Unusual Jobs That Pay Well UK

20 Top Unusual Jobs That Pay Well UK

Are you Considering switching to a job that’s a little more unique and entertaining? Allow us to take you through a list of unusual jobs that pay well uk.

In the UK, there are a ton of unusual jobs that are also rather well compensated.

You might want to think about a less conventional means of making a living if your work style does not suit the normal conventional well-worn jobs such as doctors, bankers, lawyers or more.

You might be fed up with working nine-to-five jobs in an office, or might have lost your job and need to change careers. There are a whole lot of reasons why individuals look for unusual job placements.

Unusual jobs in the Uk can offer the opportunity for flexible scheduling, which can be a great option for those who have other responsibilities like family obligations or want to concentrate on multiple creative projects at once.

Even better, many of these positions don’t require any qualifications or certifications which is great if you’re concerned you won’t have the required expertise and abilities.

Some may only require a few prerequisites, making them suitable for people who want to earn a good living without devoting money or time to the training required for professions like law.

Being a professional queuer, sewer flusher or even bed warmer, are just a few of the strange and unusual jobs that are available in the UK.

Take a look at more of these Unusual Jobs That Pay Well UK below that are also high-paying.

Unusual Jobs That Pay Well UK

Sewer/Drain Flusher

Sewer flushers don’t have the most attractive occupations, but they are essential to keeping the nation’s sewer systems operating. 

For this career, you’ll need a strong stomach and the ability to perform physically demanding tasks in confined, stuffy, and unpleasant environments. Your work is essential to improving everyone’s standard of living.

In general, there aren’t any official academic entry requirements, and training is given on the job.

Salary ranges from about £19,000 to £30,000 with experience.

Costume Character Actor

For entertaining or frightening visitors to tourist destinations or events, costume character actors dress up like well-known children’s characters or historical people.

You’ll need to be enthusiastic, self-assured, and possess excellent interpersonal skills. An excellent sense of humor and acting abilities, especially improvisation, would be advantageous. 

Remember you might have to stand for extended periods while wearing heavy or hot costumes.

Character actors who wear costumes typically don’t need any special training, but many have experience in the performing arts. 

If you enjoy entertaining others, this is the career for you. Salary ranges from £20,000 to £30,000 a year for employment. 

Chief Listening Officer

A chief listening officer is in charge of “listening in” to social media conversations regarding a certain brand or company.

They subsequently provide the pertinent organization with the information they have collected, assisting it in refining its business plans and marketing initiatives.

A solid foundation in several social media platforms, as well as a degree in communication marketing or a closely related field, is often required,

Salary ranges from about £25,000 to more than £60,000.


An embalmer prepares deceased bodies for burial. This job is not for the weak of the heart. Embalmers must be able to handle death and tragedy with composure, dignity, and tact. 

Additionally, they must be able to pay close attention to detail and follow tight health and safety regulations.

Many embalmers are independent contractors that serve many funeral homes. There are typically no formal educational requirements, but you must complete a training program that has been recognized by the British Institute of Embalmers.

These typically take two to three years to complete and can be studied online or in a classroom setting with some hands-on training in an embalming theatre.

Embalmers who have experience can expect to make about £30,000 per year.

Food Taster

The job of a food taster is far more complicated and demands specialized training. Despite how enjoyable it may sound, eating chocolate or crisps for a living involves much more than simply trying new foods.

Food tasters, sometimes known as food technicians, food scientists, or product developers, assess the flavor, appearance, consistency, and many other aspects of food. 

They must then be able to explain to their company what they learned from the tasting, enabling them to make changes to the product.

The majority of food tasters will require a foundation degree in food science, food studies, food technology, or an equivalent qualification. It may also be beneficial to have prior product development experience in the food and beverage sector.

Typically, salaries fall between £20,000 and £40,000.

Body Part Model

Many people are generating significant money by modeling only one distinctive feature, proving that you don’t need to have the complete supermodel package to make a fortune off your appearance.

There is a market for models of the ear, hair, bottom, neck, eyes, and lips, but the hands, feet, and legs are particularly well-liked. 

Successful body part models must take careful care of their assets because a mark or wound could prevent them from working for a while.

Numerous agencies hire body part models and can offer advice on suitability. 

Body part models’ day prices range to as much as £5,000 for those who are in high demand.

Specialist/Professional Queuer

Professional queuers, also referred to as line-sitters, offer to stand in line for a product or event on behalf of people who don’t want to do so or can’t because of job or family obligations.

You’ll need to be extremely patient and unfazed by waiting about in all types of weather. A friendly attitude would also be advantageous because interacting with other queuers will help pass the time.

Agencies can now pay professional line waiters £20 per hour to wait in line.

Golf Balls Divers 

Divers with certification and insurance can find work looking for golf balls underwater. They may work for an organization or on their own, in groups or alone.

Golf ball divers need to be able to work under challenging situations in addition to having the necessary diving training and expertise. These water hazards typically have low visibility due to the water’s high dirt content and frequent pesticide and fertilizer pollution.

Typically, a golf ball diver makes £15,000 a year.

A tea sampler

A tea taster looks for new tea varieties, samples tea to check on quality, and offers recommendations on how to brew various teas to get the greatest flavor.

Salary is approximately £34,000 annually

Delivering portable toilets, driver

This job involves transporting and picking up portable restrooms from fairs, construction sites, gatherings, and private events as well as cleaning and maintaining the restrooms.

This work, which is far from desirable but is always in demand,

Typical salaries are around £20,000 per year.

Bed warmer 

Before guests arrive, some hotels still employ individuals to dress in specific hygienic sleepsuits to warm beds for guests. 

Pet Food Taster

Top pet food manufacturers ensure that their products are suitable for human consumption as well, which is why these businesses call for a human pet food taster to assess aroma, taste and more. 

Pet therapist/ Psychologist $23,000

The job involves analyzing animal behavior and assisting owners in identifying the root of their pet’s problems. Additionally, a pet psychologist must obtain a Ph.D. or become a doctor of veterinary science.

Eel Ecologist

Just as the name implies These are ecologists in charge of Eels. Eel ecologists are needed because European eels are a threatened species.

Eel Ecologists go into rivers to keep an eye on these slick creatures. The fact that they are about 2 kg of pure muscle makes it a difficult task.

The Ravenmaster 

There are six resident ravens at the Tower of London. According to an old legend and belief, if the ravens leave the Tower, both the structure and the Kingdom of England would fall. The bird care is overseen and taken care of by the raven master.

Waterslide Tester

Although you don’t need much training for this job, you will need to be able to swim for obvious reasons.

You should also be aware that the slides you are testing might not be up to par. If everything goes according to plan, you must rate your “splash factor” and the intensity of your adrenaline surge on a scale.


A sommelier is a wine expert who advises customers on the finest wine to pair with their meals and counsels wineries, pubs, and restaurants on what kinds of wine to purchase.

Earnings are approximately £50,000 annually

Consultant For vibration

Controlling the noise and vibration levels when buildings are being constructed is the focus of this profession.

They frequently work in groups with engineers and architects and are frequently found around construction sites. 

The salary is around £22,000.

Daughter of Landlord

A young woman who works as the landlord’s assistant is known as the daughter of the landlord. 

She must be willing to put in long hours and travel with her boss to events like dinners and balls. She will receive numerous presents in return for this, and in most cases, an apartment. 

Lollipop Flinger 

The local government hires a street-crossing supervisor known as a “lollipop flinger” to direct and assist pedestrians at congested intersections and crosswalks.

What Jobs Pay Well And Are Fun In The UK?

  • Travel Agent. Salary Range: £14,000-£32,000 per year.

  • Interior Designer. Salary range: £20,000 – £44,000 per year.

  • Pastry Chef. Salary range: £25,000 – £38,000 per year.

  • Marketing Specialist. Salary range: £23,000 – £54,000 per year. 

  • Graphic Designer. Salary range: £22,000 – £40,000 per year. 

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What Is The Easiest Job That Pays The Most In The UK?

15 best-paying jobs you can do without needing a degree

  • Prison Officer – £27,000.

  • Estate Agents – £27,500.

  • Recruitment consultant – £28,000.

  • Digital Marketer – £30,000.

  • Nuclear Technician – £30,500.

  • Firefighter – £31,500.

  • Household Manager – £32,500.

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What Unskilled Jobs Pay The Best In The UK?

40 Highest Paying Jobs without a Degree in the UK

  • Risk Manager. 
  • Hazardous-Waste Manager.
  • Mortgage Advisor.
  • Personal Assistant.
  • Journalist.
  • Freelance IT Contractor.
  • Youth Worker.
  • Environmental Conservation Consultant.

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Unusual jobs in the UK can pay surprisingly well. They can be a fantastic alternative for anyone looking to make a solid living doing something they love.

Since these positions are frequently harder to find, you’ll probably need to do some searching on job boards, forums, and websites that are related to your field.

Alternatively, you can decide to do it alone by starting your firm or operating as a sole proprietor.

However, with initiative, hard work, and a willingness to take some risks, you may earn a respectable salary from these strange but amazing vocations, as well as some entertaining tales for dinner parties. Do you have suggestions about these unusual jobs that pay well UK? Please leave a comment below.

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