12 Top Dance Schools In Canada & Their Specialty

Canada is one country notable for its interests in arts and culture and dancing an aspect of arts and culture is no doubt one of the best ways of relieving stress, exercising the body, and of course, providing entertainment.

It is also a poverty-eradication scheme i.e money prizes won from dance competitions can be used in providing for basic needs.

Many people take interest in dancing because of these benefits, hence, the existence of dance schools in Canada.

The List of Dance Schools In Canada

Here is a list of some notable dance schools in Canada;

Canada’s National Ballet School (TORONTO, ON)

There are a few excellent programs in Canada, some of which are even among the best dance schools in the world.

This is also true of Canada’s National Ballet School, which is situated in Toronto, Ontario. It is listed as the ninth-best dancing school in the world. Good, huh? One of the few ballet institutions in North America that offer academic coursework, residential space, and elite dance training all in the same location. If you’re a young dancer from another part of Canada, this is significant. Other factors to think about are:

Gain a Deep Understanding of Music. Over time, ballet has evolved as a result of incorporating fresh methods or styles from other dance forms.

A dancer needs to have the flexibility to change their performance style when necessary to be a good performer. Students at Canada’s National Ballet School learn about traditional Indian dance, theatre expression, historical/character dance, anatomy, and more in addition to being immersed in modern repertory where they can flex via technique and improvisation.

Specialists and health services are offered on-site. This includes dietitians, physiotherapists, physicians, psychiatrists, and social workers. Dancers need to take good care of their health, which is why experts offer advice on how to avoid accidents and how to best fill one’s diet. Of course, dancing may be mentally taxing as well.

Young dancers can receive counseling from psychiatrists on coping with their emotional health as well as advice on personal fitness and lifestyle choices. If needed, there is individual coaching available.

At this institution, outstanding training is offered. Because they are allowed to teach and choreograph, students are equipped for any career. Younger pupils may also get the chance to appear in The Nutcracker with the National Ballet of Canada.

Royal Winnipeg Ballet (WINNIPEG, MB)

When we say that the Queen honored the ballet with her presence, we are not exaggerating. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, issued a royal charter to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet in 1953.

One of the top international dance schools in the world, this organization has been there for 80 years and is still going strong, coming in at number 14. What’s the secret to this school’s success, then?

Train in a Professional and Uniformed Dance System. Finding the best dance school can be challenging because each institution’s repertoire might vary. After all, it depends on the training and expertise of the instructors.

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It’s crucial to get the training you need to thrive in your dance career if you’re a dancer who wants to pursue a career in the industry.

Three of the top five ballets were created using this dance technique, which is the foundation of classical ballet training at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. That includes The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev (Yes, The Nutracker).

Learn from the Internationals About Professional Training. One of the most crucial elements to take into account when enrolling in a dancing school is the welcoming and helpful counselors, staff, and teachers who make up The Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

The icing on the cake? Internationally acclaimed, experienced professional dancers make up the teachers. Many of the faculty members serve as guest teachers at other dance schools across Canada, imparting their expertise.

While it is exciting to one day be a part of Canada’s first professional dance company and perform in contemporary productions like L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet also serves as a home for young dancers who are unsure of whether they are ready to pursue a career as a professional dancer.

However, if there is a clear intention to develop a dancing profession, this institution will be an excellent place to start.

School of Alberta Ballet (EDMONTON/CALGARY, AB)

This organization, also known as Alberta Ballet School, is one of the dance schools in Canada that is ranked 28th among all international dance schools.

Students can anticipate being surrounded by classmates from all around the world in both open (recreational) and professional divisions because Alberta Ballet Company has its own dancing company.

At various ability levels, teachers focus on assisting pupils in developing strength, technique, and artistry. An accredited academic program was just recently launched in 2011 for young dancers to pursue professional training while continuing their regular academic studies.

This program is for more experienced dancers. Students will have a more sophisticated understanding of how to develop themselves as dancers by learning about physical health, performance psychology, nutrition, and science there. Physiotherapy is accessible on-site, and the facility is secured 24 hours.

Halifax Dance (HALIFAX, NS)

It’s not surprising that Halifax Dance is a renowned leader in dance education given that many of the instructors there are still active in the dance industry, whether they are choreographing or performing.

Students are taught not just dance technique but also dance etiquette and respect for dance as an art form by instructors who are passing knowledge from their own professional experiences.

This is a place to practice for individuals who want to be a part of a professional setting that cares about dancers’ well-being, health, and grace to maintain the integrity of the dance program.

Halifax Dance is the ideal location for recreational dancers, dancers seeking a professional career, and dancers who are undecided and are in the middle of a decision.This is also one of the popular dance schools in Canada.

Edmonton School of Ballet (EDMONTON, AB)

A large family of dancers, including young children who begin their training as early as age 3, as well as seasoned pros who have established themselves on stage professionally, call this school home.

Since there are training programs accessible for anyone wishing to instruct young performers, the school functions as an entire community in and of itself. While many dance schools give students the chance to compete, Edmonton School of Ballet isn’t afraid to showcase their students’ accomplishments because the organization is made up of peers who are highly driven and who take their training seriously.

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Whether the facilities are up to grade should be one of the main things you examine in any dancing school. To make sure that their students are provided the right environment to flourish elegantly and professionally in their training, Edmonton School of Ballet is completely upfront about its amenities.

The Edmonton School of Ballet is one of the popular dance schools in Canada that has up to 8 spacious studios, all of which were constructed with sprung timber floors and furnished with dance matting to keep dancers safe while doing those daring leaps.

Maritime Dance Academy (HALIFAX/BEDFORD, NS)

The Maritime Dance Academy is one of the dance schools in Canada that has locations in Halifax and Bedford, Nova Scotia, is sweeping the dance world by winning the Consumer Choice Award for the ninth year in a row.

This school offers students a wide range of dance genres to choose from, including hip hop, tap, pointe, modern, acro, theatre, jazz, and more.

The school has a large staff of 30 instructors. Both tiny tots and fully grown adults can use the facilities. Everyone of any age and ability level is welcome!

Arts Umbrella Dance Company (VANCOUVER, BC)

The most well-known youth fine arts program in the lower mainland is Arts Umbrella, which is located in Vancouver is one of the dance schools in Canada to consider.

Along with their theatre and mixed-media art programs, Arts Umbrella also offers a highly regarded dance program with both competitive and recreational divisions.

Beginning in grade 6 and continuing through post-secondary, the professional division offers instruction where students follow a ballet-based curriculum while displaying a high level of physical prowess and technical discipline.

The Arts Umbrella Dance Company is a fantastic location to take dance instruction seriously even if you don’t plan to become a professional dancer.

The mission of the Arts Umbrella Dance Company, a non-profit financed by the BC Art Council, is to promote the health and wellbeing of students. Bursaries are offered to help families overcome hurdles to accessing the arts since the program also aims to give young people the opportunity to pursue their creative expression.

Young people from 2 to 22 can register.

Candian Dance Company (OAKVILLE, ON)

For 35 years, the Canadian Dance Company has been operating its curriculum. The school is one of the dance schools in Canada that is renowned for its friendly and welcoming dance community, places high regard on developing students’ character, freedom of expression, and appreciation for the arts.

Recently, a brand-new professional facility was built for young dancers to train either casually or formally. It is possible to enroll in a variety of dance programs, including jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap, modern, acrobatics, and tumbling.

In addition to participating in more professional programs, students are given the chance to perform. Alums of Canadian Dancing Company who are successfully pursuing dance in well-known productions like Cirque Du Soleil are also many.

City Dance Corps

 Toronto’s premier dance and artistic movement school, City Dance Corps, provides dance instruction to both adults and children.

Since its doors first opened in 2002, the dance school has been a pioneer in the Canadian dance world. Its goal is to motivate people to dance and to provide a professional environment for everyone.

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Their eight-studio facility is housed in a distinctive, old Toronto factory that has been transformed into a lovely dance studio. In addition to having excellent sprung flooring, the dance studios have lots of natural light.

The dancing school is 11,000 square feet in size and has eight excellent studios. For casting calls, rehearsals, auditions, and photo and video shoots, City Dance Corps provides studio rentals.

They provide their pupils with both online and in-person classes. In Toronto, this is one of the dance schools in Canada that offers more than 100 classes every week. Cards are available from City Dance Corps.


Bachata, Salsa, Heels, Hip Hop, House, Jazz, Aerial Silks, Ballet, Contemporary, Flexibility, Modern, Latin Fusion, Pilates, Popping, Bollywood, Afro, Dancehall, Power Barre, Soca, Tap, Waacking, Argentine Tango, & Breakdance

The School of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre


The School of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (CCDT), an alternative to competition-based dance training, might be the solution.

It is one of the dance schools in Canada with one of Canada’s top dance training facilities, CCDT offers leisure to pre-professional programs. Along with jazz, musical theatre, hip-hop, tap, and contemporary dance classes, the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet and Limon Modern Dance are also taught in these classes.

Toronto Dance Salsa

The largest salsa dance school in Canada is called Toronto Dance Salsa. Every year, the dancing studio instructs more than 5000 pupils.

The dance school specializes in turning “Two-left feet” novices into skilled salsa dancers. “This will be the best hour of your week,” is their catchphrase. Every time you leave a lesson, they want you to be beaming broadly.

You’ll smile, feel energized, and forget about your difficult day. Lessons in Toronto Dance Salsa are all about simple instructions that are easy to follow in a relaxed, enjoyable environment. Workshops, parties, and social events are held by the dancing school.

For each memorable occasion, Toronto Dance Salsa is one of the dance schools in Canada that offers gift certificates. Additionally, they offer lessons online via Zoom. Toronto Dance Salsa gives free on-site parking for 2 hours.


Salsa, Argentine Tango, Zumba, Fitness, Specialty Classes, Cuban Style Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Hip Hop, Bachata, Kizomba, Belly Dance, Merengue, Pilates, Yoga, Level 5 & up

The Underground Dance Centre

A well-known dance school in Toronto, Canada is The Underground Dance Centre. It has more than seven years of experience serving the people of Toronto.

They offer dance lessons to people of all ages and skill levels. The dancing school provides its pupils with the best drop-in lessons available. Their instructors have extensive dance program knowledge and training.

This dance school is one of the dance schools in Canada that offer their pupils both on-site and online programs. Gift certificates are available at the Underground Dance Centre. Every day of the week, the dancing school provides free trial lessons.

Events and workshops are provided by the Underground Dance Centre.


Contemporary, Heels, Hip Hop, Beyonce, Jazz, Locking, K-Pop, Intermediate Hip Hop, Intermediate Choreography, Int Jazz Funk, Adv Heels, Int Bollywood, Breaking, Int Waacking, Int Latin Fusion, Intermediate Commercial Choreography, Dancehall, Int Afro-Fusion, Popping, Freestyle Development, Waacking, Reggaeton & Afro-Soca

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