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20 Top Autism Schools in Wisconsin & Their Websites

The developmental disorder known as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is brought on by variations in the brain.

People with ASD may struggle with confined or repetitive activities or interests, as well as social communication and engagement.

Additionally, people with ASD may learn, move, or pay attention in various ways. Read on as we explore the autism schools in Wisconsin.

The List of Autism Schools in Wisconsin

Listed below are a few autism schools in Wisconsin.


To help students with autism develop the skills, they need to realize their potential and go back to their home school setting, the Richardson School, one of the autism schools in Wisconsin, was established.

They are a therapeutic day school with facilities in Appleton, Beloit, Brookfield, Madison, and West Allis that specializes in helping kids, teenagers, and young adults who have been diagnosed with behavioral and emotional issues as well as developmental and neurological disabilities.



Every student has the potential for academic and long-term success, according to the staff of Kradwell, an autism school in Wisconsin.

Finding the ideal educational setting is crucial. They put a lot of effort into developing a distinctive, highly individualized learning curriculum that takes away outside distractions and allows pupils to concentrate on their studies.

Kradwell is one of the autism schools in Wisconsin that will assist you as their student in achieving more than you ever imagined possible, regardless of the problem, which may include dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, or any of a wide range of other learning obstacles.



Chile, a living and learning facility located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, is committed to assisting kids and adults with cognitive and behavioral issues to realize their full potential.

They are one of the autism schools in Wisconsin that provide residential programs, daycare, in-home assistance, mental health counseling, and services for adult families.



Two of the newest public charter schools in the Lakeland region are located at Lakeland STAR School/Academy, an autism school in Wisconsin.

Lakeland STAR is accessible to students of all abilities and offers individualized education programs to support students in realizing their full potential. Lakeland STAR Academy provides Grades 9–12 while Lakeland STAR School is for Grades 7-8.

The Lakeland STAR School/goal Academy is for children of all developmental stages to succeed not just in the classroom but also outside of it, and for them to graduate with the knowledge and abilities needed to achieve their own best.

Students will be motivated and self-assured to pursue postsecondary education and/or profitable employment while attempting to live independently and form deep relationships with others.

Although Lakeland STAR School/Academy is now full, they would welcome the addition of new students who could take advantage of their programs that change people’s lives. Your gift will help the school grow in terms of both physical space and academic capacity, enabling more local families to be there.



To offer the necessary services for each stage of a child’s life and to assist parents in navigating them, TRIO, an autism school in Wisconsin, was formed.

This is one of the autism schools in Wisconsin whose services include parent education, community training, autism education, and school support, and they affect every part of a person’s life.

To give their clients the best results, this ensures a cohesive approach to behavior and services from parents and caregivers through school and the community.



St. Coletta is one of the autism schools in Wisconsin whose goal is to help people with intellectual disabilities reach their full potential.

Their goal is for people with intellectual disabilities to be acknowledged and valued as significant members of society.

The people of St. Coletta believe that every person has the right to a life that is as rich and self-sufficient as possible and that the value of the unique human spirit is incalculable.

They value the dignity of every person entrusted to their care, and their mission is to provide for them in a setting that fosters their gifts, acknowledges their accomplishments, and raises their self-esteem.



In southeast Wisconsin, there is a nonprofit adult day program called Matthias Academy.

Adults from Illinois and Wisconsin who have mild to severe disabilities, particular medical needs, behaviors, and mild to severe autism are served by Matthias Academy.

Adults can learn, work, and socialize in a student-centered environment at Matthias Academy.

They strongly encourage the local community to visit and shop at their facility, as well as to volunteer and assist.

They also strongly encourage participation from nearby schools and colleges. To preserve health and wellness, recreation and leisure time must be scheduled, and frequent movement and exercise are necessary.

Parent and student-guided goals are carried out throughout everyday operations, and independence is highly promoted.



The amazing, committed professors at Achieve Academy, a pioneer in the field of online education, are largely responsible for their institution’s success.

They have a large number of Wisconsin state-certified instructors who know both traditional classroom settings and online learning environments.



St. Marcus School, an autism school in Wisconsin, is motivated by its objective to teach children excellence for their responsibilities in their families, churches, communities, workplaces, and countries, and to disciple them for Christ, now and forever.

Christ First, Biblical Discipleship, Sacrificial Love, and Radical Expectations are their basic beliefs. To help children and their families, St. Marcus School works in partnership with the community.



You succeed when you learn in a setting that is tailored to your needs. A post-secondary institution with full accreditation, Shepherds College is created especially for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Through the acquisition of vocational, social, and life skills throughout their three years at Shepherds College, students will be prepared to achieve Appropriate Independence.

For more information, visit


“Serve with Passion to Ignite Creativity, Innovation, and Excellence” is their stated mission.

The goal of the instructional services team is to close achievement and opportunity disparities while supporting and guiding staff, collaborative cultures, and a district system committed to the long-term success of all children.



The North Cape Community, an autism school in Wisconsin, aims to set the standard for academic achievement via excellent instruction of a challenging, individually tailored curriculum.

They are one of the autism schools in Wisconsin that is dedicated to giving their students cutting-edge and imaginative learning opportunities in a secure, nurturing setting so that they can realize their full potential for success in the global community.

The North Cape School District respects the potential for the success of each student. Their dedicated, highly experienced teachers are committed to providing for the unique needs of each kid. They encourage a culture of intellectual excellence.

All staff members, parents, community members, and students participate in education as partners. They promote a setting that is secure, well-organized, and conducive to learning. The North Cape School District is situated in a modest rural neighborhood. 



The human-serving, community-focused Wellpoint Care Network has strong roots in Milwaukee. As they seek to overcome the impacts of decades of trauma and suffering, they have teamed with hundreds of local people and families.

By reestablishing connections that support equity, learning, healing, and well-being, they contribute to the well-being of children and families.

Through extensive crisis management, preventative, and intervention tools, they empower individuals and families in enhancing their capacity to thrive.

They promote stability, deal with the impacts of trauma, advance equity, fight for fair and compassionate processes, and are dedicated to providing a secure environment where people can get the help they need.


14. CESA 7

Whether you’re struggling with a lack of cash, a staffing shortfall, or simply want to concentrate on helping kids achieve their potential.

You may negotiate the complexity and constantly shifting requirements of educational difficulties with the assistance of CESA 7’s comprehensive array of services, which is certain to offer good value.



Their mission at Genesee Lake School, one of the known autism schools in Wisconsin is to provide an innovative and exciting platform for the children in their care to learn and experience all that life can offer; they provide a place to grow.

School is a crucial component in each student’s development. Depending on each student’s unique academic, social/emotional, transitional/vocational, and developmental needs, they are assigned to customized instructional services.

Students from GLS’s residential or day school programs may attend classes there. To help children achieve their IEP goals and go back to their home schools, GLS works together with students from local school districts as well as out-of-state school districts and agencies.



A tuition-free elementary charter school serving grades K–6, Spero Academy with sites in Brooklyn Park and Northeast Minneapolis.

The goal of Spero Academy is to offer each student an individualized and flexible education that will enable them to develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Their curriculum and teaching methods are created to accommodate students with a range of difficulties.

Families pick Spero Academy because of the intimate classroom settings, the 11-month academic year, the tuition-free academic programs, and the daily successes they share with their kids.

Families also value the fact that their counseling services enable pupils to set goals and objectives while doing so in Spero Academy’s secure environments.

Every child is accepted and encouraged to be themselves at Spero, an autism school in Wisconsin. Every student at Spero is encouraged to shine as brightly as they can!

They urge every student to get involved in what Spero stands for and for by providing a wealth of tools for both students and families.



The Sonnenberg School, one of the autism schools in Wisconsin, aims to create a nurturing, secure, and encouraging learning environment while concentrating on putting kids in the best possible intellectual, social, and emotional positions to succeed in their future endeavors.

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Their goal is to advance the understanding of human development, developmental disorders, and neurodegenerative illnesses.

Within the fields of health, education, and social services, the Waisman Center provides training opportunities in human growth and development, developmental disabilities, and neurodegenerative diseases.

On the west side of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus in Madison, Wisconsin, is where you’ll find the Waisman Center. Highland Avenue, 1500, is the address.



Islands of Brilliance (IOB) is a nonprofit organization that offers neurodiverse students special learning and social engagement opportunities through a person-centered approach that promotes the development of unique interests and skills.

Their array of distance learning programs, including rooted student design and STEM-based curriculum, encourage the development of important social and emotional learning capacities in children and young people on the autistic spectrum while teaching them useful technical skills.

Their education team collaborates with parents, teachers, and support organizations to decide on the best programming combination to address the needs and objectives of each kid, including IEP and transition plans.

They provide a wide range of programs that help develop the technical and social skills required to thrive, whether it be in the workplace or actively engaged in the community, starting with foundational workshops featuring 1:1 mentorship for students starting at age 8 and progressing to their more demanding Digital Academy program.

They are transforming people’s ideas of themselves favorably and encouraging a wider community’s opinion of those on the autistic spectrum as capable individuals by combining creativity, technology, and one-on-one mentoring.



Since 1975, the New World Montessori School, one of the autism schools in Wisconsin has joyously educated and cared for countless kids.

The community of individuals who respect academic performance as highly as they do human dignity, honesty, kindness, and compassion are made up entirely of those kids and their family members.

All of their primary and elementary instructors have years of experience and have attended well-known and reputable AMI training facilities. They are committed to providing kind care, sage advice, and exceptional Montessori education.

The New World faculty’s consistency and excellent caliber serve as a testament to the institution’s encouraging atmosphere.

Years of teaching experience and training in both primary and elementary Montessori are both assets of their head of school. Along with a gym, Spanish, music, and environmental education, they provide the genuine Montessori curriculum.


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