Top 10 Solar Companies in Perth

Top 10 Solar Companies in Perth & Their Services

Are you in search of Top Solar Companies in Perth? There has never been a better time to change to solar energy.

Read on, as we delve into Perth’s Top 10 solar companies in Perth and the roles they play in shaping a greener tomorrow.

Perth, a city graced with abundant sunshine and a forward-thinking approach to sustainability, stands top in innovation and renewable energy. 

With an unwavering commitment to harnessing the sun’s radiant potential, Solar companies in Perth have not only illuminated the cityscape but have also charted a course toward a more environmentally conscious future. 

As solar power takes on an increasingly essential role in our daily lives and serves as a foundation for our overall well-being, the demand for products and services to harness its potential remains steady

The energy landscape in Western Australia is undergoing transformation and growth. Escalating electricity costs have impacted numerous families and businesses in Perth in recent times, and this pattern is expected to persist. 

The installation of solar panels on residential or commercial properties has the potential to yield substantial long-term savings, amounting to thousands of dollars.

A well-designed solar power system enables energy storage during nighttime and winter periods, enabling year-round reliance on solar energy for your household. 

Solar Companies in Perth recognize the individual solar energy needs of each property and collaborate closely to create a tailored solution that aligns with requirements and financial plans.

Advantages of Solar Energy

  • Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy constitutes a pure and sustainable energy source derived directly from the sun. It releases no pollutants, reducing dependency on fossil fuels for energy production.

  • Financial Savings

A solar energy system pays for itself within a span of two to five years, ensuring a rapid return on your investment. Additionally, it acts as a safeguard against future hikes in energy costs, providing you with financial stability.

  • Property Value

The use of solar power can help reduce utility expenses and potentially increase the value of your home, particularly when you decide to sell.

The List of Top 10 Solar Companies in Perth 

Here are the top 10 Solar Companies in Perth:

  • Future Solar WA 
  • Empower Solar Australia 
  • Perth Solar Force 
  • Westsun Energy 
  • Clean NRG Solar 
  • Fritts Solar 
  • Solar Naturally 
  • Renew Energy 
  • Solargain
  • Sunwise Energy: 

Future Solar WA 

Future Solar WA provides residential and commercial solar solutions across Western Australia. They thrive to provide compelling value in the solar industry with a customer experience that emphasizes superior pre and post-sales service.

Services are delivered offering the development of economical and environmentally-sustainable solutions for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and domestic clients.


  • Solar Inverter
  • Solar Battery
  • Residential Solar

Contact Info: 

  • Phone:08 6117 5726
  • Email:
  • Address: 2/279 Camboon Rd, Malaga WA 6090, Australia
  • Visit the Website: Future Solar WA.

Empower Solar Australia  

Empower Solar Australia is one of Australia’s leading designers and installers of residential, commercial solar, and battery systems. 

Empower Solar Australia (ESA) provides solar solutions for consumers in Perth with a focus on renewable energy and a passion for sustainability. 

With experienced professionals, they are committed to providing exceptional customer service and the best solar solutions. 


  • Residential Solar Solutions
  • Commercial Solar Solutions
  • Solar Panel Packages
  • Batteries 
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Pool Heating 
  • Off-Grid Systems 

Contact Info: 

  • Phone: 1300 888 372 
  • Address: 7 Ernest Clark RoadCanning Vale WA 6155
  • Visit the Website: Empower Solar Australia.

Perth Solar Force 

Perth Sar Force is one of Perth’s best residential and commercial solar solutions providers, delivering reputable services to existing solar systems, complete residential installations, and small business or large commercial applications.

These include sourcing, supplying, and installing only premium solar products across Perth and regional areas of Western Australia.

Perth Solar Force’s staff have more than 50 years of combined experience in solar installations, solar electrical, electrical logistics, and general management. 

Contact Info:

  • Phone: 1300 773 669
  • Email:
  • Address: 17 Niche Parade, Wangara WA 6065.
  • Visit the Website:  Perth Solar Force.

Westsun Energy 

Westsun Energy Australia is a West Australian-owned Solar Company, specializing in the operation, supplies, and installation of solar panels and solar power systems in Perth and Western Australia. 

Westsun Energy only uses Clean Energy Council Accredited installers and installs solar panel systems in homes and businesses across Perth.

Products and Services

  • Residential Solar
  • Commercial Solar
  • Electrical Services
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Battery Systems
  • EV Chargers

Contact Info:

  • Phone: +61893039810
  • Email:
  • Address: 1 Distinction Rd, Wangara WA 6065
  • Visit the Website: Westsun Energy 

Clean NRG Solar 

Established in 2010, Clean NRG Solar is a Western Australian-owned, family business providing a full solar design, sales, installation, and after-sales service for homes and businesses in Perth.

Clean NRG specializes in solar panel installations, battery storage solutions, and energy-efficient technologies. They offer a comprehensive approach to energy savings, helping customers reduce their electricity bills and environmental impact.


  • Residential Solar Panels
  • Commercial Solar Panels
  • Solar Battery Storage
  • Solar inverters
  • Heat Pumps / Solar Hot Water
  • Off-Grid Solar
  • Roof Ventilation Systems
  • Solar Service and Repair

Contact Info:

  • Phone: 08 9244 9200
  • Email:
  • Address: 1/7 Leeway Court, Osborne Park.
  • Visit the Website: Clean NRG Solar.

Fritts Solar 

Fritts Solar is a renowned family-owned solar company in Perth, WA known for delivering superior solar solutions aimed at reducing clients’ electricity costs and reducing environmental impacts.

With a team of skilled and experienced solar installers in Perth, they have installed several solar power systems for many clients offering solar solutions for both commercial and residential applications.


  • Residential Solar
  • Commercial Solar
  • Home Battery System
  • Solar Maintenance

Contact Info:

  • Phone: 0862522064, 0865578977
  • Email:
  • Address: Level 25, 108 St Georges Terrace Perth WA. 6000
  • Visit the Website: Fritts Solar.

Solar Naturally 

Solar Naturally was founded in 2008 in Perth Western Australia, with services all over six countries worldwide.

As an Australian-owned company, they strive to create a sustainable blueprint, with heavy investment in renewable energy solutions across Australia.

Products & Services:

  • Residential Solar 
  • Commercial Solar 
  • EV Charger 

Contact Info:

  • Phone: 1300 168 138
  • Email:
  • Address: 10 Weedon Road, Forrestdale, Perth Western Australia.
  • Visit the Website: Solar Naturally.

Renew Energy 

Renew Energy is a family-owned and operated West Australian business that provides expert solar power advice, products, installation, and ongoing solar panel maintenance.

Since 2002, the experienced team of Solar Experts in Renew Energy has been specializing in Solar Energy, Solar Hot Water, and Rheem Hot Water systems in Perth.

They cater for residential or commercial solar power and hot water systems offering customers a full 5-year workmanship warranty on all installation services provided.


  • Solar Panel Services & Repairs 
  • Commercial Solar Power 
  • Hot Water Systems 
  • Solar Hot Water Systems 
  • Hot Water Servicing and Repairs 
  • Solar Battery Storage 
  • Solar Inverters

Contact Info: 

  • Phone: (08) 9477 5672
  • Email:
  • Address:Unit 2, 29 Haydock Street, Forrestdale WA 6112
  • Visit the Website: Renew Energy.


Solargain is one of the leading solar energy companies in Perth. They specialize in residential and commercial solar panel installations, as well as solar hot water systems. 

With a strong local presence, Solargain offers a range of renewable energy solutions to cater to various customer needs. Solargain Perth provides solar installation and maintenance services throughout Perth.

Contact Info: 

  • Phone: 1300718454
  • Email:
  • Address: 10 Milly Court WA 6090.
  • Visit the Website: Solargain.

Sunwise Energy

Sunwise Energy is committed to delivering sustainable energy solutions to the Perth region. They provide solar panel installations, solar battery storage, and smart energy management systems for homes and businesses.

Founded in 2008, Sunwise Energy has been operating throughout electrical contracting and renewable energy providing reliable, effective, affordable solar and storage products.


  • Residential Solar 
  • Off-Grid Systems 
  • Hybrid Systems 
  • Commercial Solar 
  • Optimizers 
  • Solar Pumps 
  • EV Chargers 
  • Generators 
  • Fault Finding/Maintenance 
  • System Checks

Contact Info: 

  • Phone: (08) 9791 1117
  • Email:
  • Address: 124 Blair St, Bunbury WA 6230
  • Visit the Website: Sunwise Energy.


As the sun sets over the western horizon, the top 10 solar companies in Perth continue to cast a brilliant light upon the city’s energy landscape. 

Their unwavering dedication to sustainable practices, technology, and customer-centric approaches have paved the way for a cleaner and brighter future. 

With each solar panel installation, every innovation in energy storage, and every step towards reducing carbon footprints, these companies contribute not only to the local community but also to the global effort to mitigate climate change. 

As Perth basks in its solar-powered transformation, these industry leaders stand as pillars of inspiration, guiding toward an era of renewable energy.

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