. 

The methods of generating electricity from solar energy can be either through photovoltaic systems or solar thermal systems.

The utilization of solar energy for everyday needs is swiftly increasing in recent times. There are various factors contributing to this. 

Given the universal presence of sunlight, harnessing solar energy is conveniently possible, and this has led to the global adoption of solar systems. 

Gulf nations, including the UAE, are extensively leveraging sunlight and wind as primary energy sources across diverse ranges. 

In recent times, solar power has emerged as an exceptionally viable energy source, witnessing general adoption. 

Notably, the use of solar power curtails the emission of harmful gases, thereby mitigating significant climatic shifts, while also eliminating power generation emissions, giving an an extra advantage. 

The Top 10 Solar Companies in Dubai

In Dubai, numerous solar suppliers and distributors offer solar products and systems. However, when it comes to reputable services, the options are narrowed down to these top 10 solar companies and extras listed here. 

  • FSOLAR – Formost Solar Energy & Equipment Echo Solar 
  • Powernsun – Solar Components Distributors
  • Enerwhere Sustainable Energy DMCC 
  • Clean Max
  • Sunwegy Solar
  • Discover Energy General Trading L.L.C 
  • Yellow Door Energy
  • Al Shirawi Sola
  • Sharaf DG Energy 
  • Beacon Energy UAE 


Formost Solar Energy (FSolar) is a leading Solar company in the UAE. Over a decade this company has been a major Solar system supplier in the Emirates supplying and installing Off-grid solar systems all over the UAE. 

FSOLAR as a solar energy solutions provider offers a range of services from design to installation. They focus on delivering reliable and efficient solar solutions for residential and commercial clients.

They also offer Solar System Integrators and suppliers for a range of solar products & LED Products. 


  • Solar Panels 
  • Solar Batteries 
  • Solar Inverters

Contact info:

Visit the Website: 

Phone: +971 565714701


Address: Mussafah 11 Industrial, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Echo Solar 

Echo Solar is a leading solar energy solutions provider, specializing in high-efficiency PV module manufacturing and solar EPC solutions.

Echo Solar is known for its solar power and energy storage solutions. They work on projects spanning residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

ECHO SOLAR is committed to its quality, creating immense value for its customers by providing innovative solar solutions, on-time delivery & service support after sales.

Products and Services 

  • Solar EPC 
  • KW Roof Top Solutions 
  • EPC Mega–Watt Grid Projects 
  • Solar Modules 
  • Solar Street Lighting System 
  • Solar Powered Telecom 
  • Solar Inverters 
  • Batteries 
  • Bi-Facial Solar Modules 
  • Smart Monitoring System 
  • Solar Carports 
  • EV Charging Stations 
  • Solar Powered Irrigation 
  • Operations and Maintenance 

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:

Phone: 0800123456


Address: DIP 1, Community 598-1212, Street 55, #5Dubai, UAE, P.O. Box: 454429

Powernsun – Solar Components Distributors

Powernsun Group specializes in selling solar components in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. They cater to residential, industrial, and commercial sectors as a one-stop solar shop.

They offer proven components of high quality – solar modules, photovoltaic inverters, storage systems, construction elements, Solar cables, Portable power stations, and other solar equipment

Services range from PnS One, Solar Installer Training Program, Engineering, Procurement & Project Management[EPPM]

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:

Phone: +971 4 3686393


Address: Suite 3510, Burlington Tower, Marasi Drive Business Bay, Dubai, UAE (Headquarters)

Enerwhere Sustainable Energy DMCC 

Enerwhere provides distributed solar energy solutions for off-grid and on-grid applications. They focus on solar rental systems and hybrid solutions.

Enerwhere as a leader in the distribution of solar utility in the Middle East and Africa combines strong technical expertise to provide innovative and sustainable power solutions to commercial and industrial customers. 

Enerwhere offers Solar-Hybrid solutions that are reliable, transportable, and available on a temporary/rental basis.


  • Hybrid / Micro-Grid Solutions 
  • Data Analytics & Monitoring
  • Energy Storage & Power Quality

Contact Info: 

Visit the Web site:

Phone: +971 (0) 4 396 9765


Address: Al Quoz P.O. Box 337663 Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Clean Max

Clean Max is a renewable energy company that provides solar power solutions for industries and commercial establishments. They focus on power purchase agreements and rooftop solar systems.

CleanMax is a leading supplier of solar power to commercial, industrial, governmental, and educational clients. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Mumbai, CleanMax has been in the UAE since 2017.

They provide cutting-edge solutions and expertise across various industries & sectors committed to promoting and delivering sustainable energy services at a world-class level.

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:

Phone: +971 4347 7080

Address: CleanMax, 404, Al Maktab Building, Al Barsha 1, Dubai.

Sunergy Solar 

Sunergy Solar LLC is a solar energy company based in Dubai, UAE, founded by highly experienced professionals in the field of solar.

It is one of the leading companies in Dubai specializing in supplying solar products to more than 40 countries around the world.

Sunergy Solar offers solar power solutions, including rooftop solar systems and energy-efficient products. They aim to promote sustainable energy consumption.

Solar Products and Services: 

  • EPC – Engineering, Procurement & Construction
  • O & M – Operation & Maintenance 
  • Inverters
  • SD – Solar Distributor
  • Solar Panels 
  • Water Pump 
  • Batteries 

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:

Phone: Tel: +971 4 221 7518 / +971 4 332 9118 


Address: Dubai Investment Park 1 – CEO building Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Office G-01.

Discover Energy General Trading L.L.C: 

Discover Energy General Trading is involved in trading and distribution across various sectors. It’s recommended to check their website for specific solar-related offerings.

Disc9ver is based in UAE and specializes in dealing with hot and cold water systems and abortions for domestic and commercial buildings and water pools. 

They offer a wide range of services in Solar water heating, Electrical Water Heating and Cooling, Water and Filtration and Conditioning, Hot-Cold Water Circulation Pumps etc

Visit the Website: 

Phone: +971 432 35 376 


Address: Discover Energy General Trading LLC. PO Box 378151. Office 3, WH-5, Al Khabaisi. Behind Kangaroo Plastics, Dubai – UAE.

Yellow Door Energy

Yellow Door Energy is the leading sustainable energy partner for businesses, serving commercial and industrial customers in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and beyond. 

The company’s solar and energy efficiency solutions enable businesses to reduce energy costs, improve power reliability, and lower carbon emissions. 


  • Solar Lease 
  • Power Purchase Agreement 
  • BOOT
  • Energy Management 
  • LED & Equipment Retrofit
  • Hybrid System & Energy Storage

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:

Phone: +971 4 454 3033


Address: Suite 3107 JBC 1 Cluster G Jumeirah Lakes Towers Dubai, UAE.

Al Shirawi Solar

Al Shirawi Solar, is one of the leading solar panel suppliers in the UAE, providing unique solar solutions for both commercial and residential projects with comprehensive AMC included. 

Since its inception, they strive to offer a full spectrum of solutions to meet the needs of partners. 

Solar Services: 

  • Commercial Solar PV 
  • Residential Solar PV
  • Comprehensive AMC 
  • All-in-House Contracting 

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:

Phone: +971 4 282 1000 


Address: Airport Road, Al Shirawi Building PO Box 93, Dubai, UAE.

Sharaf DG Energy 

Established in 2017 by Sharaf Group, Sharaf DG Energy is one of the Best Solar Companies in UAE, Dubai. 

A leading energy developer with a portfolio of 150+ Commercial and industrial solar projects, 1000+ private solar-powered villas, and 1100+ energy retrofit projects.


  • Residential solar 
  • Commercial Solar 
  • Off-Grid Solar 
  • Lighting 

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:

Address: 34B Sheikh Rashid Road – Garhoud – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Other Top Solar Companies in Dubai

You can also check out these other solar companies in Dubai:

Beacon Energy UAE 

Beacon Energy works together with leading solar product manufacturers to offer the best products to valuable customers. 

Through excellent supply chain management, they strive to deliver the best solar energy products, including panels, inverters, cables, mounting structures, and batteries, to global consumers.

Solar Products: 

  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Batteries
  • Solar Cables
  • Allied Accessories

Contact Info: 

Visit the Website:

Phone: +971 4 8347 437M / +971 58 1261 682


Address:  Office 906, Al-Manara Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE.


Clenergise is a rooftop and ground mount solar PV specialist, globally experienced in solar panels and solar energy consultancy.

Clenergize provides expert consultancy services for small to large-scale solar energy power projects in the UAE and throughout the Middle East region.

Clenergize has a unique team of talents, delivering services on different aspects of energy and sustainability projects. 


  • Solar Energy Projects 
  • Energy Efficiency Projects 
  • Sustainability and ESG Projects

Contact Info:

Visit the Website:

Phone: +971 555 777 069


Address: A3, Dubai South, Business Park.


As Dubai continues to pioneer sustainable practices on a global scale, the presence of top-notch solar companies plays a pivotal role in achieving its ambitious renewable energy targets. 

The evolution of these companies showcases not only their dedication to harnessing the power of the sun but also their contribution to diversifying the energy mix, reducing carbon emissions, and ensuring a brighter future for generations to come. 

Through innovative solutions and groundbreaking projects, these top 10 solar companies in Dubai share a vision for a greener planet.

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