10 Top Dance Schools in Winnipeg & What They Offer

Are you searching for dance schools in Winnipeg? This is the right article for you. Many have made careers out of dance. It is an excellent confidence booster, especially for shy people.

Dance therapy also helps to improve the mental and physical well-being of a person.

For one to achieve these, one has to come to the perfect knowledge of dance by attending dance schools. For those who reside in Winnipeg and Warrington, here is a list of some dance schools in Winnipeg to choose from.

1. Exhale Dance Studio

Exhale Dance Studio is a dance school in Winnipeg that provides top-notch dance instruction in a welcoming and healthy environment with a focus on helping students build their self-worth, self-confidence, and sense of personal accomplishment. Each member of their multifaceted crew is endowed with nurturing traits and a strong passion for dancing.

They think that young people should learn the importance of time management, teamwork, and dedication through the performing arts. Their young dancer programs are created to promote the development of motor skills via dance while teaching developmentally appropriate movement. There is a free class to try out right here. Exhale Dance Studio also accommodates birthday party reservations. They are providing real-time classes online.


Tip Tap Toe, Hippity Hop, Petite Ballet/Tap, Petite Jazz/Hip Hop, Preschool for Boys and Girls Ages 2 and Up, Musical Theatre, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, Lyrical, Pointe & Acro.

If you are in search of dance schools in Winnipeg you should check them out.

2. Shelley Shearer School of Dance

One of the well-known dance schools in Winnipeg is the Shelley Shearer School of Dance. The dancing school’s first director is Shelley Shearer.

They take great pride in having award-winning choreographers and employees who are known as innovators in all dance genres in Winnipeg, Canada, the US, and around the world.

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Their teacher training program, where they have trained new teachers for more than 35 years, is built on this caliber of excellence. Adults can take dancing instruction at the academy for six years.

Their professors are all very skilled and knowledgeable. Students at Shelley Shearer have access to both in-person and online instruction.


Hip Hop, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet, Summer Programs & Live Online Classes If you are in search of dance schools in Winnipeg you should check them out.

3. Marquis Dance Academy

Marquis Dance Academy, a dance school in Winnipeg offers attentive, high-quality dance instruction. They are the top-rated dancing studio in Winnipeg. They have been sharing their passion and love of dance for more than 25 years, teaching beginners to win international competitions.

The school has a reputation for providing good technical education in all dance disciplines, from ballet to hip-hop, with a skilled, experienced, and compassionate teaching staff. Their cutting-edge dance facility, which is located in Sage Creek, has four huge studios with natural light and viewing windows, as well as roomy, comfortable lobbies, change rooms, and restrooms.

The school has earned Top Studio & Top Score at every significant dance competition in Winnipeg thanks to its competitive programs, which are designed to accommodate dancers of every level.

For children aged 1 to 4, they provide distinctive pre-school programs. The Centennial Concert Hall hosts year-end recitals. Families registering at Marquis receive a special financial benefit in the form of family rebates and cost-effective payment arrangements.


Ballet, Hip Hop, Acro, Contemporary, Tap, Jazz, Competitive Teams, Pre-School, Adult & Summer Classes.

If you are in search of dance schools in Winnipeg you should check them out.

4. Royal Winnipeg Ballet School

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School is one of the dance schools in Winnipeg that has been encouraging and assisting young artists in their endeavors for almost 80 years.

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The RWB School is renowned for offering top-notch dance education both inside Canada and abroad under the leadership of School Director Stéphane Léonard.

The Professional and Recreational Divisions of the School enroll more than 1,500 students each year, and they are housed in the school’s cutting-edge campus, which is situated in Winnipeg’s historic downtown.

One of the School’s numerous advantages is its affiliation with the RWB Company, which increases students’ visibility and exposure to André Lewis, the company’s artistic director. If you are in search of dance schools in Winnipeg you should check them out.

5. Royal Dance at the Forks

It is one of the dance schools in Winnipeg which is a non-competitive school, Royal Dance at The Forks is dedicated to educating young people about the art of dance in a welcoming setting.

The Forks’ Royal Dance has been operating for the longest. Anyone between the ages of 2 and 18 may enroll in classes. From basic to intermediate levels, they offer ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and combo classes.

The Market Loft in the back of the structure houses Royal Dance at The Forks. For its fall dance programs for kids and adults ages 2 and up, Royal Dance at The Forks is currently accepting registrations. If you are in search of dance schools in Winnipeg you should check them out.

6. RHR Latin Dance Co

Regan & Harold, 9-time World Bachata Champions, are the artistic directors of RHR Latin Dance Co., a Latin dance company situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The goal of RHRLatin Dance Co. is to create a family of talented dancers, performers, and competitors in the neighborhood and around the globe.

Starting at age 3, RHR Latin Dance Co. offers classes in salsa and bachata for people of all ages. Additionally, they provide dance programs that emphasize preparation for competitions and performances not just in Winnipeg but all around the world.

They also provide online programs that cover the entire curriculum from introductory to expert levels. If you are in search of dance schools in Winnipeg you should check them out.

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7. Arthur Murray Winnipeg

Experience this age-old social activity’s grace and thrill with programs that are designed to match your specific needs and schedule.

Arthur Murray is a dance school in Winnipeg that is prepared to demonstrate the beauty of dance, whether you’re getting ready for a special occasion, want to stand out at a club, or just wish to move with more assurance.

They provide a variety of dance instruction, including salsa, ballroom, and adult classes. Visit their website.

8. Drop in Dance Winnipeg

Drop-in dance is a dance school in Winnipeg that was established as a result of local demand for drop-in dance courses in Winnipeg. For all skill levels, Drop-In Dance Winnipeg offers structured drop-in classes.

Dance instruction, studio rentals, adult dance programs, jazz dance, heels dance, tap dance, hip hop dance, youth dance, yoga, ballet dance, and contemporary dance are some of our areas of specialization.

If you are in search of dance schools in Winnipeg you should check them out.

9. LA Dance Academy

Your child may study the fundamentals of ballet, tap, and jazz at LA Dance Academy in a friendly environment that fosters skill and originality. Between the ages of 5 and 17, they provide leisure classes for both boys and girls.

Your skills will improve as a result of the dance classes, and you’ll gain a fresh perspective on dance in all its forms.

If you are in search of dance schools in Winnipeg you should check them out.

10. Institute of Dance of Manitoba

Rhythmical motions are used in the performing art of dance to express oneself. The instructors at the Institute of Dance are devoted to sharing the joy of dancing and are skilled and enthusiastic individuals.

At their esteemed school in Winnipeg, they provide classes in everything from traditional to modern dancing.

If you are in search of dance schools in Winnipeg you should check them out.

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