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16 Hair Schools in Atlanta:Best Picks, Requirements

If you are from Atlanta and you are looking to build a rewarding career as a hair stylist, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I have covered some of the best hair schools in Atlanta that can train you to become a certified and professional hair stylist. 

Atlanta’s hair-making industry is doing great. There is heavy demand for a wide array of hair services, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for you to work as a hairstylist in spas, salons, and even fashion shows.

The average annual income for a hairstylist in Atlanta is around $57,648. Also note that depending on your level of expertise, the spa in which you work, and your location can affect your income. If you work in a top-notch salon situated in a big city in Atlanta, you are bound to make more money. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Hair School in Atlanta

In this section, I have outlined some factors that you need to consider before choosing a hair school to attend.

  • Set a budget: Some hair schools are more expensive than others. You need to ensure that you can afford what you are applying for without breaking the bank. A simple inquiry from each school you like and comparing them against one another to see which one is pocket friendly will help you resolve this.

  • Conduct proper research: There are many topics or areas of hair making, so ensure that the school you are applying for covers the area you are interested in. Again, a simple inquiry would help you solve this.

  • Ensure the school is accredited: You know by now that you need a license to practice hairstyling, and the school that’s training you needs to be accredited. So, ensure you confirm that the school you’re putting in for is accredited. 

  • Lastly, ensure you visit the school personally before registering, talk to the staff and instructors, and trust your gut. 

What You’ll Learn at Hair Schools in Atlanta

I have categorized the lessons that are usually covered in hair schools, so you can know what to expect when you begin your training.

  • Classroom instruction: Your training starts with the theoretical aspect of things because you need to understand the basics and the logic behind everything hair-making. Some topics you may cover during this time include customer service skills, salon management, sanitation, color theory, scalp health, hair anatomy, and the chemistry of hair products. 

  • Hair cutting/styling techniques: You will be introduced to the practical side by learning how to cut and style hair. There are several techniques used in this process including cutting with a razor, layering, texturing, etc. Hairstyling methods include braiding, curling, blowouts, etc.

  • Hair Coloring/Chemical Treatment: This includes basic lowlight, highlights, ombre, balayage, etc. There are many hair coloring techniques that you will learn in a hair school. You also learn to make use of relaxers and perm.

  • Hair Extensions: You would be trained on how to fix extensions, wigs, weaves, and several other methods of increasing the volume and length of your customer’s hair.

  • Customer Service: It is important to develop proper professional behavior, good customer service, and excellent communication skills when dealing with customers or clients. This will ensure you maintain a positive appearance as a businessperson.

  • Continuing Education: The trends and techniques in the hair styling industry are evolving continuously, to keep up with these changes, hair schools organize workshops and seminars so you can stay updated on new products and methods.

  • Specialization: Some students decide to specialize in one area like skin care, barbering, nail technology, etc. Hair schools create advanced training in these areas of specialization for students. 

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Licensing Requirements to Become a Hair Stylist in Atlanta

The following are the requirements that you need to pass to be a certified hair stylist in Atlanta.

  • Graduate from an accredited hair school: To be considered for licensure, you need to have completed at least 1500 hours of training equivalent to 9 months in an accredited institution.

  • Pass the board exam: The Georgia state board of Cosmetology and barbers’ exam is divided into 2 parts: the practical and the written exam.

  • Pay an application fee of 30$

  • You must submit a completed application that includes your personal information, criminal background check, and education history.

  • You must have a clean criminal record check if you are to be considered for licensure.

  • You must be at least 17 years old to take the exam.

  • You should be educated enough to read, write, and speak English fluently.

  • You must provide proof of citizenship or legal residency.

  • You must be able to pass a drug test.

The List of Hair Schools in Atlanta

Without further ado, below are some of the top hair schools in Atlanta. Remember the conditions I gave to selecting a hair school. 

Paul Mitchell The School Atlanta

This private hair school is situated in the center of Atlanta. The school is one out of 100+ hair Paul Mitchell Schools that are in several states in the USA.

They offer programs that include nail technology, barbering, esthetics, cosmetology, etc. Find more information here.

Aveda Institute Atlanta

This hair school is known for immersing its students in the world of fashion and beauty. Their curriculum fosters excellence and personal growth in students.

The students are supervised by certified professionals with many years of experience while they receive a proper approach to the salon industry. Find more information here.

Empire Beauty School – Atlanta/Kennesaw

This hair school provides classes in cosmetology, educator training, etc.

They provide students with a kit that contains all tools, products, and curricula required to complete their training program. Their cosmetology program also includes mannequins, hair tools, etc.

Find more information here.

Atlanta Technical College – Cosmetology Department

The cosmetology diploma program offered by this hair school trains students in areas like safety, sanitation, chemistry, anatomy, skin, hair, hair disorders, nails, nail diseases, hair care treatment, hair shaping, artificial hair, hair styling, chemical application, chemical reformation, etc.

Find more information here.

Georgia Career Institute

This hair school has 3 campuses in Murfreesboro, McMinnville, and Conyers.

This school has been operational since 1975 and offers programs like massage therapy, esthetics, cosmetology, etc. Find more information here.

Elaine Sterling Institute

The cosmetology program offered by this hair school features high fashion artistry and razor-sharp professional skills that will propel you into the fast-paced competitive salon industry.

They offer nail care classes, massage therapy classes, and continuing education. Find more information here.

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty

This hair school has been providing cosmetology education for over 40 years. They offer real-life career training in cosmetology, barbering, manicuring, and esthetics.

They provide you with more than technical and creative skills, but also with the confidence that will put you ahead in this career. Find more information here.

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Cobb Beauty College Inc.

The tuition and fees for this school are $17,070. It does not grant you a degree and it only admits 25 students at a time which in turn creates a student-to-faculty ratio of 11 to 1. Find more information here.

Health and Style Institute – Atlanta

This hair school helps you to master the skills you need to be a success in the salon & spa industry.

The registration process is very easy once you visit their webpage, and they have testimonies of people that graduate from that school on the page.

Find more information here.

International School of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy

This hair school is in Sandy Springs and has been in existence since 1985.

The school is accredited and boasts of modern facilities. Students have access to salon space, library, and classrooms. Find more information here.

Pro Way Hair School

This hair school provides both a cosmetology program and a barber program, both of which are 1500 hours.

The cosmetology training is to ensure students can carry out activities like haircutting, styling, coloring, waving, basic skin care, and pedicures. Find more information here.

Nuvani Institute – Atlanta

Students who are more than 17 years of age and have a high school diploma or G.E.D can apply to this hair school.

They offer training for people who want to specialize as cosmetology estheticians, cosmetology manicure specialists, and cosmetology operators.

Find more information here.

The Process Institute of Cosmetology

This hair school has graduated over 90 cosmetology students in the past few years.

They provide courses in hair styling, and cosmetology, barber, and nail instructor. Find more information here.

Creative Hair School of Cosmetology

This school offers a cosmetology program that trains students in makeup, manicuring, braiding, coloring, cutting, and styling hair. Find more information here.

J’s Barber College

This school boasts dedicated and experienced instructors. They make use of a curriculum that has proven to be successful, and they ensure students find a path to success. Find more information here.

Keune Academy by 124

This academy is the product of the visions of 2 families, and it has been created to train the next generation of trendsetters and leaders in the beauty industry. Find more information here.

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