business ideas for stay-at-home moms

12 Top Business Ideas For Stay-At-Home Moms 

Are you a stay-at-home mom seeking out craft thoughts to keep you busy, with very little inventive talent?

The Business Ideas For Stay-At-Home Moms on our list can be a source of income for you if and are in doubt or haven’t any concept of a way to begin one.

More stay-at-home moms have loads of thoughts on crafts they could undertake; however, they no longer recognize the exceptional to select or do no craft thoughts to begin. 

According to, the marketplace for hand-crafted crafts in North America (presently valued at $218 billion US) will develop to $448 billion through 2025!

And due to the fact the craft is a talent you own or have, it’s much simpler to show the dimensions right into a commercial enterprise both online or offline with the digital era as a brought advantage; you could also market your crafts on the internet. Read on to find out the business Ideas for stay-at-home moms you should consider.

Business Ideas For Stay-At-Home Moms 

So let’s get into it; here is a listing of business ideas for stay-at-home moms:

1. Candle making 

Do you realize that maximum commercially made candles comprise dangerous pollution which might be launched while candles are burnt into the air?

The candles are crafted from substances that include beeswax or soy and are secure and eco-friendly. So, if you are a stay-at-home mom, that is any other craft concept.

If you’re making candles, you have to use soy or beeswax blended with oils, scents, and fragrances, a good way to make your candle’s scent nice. 

This makes your commercial enterprise to be specific. A commercial candle enterprise calls for about $200 or extra, depending on how massive you need to begin.

You may want to promote your candles on online structures like WooCom, Shopify, and Merce or social media structures like Facebook and Instagram. 

2. Soap making 

This is an amazing craft concept for stay-at-home moms. For example, you could make healthful bath soaps with herbal merchandise like honey, pawpaw, neem leaves, and turmeric.

You can also use department off into different soap merchandise in this niche, including shampoo, cleaning soap conditioner, and bath bombs. 

Keep in mind that there are policies and precautions installed in regions concerning merchandise that will be used on the skin.

It is likewise important to recognize that all-herbal merchandise has an expiry date, so you make a small amount at a time while making the cleaning soap. 

Start up this commercial enterprise unit estimate of $300 and above. Then, go in advance and

get innovative by making exceptional shades and shapes of soaps. 

3. Bag making 

This is one of the amazing business ideas for stay-at-home moms. This is because every person loves and incorporates luggage, the vintage young, woman, and male. Bags are used for grocery buying, as style gadgets, as baggage as faculty luggage, and to preserve our gadgets. 

Various kinds of luggage that may be made include; faculty luggage buying luggage, sling luggage, touring luggage, birthday celebration luggage, and so on. To begin a bag-making commercial enterprise, you may want between $2,000 to $8,000. 

4. Clothing 

This craft concept is for stay-at-home moms with a stitching device or a professional in stitching.

Lots of cash may be crafted from stitching, particularly if you are desirable at what you do. In addition, you may want to the cognizance of stitching garments for girls and kids. 

Within the thrilling style trends, one million patterns and designs may be sown.

All you want is a stitching device, material, and different stitching devices to begin. To begin this commercial enterprise, you want about $one thousand to $2000 or extra. 

5. Hair Accessories 

This is any other desirable concept for stay-at-home moms. Hair add-ons like headbands or hair clips are a few add-ons you could make and convey the usage of pearls and beads with stunning shades that appear colorful and attractive. 

To upload extra spice and to make you and your craft stand out, you may use a cloth like silk or velvet to make the hair add-ons.

Advertise your commercial enterprise on eBay and Shopify social media structures like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can promote to salons and hair splendor shops around you. 

6. Knitting and Crocheting 

Over the years, humans have believed that knitting and crocheting have been for older girls who do it to live busy.

In current instances, we will see that opposite is the case. Knitted garments have grown to be one of the top famous style trends.

With this talent, you could make swimwear, blankets, sweaters, tops, gowns, gloves, and summertime season hats.

For babies, you could make shoes, socks, and overalls. Knitting is a chilled craft to do and can deliver a little cash. 

With about $1,000, you could begin this commercial enterprise. But, of course, all you want are crotchet pins of various sizes and wools of various shades. 

7. Tie and Dye 

This commercial enterprise concept has existed for an extended time, and you could create stunning styles on fabrics with greater creativity.

Once that is done, you could promote it to a nearby marketplace. 

But if you are desirable at stitching, you may make more money by turning them into unique and delightful clothing for parents, faculty kids, and fashions on the runway.

A common of about $2,000 to $11,000 is sufficient to kick off, relying on how massive you need the commercial enterprise to be. 

8. Gift basket 

This is one of the business ideas for stay-at-home moms you should definitely consider.

This is how it works: you package present exceptional gadgets into your stunning woven and crafted present baskets and supply them to your consumer after they place an order for one. 

You may also package presents and gadgets for events like Christmas, retirement, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, and Bachelorette parties in the gift basket.

You may also promote your basket at nearby markets and shops. 

9. Decorative pillow 

If you’re innovative and feature desirable stitching skills, you must consider beginning an ornamental pillow commercial enterprise.

This is because many innovative and specific methods of creating pillows might appeal to clients as quickly as an income.

In addition, they positioned commercial enterprises because people like to buy pillows for their beds, chairs, couches, and so on. 

10. Furniture Making 

If you’re desirable with saws or hammers and tape rules, that is one craft commercial enterprise concept, particularly if you are a stay-at-home mom. Although people can order portions of

furnishings online, most choose to buy customized ones because they may be crafted and designed to their flavor and spec. 

Homemade furnishings are extra specific and innovative. For example, you could make garage bins secure kitchen utensils bins, including bowls, spoons, slicing boards, domestic furnishings, workplace furnishings, and out-of-doors.

You also can recycle vintage furnishings and create stunning portions from them. To begin this commercial enterprise, you need about $7,000 to $22,000. 

11. Greeting Cards 

For maximum events, which include Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Anniversaries, and Weddings, greeting playing cards have usually been an object that is usually offered as a present.

You can lay out unique greeting playing cards with stunning and vivid shades to make yours specific and promote them to your friends, family members, and neighbors. 

You can also advertise online e-structures like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

You can also strike a deal with supermarkets or shops around you if you want to offer them greeting playing cards. 

12. T-shirts design 

An amazing commercial enterprise concept for stay-at-home moms, as you could create designs on T-shirts with exceptional print designs and slogans in exceptional shades. 

How to Start A Business for Stay-at-Home Moms 

Having seen the business ideas for stay-at-home moms, let’s look at how to start a business for stay-at-home moms.

1. Market studies 

Carrying out thorough marketplace studies lets you recognize what varieties of crafts groups are in fashion and what humans demand.

This will assist me in deciding if the craft you need to begin matches the call for craft merchandise within the marketplace. 

2. Target Audience/ Customers 

Knowing your target market might assist you in deciding how exceptional to fulfill their needs, growing your profit. 

3. Website 

Create an internet site with a website call associated with what you do. Also, create social

media bills on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to attain a bigger audience. 

4. Brand 

Have a signature catchy and significant that might appeal to clients from first sight. 

5. Shopping 

Because you’re a stay-at-home, transport is a critical component of your commercial enterprise.

It might assist in case you made the right preparations with dependable transport corporations on the way to deliver your items to your clients. 

6. Raw materials 

Purchase fine raw materials from dependable assets to ensure your merchandise is durable. 


Just like there are tools needed to start off, skills are required and skills can also be learned, so in case you are interested in commercial enterprise thoughts and do not have the skills, no longer panic!

Instead, decide on what commercial enterprise you need and analyze the talent to grow to be an expert in that field. 

Then get the important substances you want and begin making cash. I am certain that thoughts on your adventure to becoming a successful commercial enterprise proprietor have already begun. What are your thoughts about these business ideas for stay-at-home moms? Please leave a comment below.

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