12 Woodworking Schools in Maine: Top Schools

Woodworking is a fulfilling activity since you get to make something practical that will last a lifetime. Additionally, you can create premium products that you can sell to gain money. Finally, woodworking gives you a creative outlet and a way to decompress.

Because they are all so enjoyable and no one has the time to engage in them all, choosing a pastime can be challenging.

Read on to learn about the top woodworking schools in Maine, the advantages of woodworking, and what sets it apart from other hobbies, whether you’re considering starting to do it or just want more information.

  • You May Be Able To Save Money.

Nearly everyone would prefer to have some extra cash on hand to make an unforeseen purchase. And a pastime in woodworking provides just that.

Many of the skills used in joinery, carpentry, and woodworking are similar. and are frequently combined into a single broad craft.

Hiring a carpenter to complete a little improvement project around your home is a need. However, if woodworking is your interest, you can use your current talents to do the task, which will save you time and money.

  • You Profit From It.

With the help of your woodworking abilities, you can launch a profitable and enjoyable side company. Or, you might occasionally sell something when you feel like it.

Some other pastimes, while entertaining, can only be used to earn money when you’re among the finest in the world or far superior to the average person.

  • Produce Goods And Market Them
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There are specific products that consumers genuinely like and are willing to pay a premium for.

People are willing to spend a lot of money on various custom-made things. These include the furnishings in the home, such as the tables. These can be made from distinctive slabs with an intriguing and distinctive grain. Of course, starting with cup holders or a smaller, simpler project might be easier.

Additionally, there are decorative boxes like jewelry and cigar boxes. They can be very expensive if they are constructed very skillfully and perhaps have unique features that you add through carving or engraving.

  • Offer Handyman Services.

Handyman-type work is typically simple, even though being a carpenter takes some time as an apprentice before you feel comfortable doing it for someone else. Additionally, you might use your woodworking expertise to earn some extra cash.

Correcting holes in walls and fixing woodworking-related issues with wooden sections of the house are typical handyman tasks. There are additional exterior tasks like mending a wooden gate or fence.

The List of Woodworking Schools in Maine

Woodworking, like other pastimes, diversifies your daily activities and maintains your enthusiasm for both your job and your connections with friends and family.

However, there are additional advantages to woodworking that set it apart from other possible pastimes. Below are some of the top woodworking schools in Maine that you can apply to.


Center for Furniture Craftmanship

This nonprofit, worldwide school is committed to giving students the best training in woodworking and design.

Their campus offers a creative, motivating, and supportive atmosphere for exploring abilities in furniture making, turning, carving, marquetry, finishing, and allied crafts. Programs are available for professional-track and amateur woodworkers at all skill levels. Find more information here.

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Factory 3

Factory 3 stands out due to its spotless, well-managed, brightly lit atmosphere. Their multicultural community of gifted, driven, and creative individuals also distinguishes us. They also have sophisticated equipment that is appropriate for professional makers.

People are drawn to this makerspace due to the advanced equipment, supportive environment, and connections they offer. Find more information here.

Studio Artisane

By establishing a location where children, teenagers, and adults may engage alone or with friends in a variety of DIY (do it yourself) programs, Studio Artisane hopes to dispel the misconception that tools are the domain of men. Studio artisane is a type of beneficial feminine “happy therapy.” Find more information here.

New England Carpenters Training Fund

The goal of the apprenticeship program is to fully hone the abilities and skills of aspiring carpenters. The curriculum combines on-the-job training with classroom and shop instruction.

To meet the demands of both contractors and apprentices, the system requires that they attend classes for one week every three months.

An apprentice must put in a certain amount of time on the job site each year. As a result, apprentices continue to expand their knowledge and skill set while putting what they have learned into practice on the job site. Find more information here.

Tear Cap Workshops

The goal of Tear Cap Workshops, a 501(3)(c) nonprofit, is to free creativity via practical instruction. In Hiram, Maine, they have a disused sawmill that they are converting into a maker community and craft academy.

The term “Tear Cap” refers to the mountain peak that towers over their campus to the north; “Programs” describes both the workshop space that can be rented and practical workshops for developing new skills. Find more information here.

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Other woodworking schools in Maine are listed below:

Highlands WoodturningFind more information here.
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware – South PortlandFind more information here.
Allan Breed School of WoodworkingFind more information here.
Maine Coast Craft School, LLCFind more information here.
Homestead Woodworking SchoolFind more information here.
Tim Hill Fine WoodworkingFind more information here.
East Coast Woodworking Inc.Find more information here.

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