Drama Schools In Liverpool

7 of Best Drama Schools In Liverpool &Their Programs

Are you passionate about acting in a drama or do you have what it takes to be a good actor? Then enrolling in a drama school gives you that special training to become an actor unlike going to the university to study drama as a course which offers limited opportunity to become a professional actor. 

Drama Schools In Liverpool 

Here is a list of top drama schools in Liverpool. 

1. The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) 

Mount Street, 

Liverpool L19HF, 

United Kingdom 

The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts(LIPA) is a drama school in Liverpool that offers courses in 

Performing Arts such as dance drama film making music Management Applied Theatre Sound Technology design and technology.

Apart from knowledge the school also instills into students; integrity, innovation, interdisciplinary, diversity, equality, respect, transparency, and community lifestyle. 

The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts was established 26 years ago by Paul McCartney and Mark Featherstone-Witty and is a world-class Institute.

According to lead patron Sir Paul McCartney, the Liverpool institute of performing art is “one of the best performing arts schools in the world”. 

It offers the following courses:

Foundation certificate acting 

The Foundation Certificate Acting Class is a full-time 24-week course program for students who are passionate about drama and acting but are not ready for a bachelor’s degree. 

Honorary bachelor’s degree in acting(Screen and Digital Media)

The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts also offers a full-time 3-year program in acting. Students are trained to be independent and further explore the world of drama. 

A one-year full-time Master’s degree(M.sc) (in an acting company).

For further information call +441513303000 or visit their website

2. Act Up North Drama School 

Suite 325, 

3rd floor, 

QD business center, 

Norfolk Street, 

Liverpool L10BG, 

United Kingdom 

Act Up North is one of the drama schools in Liverpool that was established in 2009, by Peter Hunt a UK Casting Director. Act Up North Drama School has grown to be one of the most successful and largest training schools in Liverpool that runs independently. 

Act Up North offers its students a period of 12 to 16 weeks of drama and adult acting classes. These classes are for students over 18 years. Act Up North dance school infuses modern technology in their teaching and gives an innovative approach to the Actors and Drama training. 

Some of the courses include Auditioning for TV, drama, and acting in a period drama. The classes are held once a week and it is a two-hour class that costs €20. There is a discount for students who pay for the whole term(4 weeks) in advance. 

For further inquiries and information visit their website or call 0844 811 1740.

3. Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts 

St Hilda’s CE High School, 

Crofters Drive, 

Sefton Park, 

Liverpool L173AL. 

The Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts is one of the drama schools in Liverpool that offers classes for children and young adults in drama. Aside from drama, there are classes in comedy musical theatre (singing and dancing), and Film and Television. 

The school admits children from ages 4 to 18 for a 3-hour weekly class in various courses. 

For further inquiries visit their website or call 07307182154. 

4. Merseyside Academy of Drama 

22Hope Street, 

Liverpool L19BY 

The United Kingdom. 

Merseyside Academy of Drama is one of the drama schools in Liverpool where students(old and new students) can take classes in drama, acting, and writing.

The classes are on different levels from the beginner’s level to the advanced level. Merseyside Academy of Drama has a place for everyone.

The classes assist students to boost their confidence, and developing skills and techniques that can enhance their career and personal development through what is called the “core acting pathway”. 

The Core Acting Pathway comprises four courses: 

  • Acting for beginners
  • Script analysis 
  • Finding the truth 
  • Advanced acting /Theater Company

Other courses that Merseyside Academy of Drama offers include:

  • Acting for camera 
  • Musical theater 
  • Acting Shakespeare 
  • Summer sessions 
  • Performing art 
  • Presentation skills 
  • Drama course 
  • Drama school auditioning 
  • Coaching 
  • Drama training 
  • Evening courses 
  • Actors training 
  • Acting classes 
  • Script analysis 
  • Musical voice 
  • Movement training 
  • Audition skills 

For further information call +443333441980 or visit their website.

5. Terri Ann Drama Academy 

Bridge Chapel Centre, 

Heath Road, 

Liverpool L19 4XR, 

The United Kingdom. 

Terri Ann Drama Academy is one of the drama schools in Liverpool that is open to children ages 4 to 8 years old.

The school uses drama as a tool to promote positive mental health. The children are being taught how to express their emotions through drama.

The drama Academy also teaches the children life skills. For more information visit their website or call+447715288003. 

6. Act4tv 

2 Black burne PI, 

Liverpool L879E, 

United Kingdom 

Act4tv is a drama school in Liverpool that was established 13 years ago by Michael Jackson, a casting director. Act4tv was originally located in Manchester but over the years has expanded its tentacles to Yorkshire, Northwest, Leeds, and Liverpool. 

This is one of the drama schools in Liverpool that offers admissions to children from ages 8 and above. Act4tv teaches the students how to play roles on stage and screen and how to excel during auditions.

Apart from the above, the school also takes the following classes: 

  • Adult classes 
  • Movement training 
  • Youth Classes 
  • Actor training 
  • Kids acting class 
  • Kids training 
  • Presentation skills 
  • Screen acting. 

Visit their website for further information.

7. Performance Theatre School 

22 Hope Street, 

Liverpool L19YB, 

The United Kingdom. 

This is a dance school in Liverpool that teaches children between Ages 2 &1/2 years old to 19 years old how to act drama, dance and sing and audition preparation. 

Performance Theaters has Four categories of students; 

Preschool and Year R 

Year 1, year 2 year 3 

Year 4, year 5, year 6 

Year 7 to year 13 

The different classes Performance Theater School has included:

  • Advanced class 
  • Beginners class 
  • Choreography 
  • Youth class 
  • Acro dance 
  • Audition preparation 
  • Drama 
  • Early years 
  • Infant class 
  • Master class 
  • Music Theatre class 
  • Musical theatre course 
  • Performing Arts 

For further information please call +441517084000 or visit their website.

In conclusion, drama schools in Liverpool give an equal opportunity to both the young and the old to pursue their dreams. Here are a few tips on how to be a good actor; 

  • Start and continually practice at home 
  • Enroll in acting classes 
  • Enroll in a good drama school 
  • Participate in local theatre production 
  • Get involved in the acting community 
  • Attend acting workshops 
  • Find a good agent.

Do you have any suggestions for these drama schools in Liverpool? Please comment below.

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