33 Top Dance schools in Dubai & Their Programs

Discover dance schools in Dubai

It is not unexpected that more people are opting to enroll in dance classes in Dubai given the wide variety of dance styles available, such as break dance, ballroom, bachata, Bollywood, and salsa.

You can take a variety of dance classes in Dubai. Even though the UAE’s fast-paced lifestyle makes Enrolling in dance classes can improve your daily exercise need and connect you with people who share your enthusiasm for dancing.

The List of Dance schools in Dubai

Below is a compilation of some dancing schools in Dubai as follows.

Dance and Dazzle Studio

Dance and Dazzle Studio is one of the dance schools in Dubai was created in 2022 by director and founder Priyam Singh and a fantastic group of dancers that share her passion for the discipline.

Dance & Dazzle studio creates works that are engrossing, introspective and thought-provoking where you may unload all of the stress and experience this wonderful art form in all its grandeur thanks to their joint vision of developing and promoting the art form.

They provide instruction in dancing forms including hip hop, Zumba, etc. 

Tempo Dance center

A franchised dance company, Tempo Dance Center opened its doors to showcase the best performers in the dance, fitness, and entertainment industries for the benefit of Dubai’s artistic community.

This is one of the dance schools in Dubai whose classes are meant to promote imagination, self-discipline, and independent thought. There are many opportunities at Tempo Center for you to learn and enjoy dancing.

Seven days a week, a variety of classes are available through their programs for kids as young as three years old and adults.

They, therefore, offer the class to suit your ability, whether you are already attending courses and want to improve your technique and skills or are new to dance and seeking a fun way to become healthy.

They offer dance instruction in styles like Zumba, Belly Dance, Tango, Salsa, and Bachata. Website: https://www.tempodubai.com/.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

The Arthur Murray dance studio is one of the dance schools in Dubai that provides customized dancing lessons.

Website: www.arthurmurraydubai.com

Other location: Downtown Dubai’s Souk Al Bahar (04 450 8648).

Dance Academy in Dubai

This is one of the dance schools in Dubai that seeks to introduce the best ballet training available in France to Dubai. Managed by more than 20-year veteran and professional ballet dancer Reiko M-Cheong. Adults and children can both take lessons.

Dhs70 for junior class (one hour). 

  • Address: Apartments at the Yassat Gloria Hotel, TECOM, and Dubai Dance Academy 
  • Phone number: (055 362 6435).
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James & Alex dance studio

In this cutting-edge studio, you can try salsa, tango, ballet, Zumba, hip-hop, contemporary, musical theater, pole training, and more. Private classes and packages start at Dhs55 per class. 

Address: Dubai Media City’s Concord Tower

Nisha Dance center

This is one of the dance schools in Dubai whose classes are in a range of dance genres, including Bollywood, tap, belly dancing, flamenco, Turkish, ballroom, laser, acrobatic, and more, are available at the Nisha Dance Center, a dance school in Dubai.

550 Dhs for 11 classes, or 55 Dhs for each class. Sat. 7:45–8:45.  Website: www.dancewithnisha.com 

Nora Dance Group

For teens and adults, Nora Dance Group in Dubai offers classes in everything from ballet to break dance. Book online and call for pricing and scheduling information.

Egyptian Club

Numerous dancing courses are held at this club as well. There are many options available, including Body Pump, salsa, Zumba, and belly dancing.

Phone Number: (04 324 0000).

Sharmila Dance

Every two weeks, Sharmila’s courses feature a different genre, including hip-hop, street jazz, funk, jazz, and lyrical contemporary. There are also ballet classes available.

$60 for each class. 

  • Address: Ductac, Al Barsha, Mall of the Emirates.
  • Website: www.sharmiladance.com
  • Phone Number: (04 341 4777).

The Fridge 

Equipped with aerial hanging points for aerial acrobatics lessons and training, as well as tango classes with Tango OK courses every Friday from 2 to 6 p.m.; reservations can be made by emailing tangookay@gmail.com.

  • For four classes, the price is Dhs280.
  • Address: Al Quoz 1, Unit 5, Alserkal Avenue, Street 8
  • Phone Number: (04 347 7793).

Diverse Choreography

Diverse is one of the dance schools in Dubai that offers programs for kids of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to those aspiring to careers in dance and the performing arts.

It offers a wide range of singing, dance, and theatre classes with a full schedule. Students at Diverse have the option to act in plays and professional events in addition to taking yearly tests on internationally recognized curricula.

They teach a variety of dance styles, including hip hop, performance ballet, rad ballet, and contemporary.

For its excellent contribution to performing art in the area, this dance school in Dubai has won multiple honors.

Website: diversechoreography.com/performing-arts-school.

Heart of Dance

In Downtown Dubai, there is a dancing studio run by professionals called Heart of Dance. Our dance classes in Dubai are open to students of all experience levels, ages, and interests and are taught by qualified instructors with complementing skill sets and specialties.

The team will support you in achieving your objectives through sessions that are uniquely designed for you, whether you want to hone your technique for an upcoming competition or you want to learn to dance as a pleasure and a form of exercise!

Website: https://www.fresha.com/a/heart-of-dance-dubai-ontario-tower-xz7nj

Step n Groove dance studio

This is one of the dance schools in Dubai that excels at teaching western dance. Within its varied curriculum, step n Groove offers professional dance classes to children, teenagers, and adults.

The variety of dance forms that we teach at the dance school is highly renowned. Jive, freestyle, salsa, hip-hop, b-boying, and Bollywood are a few examples.

Visit the website at stepngroovedance.com.

Mad about dance

MAD, which Mahima Mehta established, is a dancer’s paradise. Initially serving 75 pupils, the now serves more than 1000.

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They breathe life into dancing. Website:https://madaboutdancestudio.com/

Yalla Dance studio

Yalla Dance Studio is one of the dance schools in Dubai. They opine that since people dance to unwind, interact with others, and simply enjoy life.

While dancing involves moving our bodies in time to music, it also stimulates creativity and promotes both mental and physical health, then anyone should be able to accomplish it in reality.

Customers gave the area a rating of 4.8. Yalla Dance Studio appears to be well-liked by the public.

  • Phone: 04 388 0071.
  • Yalla Dance Studio is open from 10:00 to 22:00 on Saturday through Friday.

Dubai Performing Arts Studio

DPA was established in September 2014 by two seasoned performers: Johnny Shentall-Lee from the band Hearsay and Lisa Scott-Lee from the pop group Steps.

They are one of the dance schools in Dubai that provides dance instruction in styles such as RAD Ballet, ISTD Tap, Modern, LAMDA, Trinity, Contemporary, Street Dance, and Dance Fusion, among others.

Ric Banks Dance Academy

As the creator of DEF, an Art and Performance Center, Ric leads courses on a variety of dance forms, including Salsa, Kizomba, and Bachata as well as Hip Hop, Wedding Dances, and Business Team Building.

Website address: ricbanks.com

Turning Pointe

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) London, UK graduate Donna Dempsey launched Turning Pointea, a dance school in Dubai in 1994. By hiring the most qualified instructors in each genre of dance, including ballet, hip hop, fusion, contemporary dance, modern dance, and tap dance, Donna made sure Turning Pointe became one of the top ballet schools in the UAE. Over the following 20 years, Turning Pointe expanded to include all forms of dance in its curriculum.

Website address: turningpointe.ae

Enana Ballet 

In the center of Dubai’s Media City, ENANA BALLET DUBAI is a large and well-equipped ART CENTER where the administration and instructors have made a career out of teaching ballet, gymnastics, fine arts, and music which offers lessons to kids as young as 3, has a distinctive curriculum that ranges from PRE-BALLET to COMPETITIVE ARTIST.

the website http://enanaballetdubai.com/.

Oceankids Institute for Dance

Oceankids offers a variety of entertainment options for everyone from young children to senior citizens, including dance, music, painting, yoga, karate, and more.

Dance lessons and programs at Ocean Kids Dubai aid in the development of coordination, good body control, and a feeling of rhythm. Additionally, it improves one’s attention and self-assurance. Adult dance lessons are often held during the workweek.

They instruct dances like western, hip-hop, Bollywood, modern, Zumba, and other styles.

Visit the website at https://www.oceankidsdubai.com/.

Step up academy – motor city 

Since 2011, StepUp Academy has operated as a well-respected enrichment facility in Dubai’s Motor City. Al Barsha, Emirates Golf Club, Jumeirah, Jumeirah Village Triangle, and Dubai Silicon Oasis are additional locations where StepUp Academy holds classes. From beginners to more experienced dancers, they provide a wide variety of diverse dance activities.

They instruct dance in a variety of styles, including tap and modern, musical theater, dance gymnastics, and street jazz.

Website: stepup.ae

Dance infinity – performing arts

Ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, contemporary, and musical theater dance classes are available at Dance Infinity, professional dance and performing arts education institution with an American dance curriculum.

Website: https://dance-infinity.com/

Melodica music and dance institute

Leading music and dance schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi include Melodica Music & Dance Institute.

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In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain, Melodica offers a range of dance classes for children and adults, including classical ballet, hip hop, belly dancing, salsa, and yoga.

Website: https://melodica.ae/

Dance for you 

A dance school in Dubai known as Dance for You helps its pupils get ready for the fun world of dancing by taking into account their preferences and way of life. It was founded in 2014.

They provide instruction in a variety of dancing styles, including the English Waltz, Pasodoble, Samba, Rumba, and Cha-Cha-Cha.

Website: https://dubaidance.com/ 

Visit the website at: https://danceanddazzledubai.ae/

Off-the-hook dance

Off The Hook is a dance school in Dubai that specializes in Bollywood, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Salsa, Belly Dance, and other different dance exercises, teaching people of all ages how to move to the music and appreciate every beat. Currently, Off The Hook teaches both children and adults of all ages.

Website: https://www.othdance.com/

The Studio 19

Erin & Miranda O’Hara, sisters-in-law, are the owners and directors of the multi-award-winning Studio 19 Dance Company, a dance school in Dubai.

They provide training in hip-hop, jazz, tap, contemporary, lyrical, and ballet. Additionally, they provide creative movement workshops specially created for kids and people with special needs.

Their dancers range in age from very young children to adults, and their skill levels span from beginner to advanced.

Website: https://www.studio19dancecompany.com/home

SalsArte Dancing school

Everyone has the chance to study with the top dancers in the world at the Salsarte Dancing School in Dubai, which offers instruction in a variety of dance genres and techniques.

They have specialized classes and provide a variety of dance genres for all age groups.

They provide specialized classes for adults and kids in all types of dance and offer a variety of dance genres for all age groups.

Classes in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Hip Hop, and other dances are offered.

Website: https://www.salsartedubai.com/

Harmony Ballet & Music Centre

In Harmony Ballet & Music Centre, Students can study ballet, jazz modern, contemporary dance, and more at Harmony Ballet and Music Center.

There are levels for all of their dancing classes: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. They provide classes for both kids and adults.

Website: harmonyballet.com

Dance Horizons 

A dance school in Dubai called Dance Horizons instructs both adults and kids in dance styles like modern and jazz as well as ballet.

Website : dancehorizons.ae

The National Ballet Studio

The national ballet school is one of the dance schools in Dubai is one that majors in teaching individuals of various ages ballet dance.

Website: https://www.thenationalballetstudio.com/

Shine dance studio

The shine dance studio is a dance school in Dubai, mainly for children to learn the art of dancing.

Website: https://shinedancestudio.com.au/

Fame Dance and Music

Fame Dance and Music is a music and dance school in Dubai that promotes entertainment  using dance and music for learning and enjoyment.

They instruct dance forms like ballet, belly dancing, salsa, and more.

Website: https://famedancemusic.com/

Vivo dance studio

Felicia Ham, Sergii Tymchenko, and Elena Stukanova founded the dance studio Vivo Dance, a dance school in Dubai to spread their love of dancing.

They offer top-notch instruction in a variety of ballroom dance and social dance styles, enabling you to stay active, enhance communication with your partner, and meet new people.

Website: https://www.vivodance.ae/

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