Top 100 Solar Companies in the USA: Best Guide  

This is the era of sustainable energy— compare firms, discover solar incentives, and grab your potential savings with the Listed Top 100 Solar Companies in the US.

With a wide range of solar companies available in the US, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

After thorough research among top-tier solar companies, here is a detailed list of the Top 100 Solar Companies in the USA.

These companies are assessed based on their product offerings, performance, pricing, customer service, accessibility, financing choices, and warranties.

Solar energy stands out as an innovative sector that not only aids in reducing environmental impact but also reduces electricity costs and increases property value.

The United States is witnessing a significant surge in the adoption of renewable energy, with solar power leading the charge toward a more sustainable future. 

The landscape of solar energy is dominated by a diverse array of companies, each contributing to the nation’s clean energy goals. 

Solar and other alternative energy sources might initially incur higher costs or pose more significant production challenges. Compared to fossil fuels, their key advantage lies in their substantially reduced environmental impact. 

Solar companies are currently undergoing expansion due to the incentives granted by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, allowing taxpayers to deduct 30% of solar power expenses from their taxes until 2032.

These top 100 solar companies in the US represent innovation, commitment, and technological advancements in harnessing the power of the sun. 

From established industry giants to agile newcomers, this list showcases the leaders shaping the solar revolution across the country.

Top 10 Solar Panel Companies in the USA  Ranked by Annual Revenue

Here is a list of the first 10 Best Solar Panel Installation Companies in the US and the services they offer. 

  • SunPower Corp.
  • ADT Solar (Previously Sunpro Solar)
  • Blue Raven Solar 
  • Green Home Systems 
  • Elevation Solar 
  • Momentum Solar
  • Palmetto Solar
  • Tesla
  • Trinity Solar
  • Vivint Solar
SunPower Corp.Solar panel installation for residential and commercial properties Solar financing and leasing options 

Energy storage solutions Monitoring and maintenance services

Visit the Website:
ADT Solar (Previously Sunpro Solar)Custom solar system design and installation Roof Assessment and solar panel placement Financing and lease options Warranty and maintenance services

Visit the Website: 
Blue Raven SolarSolar panel installation and design Energy-efficient upgrades Financing options

Ongoing system monitoring and maintenance

Visit the Website:
Green Home SystemsSolar panel installation for homes and businesses Battery storage solutions

Energy audits and efficiency improvements Financing and leasing choices

Visit the Website:
Elevation Solar Solar energy system design and installation Battery backup solutionsFinancing options Monitoring and maintenance services

Visit the Website:
Momentum SolarCustom solar panel installation Battery storage solutions Solar financing and leasing options Ongoing system monitoring and maintenance

Visit the Website:
Palmetto SolarResidential and commercial solar panel installation Energy storage systems Financing and leasing plans System monitoring and maintenance

Visit the Website:
TeslaSolar panel and solar roof installation Powerwall energy storage  Solar financing options  

Online system monitoring and maintenance

Visit the Website: 
Trinity SolarSolar panel system design and installationBattery backup solutions Financing and leasing options Ongoing monitoring and maintenance 

Visit the Website:
Vivint SolarCustom solar system design and installation  Battery storage solutions Flexible financing plans Monitoring and maintenance services 

Visit the Website: 

Others On Top 100 Solar Companies in the USA 

Individuals globally choose to incorporate solar technology into their home electrical setups to provide renewable, environmentally friendly, and economically efficient power. 

When selecting a solar provider for your installation, it’s crucial to identify one that precisely aligns with your home’s distinct requirements.

Heading to our list of Top 100, Here’s another list of 40 top solar companies in the US:

First Solar Inc.
Sunrun Inc.
Vivint Solar
Sunnova Energy International Inc. (NOVA)
SolarEdge Technologies
Canadian Solar 
Renewable Energy Systems (RES)
Enphase Energy Inc.
SunPower Corporation 
LG Solar 
Hanwha Q Cells
Kyocera Solar 
REC Group 
Sol Systems
Swinerton Renewable Energy 
Array Technologies Inc.
BayWa r.e. Solar System 
Mortenson Renewable Energy 
Borrego Solar
Verengo Solar 
RGS Energy
OneRoof Energy
Horizon Solar Power
Solar World USA
Solar Universe
Suniva Inc.
Baker Electric
Canadian Solar
Maxeon Solar Technologies Ltd (MAXN)
Freedom Solar
NextEra Energy
EcoPlexus, Inc.
Recurrent Energy
Cypress Creek Renewables
8 Minute Solar Energy

Top Solar companies in the US offer solar panel quotes, design, installation, permitting assistance, financing, energy monitoring, and comprehensive customer service.

Top Featured Solar Panel Suppliers 

Let’s have a look at another list of 20 Top Featured Solar Panel Suppliers in the US.

Duke Energy Renewables 
Pattern Energy 
Leeward Renewable Energy
Sustainable Power Group (sPower) 
Origis Energy 
Strata Solar
174 Power Global 
EDF Renewables
GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar
TruNorth Solar
Sun Tribe Solar 
Artisan Electric Inc.
Cenergy Power
Greenbacker Renewable Energy
EDP Renewables
Solar Biz Inc.
Solar Cells USA
Johnson Bros. Roll Forming Co.

Top Solar Panel Companies and Manufacturers in the US

Solar power has transitioned from an uncommon choice among environmentally conscious individuals to a practical alternative for new home building and remodeling.

Solar energy is being embraced by businesses and governmental bodies to empower self-contained systems for on-site energy reserves.

With growing concerns about climate change, governments, businesses, and individuals are progressively exploring sustainable energy options beyond fossil fuels.

Below is another list of the 30 top solar energy companies in the US, featuring a mix of newcomers and veterans, some with more than three decades of solar technology and construction experience.

Orr & Orr, Inc.
Kinequip, Inc.
Tenergy Corporation
PowerGen USA
Rapid Pump & Meter/ Machinery Services Corp.
Luce, Schwab & Kase, Inc.
Earthlight Solar & Energy Solutions
Sun-X Energy
Mission Solar
Silfab Solar
Hanwha Q CELLS
Paragon Solar
OE Solar
Premier Solar NW
ReNu Solar
Fun in the Sun Solar
Global Solar
Trina Solar
E.ON Solar
Green Plains Renewable Energy
Clearway Energy
Sempra Energy
NRG Energy
Enerparc Inc.

Solar Companies in the US provide a full range of solar components and offer virtual consultations with solar experts through their website. 

Some of these companies have systems controllable via mobile apps and their EnergyLink monitoring system. They offer purchase and lease choices, receiving mostly positive consumer ratings.


How do I choose the right solar company?

While the top 100 solar companies represent industry leaders, the best fit for you depends on various factors such as your location, budget, project scope, and specific requirements.

When choosing the most suitable solar company, geographical location is the top priority. 

Key Features of outstanding solar companies include:

  • Customer Feedback & Reviews 
  • Product Quality
  • Potential Energy Savings
  • Robust Product Warranties

Feel free to throw our list of Top 100 Solar Companies in the US and find the solar companies in your vicinity suitable for your needs. It’s recommended to reach out to multiple companies for consultations to find the one that meets your unique needs.

What influences solar energy production?

Numerous factors determine the availability of solar energy for your home. The geographical location of your home significantly impacts solar viability due to weather conditions, shade, humidity, and sunlight duration. Additionally, your roof condition can also determine if it will be adequate to accommodate a panel.

How do these top 100 solar companies contribute to the growth of solar energy adoption? 

The top 100 solar companies play a crucial role in driving the growth of solar energy adoption by spearheading technological innovation, expanding renewable energy infrastructure, creating jobs, and increasing public awareness. 

Their collective efforts contribute to making solar energy a more accessible and mainstream choice for individuals, businesses, and communities across the US.

How do solar panels operate?

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic (PV) cells. When sunlight strikes these panels, the PV cells utilize the photovoltaic effect to generate direct current (DC) electricity. 

Your household appliances operate on alternating current (AC) electricity, necessitating the included inverter in your solar setup to convert DC electricity into AC electricity. The usable energy is then distributed to your home through the breaker box.

What are the financial benefits of going solar?

The U.S. federal government provides financial support through the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This initiative offers a 30% tax credit for individuals who install solar systems on residential properties. Various states also extend additional solar incentives for eligible candidates.

How can I learn more about the specific accomplishments and projects of these top solar companies? 

You can delve deeper into the accomplishments and projects of these top 100 solar companies by exploring their individual websites, press releases, case studies, and reports. 

Many of these companies provide detailed information about their notable projects, collaborations, technological advancements, and partnerships. 

Industry publications and news sources also offer insights into the achievements and contributions of these solar leaders.

What is the cost of solar installation?

The typical expense of transitioning to solar energy usually falls within the range of $15,000 and above. The ultimate price depends on factors such as your state of residence, panel selection, installation expenses, and the incentives you leverage.

Does this list include companies of all sizes or primarily larger corporations? 

This list includes a mix of both larger corporations and smaller, innovative companies.

While larger corporations tend to dominate due to their extensive resources and market presence, these lists also aim to highlight emerging players who are making notable contributions to the solar industry through unique technologies, projects, and approaches.


The evolution of the solar industry in the United States has ushered in a new era of energy production and sustainability. 

The top 100 solar companies highlighted in this list have played a pivotal role in transforming the way America generates power, reduces its carbon footprint, and secures a cleaner future for generations to come. 

As solar technology continues to evolve and reach new heights, these companies stand as beacons of progress, united by a shared mission to power a more sustainable and vibrant nation.

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