12 Top Woodworking Classes in Chicago & Their Details

According to drawings and objects found in tombs, the historical practice of woodworking is thought to have begun thousands of years ago in the ancient Chinese and Egyptian civilizations. Since then, thanks to developments in contemporary technology, talent has expanded into a hobby and changed.

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Of course, many people work as woodworkers professionally, but it may also be a very enjoyable and gratifying pastime.

If you’re looking for something new to spice up your free time, check out these woodworking classes in Chicago.

Woodworking Classes in Chicago

Working with wood reduces stress and encourages increased physical activity. The pastime can be a nice one to take up if you’re worried about your heart for this reason (after discussing it with your doctor).

Your fine motor abilities can also be enhanced by woodworking. Although you probably aren’t concerned about your fine motor skills, the more you utilize them as you get older, the more probable it is that you’ll maintain them sharply.

Working with a variety of new tools and techniques is another benefit of woodworking. You will gain more information and skill as you keep practicing. As you come up with fresh ideas and designs, you will be forced to think more creatively.

Even though you might not need these talents on the job every day, it’s always a good idea to have more knowledge on hand. Below are some of the top woodworking classes in Chicago.

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Chicago School of Woodworking, LLC

In order to teach students the craft of furniture manufacturing, the Chicago School of Woodworking, LLC (“CSW”) was founded in 2007. Since then, the arts of turning, scroll saw, marquetry, chip carving, speaker and cabinet making have all been added to its curriculum.

This school is dedicated to giving kids the knowledge and skills to make useful and beautiful furniture that may be enjoyed for generations, at a time when many schools, park agencies, and community centers are terminating woodworking programs due to liability and expense. Find out more information here.

Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center

Their 2,500 square foot woodworking department has all it needs to safely and effectively create the majority of wooden products out of sheet goods, hardwood, and timber. Find out more information here.

Woodsmyths Woodworking

Learn more about how these coed woodworking workshops in Chicago might help you pursue your passion for creating and designing furniture. You can realize your full potential as a woodworker regardless of your degree of experience because both a first class and a continuation class are offered. They have a class for you whether you want to brush up on the fundamentals or refine your abilities. Find out more information here.

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MAKE! Chicago

Public community workshops with tools and specialized equipment are known as maker spaces. Some are designed to work with rapid prototyping tools like 3-D printers and laser cutters. Others concentrate on commercial technology like metal casting and woodworking.

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Local residents can become members there and use the facilities to further their creative interests. Additionally, they provide Makers with a network of knowledgeable staff or volunteers to whom they can turn for advice as well as the camaraderie of a group of other Makers who may have similar interests. Find out more information here.

The Stripp Joynt Chicago Woodworking Shop

Several Correa brothers began out in the early 1980s working at The Stripp Joynt and learning the craft from the ground up. The family has owned and operated it since 1990. After 15 years, the previous owner chose to retire, and Moises Correa, who had first worked in a Chicago furniture factory, decided to purchase the company. He currently co-runs it with his wife Patricia, two brothers, Filipe and Roberto, and his wife.

The Stripp Joynt’s expert artisans have over 20 years of combined experience, and they take great delight in providing the best woodworking, refinishing, and restoration services. Find out more information here.

Other top woodworking classes in Chicago are listed below:

DeWald WoodworkingFind out more information here.
GeminiMonkey WorkshopFind out more information here.
Proletariat WoodshopFind out more information here.
280 Wood Shop SAICFind out more information here.
Industrialite WoodworkingFind out more information here.
Rebuilding Exchange ChicagoFind out more information here.
Halldoor WoodworkingFind out more information here.

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