15 Top Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in Ireland: Full Details

In this article, we take a look at the top healthcare recruitment agencies in Ireland.

Finding a job may be a time-consuming process that feels overwhelming, especially if you’ve been looking for a while and haven’t found any success.

Even more challenging is when a worldwide economic disturbance affects the local labor market.

What if someone else managed this on your behalf and assisted with your job search? Recruitment firms are crucial in this situation.

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Few job searchers know how to effectively utilize the knowledge and network of recruitment firms, who serve as the bridge between Ireland’s top employers and the best prospects. As a result, many job seekers decide to search for positions on their own.

A recruiting agency’s primary responsibility is to connect businesses and job seekers in order to facilitate a successful job match. Additionally, there are many things to take into account, including start date, possibilities for career development and advancement in the present market, qualifications and education, culture fit, wage expectations, and career development and growth.

Therefore, hiring agencies can be your key to finding employment chances that suit your current wants and circumstances.

How Recruitment Agencies Work

It’s critical to comprehend how recruiting agencies function if you want to use one to help you with your job search. Consider them a partner in your search because they were originally known as employment agencies with the goal of pairing companies with employees.

They’ll not only put you in touch with potential companies but also serve as a mentor, help you polish and produce a more focused resume, recommend you to employers, and offer guidance on your career path if a suitable position isn’t immediately accessible.

Recruiters will get in touch with you following the submission of your CV or job application on their website if there is a good fit and potential job opportunity. Additionally, recruiters might get in touch with you to set up a preliminary phone conversation or “face-to-face” interview (in person or over video call) to discuss your career goals and objectives, as well as how you currently fit into the firm. They offer interview coaching to get you ready for the next step if they successfully match you with a position.

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You may realize that your initial encounters aren’t a natural fit, so try to get in touch with a few recruitment agencies to form some partnerships. One thing to keep in mind is that you have the option of working with a recruiter with whom you can develop a rapport.

To effectively interview a few recruiters, you may need to spend some time getting to know them. Ask them questions like how long they’ve worked for the organization and how they typically market and present candidate resumes to hiring managers. All of these queries are legitimate.

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You might also get a few good referrals for recruiters by asking your coworkers, friends, and acquaintances.

While it’s okay to network with several recruiters, be honest and make sure no one is submitting you for the same position.

A recruiter is a two-way street to work with. Regardless matter who you wind up working with, you must establish a strong professional rapport.

This involves making yourself employable by finishing simple activities like updating your CV or tidying up your LinkedIn profile, which will assist recruiters aid you.

Additionally, you might need to be ready to widen your work requirements and be flexible with interview scheduling.

Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in Ireland

Without further ado, let us take a look at some of the top recruitment agencies currently hiring healthcare workers in Ireland:

Kate Cowhig International Healthcare Recruitment

All the information you require regarding the application process for employment in Ireland, the UK, or abroad will be given to you by their recruiters.

You receive individualized, personalized treatment from the skilled staff at Kate Cowhig International Healthcare Recruitment as they work to secure the profession you’ve always desired.

Find out more information here.

Your World Healthcare Ireland

Nursing, doctors, radiography, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech & language therapy, audiology, and other healthcare experts are among the professions that Your World Healthcare, Dublin places into employment in a variety of healthcare industries.

They operate a variety of offices abroad as a healthcare recruitment firm with facilities in cities including Sydney, London, and Dubai.

Find out more information here.

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Clinical24 Staffing Ltd – Ireland

Clinical24 is a reputable provider of qualified medical personnel. Since 2014, they have developed enduring connections with both their clients and candidates in the public and private sectors.

They collaborate with a variety of healthcare professionals, including generalists, mental health, theatre (anesthetics, scrub, and recovery), ITU/HDU, and accident & emergency registered nurses, among others.

Find out more information here.

Xpress Health – Nursing, HCA recruitment across Ireland

Leading Irish healthcare organizations count them among their primary partners.

They stay informed of the most recent nursing possibilities thanks to ongoing communication with these facilities, and they meet the challenge by keeping a 95% fill rate for shifts.

To find out more information visit: https://xpresshealth.ie/

RecruitNet International Ltd

Leading companies in Ireland receive permanent job placements from the Dublin-based recruitment company RecruitNet International LTD.

They have an unmatched reputation for offering top-notch healthcare specialists who are the foundation of the business.

Additionally, they have expanded their services to include all business sectors.

To find out more information visit: https://recruitnet.ie/

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Other healthcare recruitment agencies in Ireland can be found below:

Hollilander Recruitment

Find out more information here.

The Nightingale Placement Agency

Find out more information here.

Hirehood Recruitment

Find out more information here.

Clarity Recruitment

Find out more information here.

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Med Doc Healthcare

Find out more information here.

Breffni Solutions

Find out more information here.

CJ Care Solutions

Find out more information here.

Lincoln Healthcare Recruitment

Find out more information here.

Access Nursing

Find out more information here.

FRS Recruitment Dublin

Find out more information here.

How Much Do Recruitment Agencies Charge In Ireland?

You secure priceless time and expertise when you work with a respected recruitment agency in Dublin, or anywhere else for that matter.

You should be prepared to pay for the privilege and be aware that employment agency costs differ.

Fees were sometimes calculated as a proportion of the given income (typically between 15% and 25%).

What Is A Healthcare Recruitment Agency?

Healthcare recruiting services concentrate solely on the healthcare industry and work to assist employers in quickly and efficiently finding the finest candidates for open positions.

Do The NHS Use Recruitment Agencies?

You can apply for NHS roles in a few different ways. The two most common and effective methods for applying are through an agency or online through the NHS Jobs website.

Is It Worth Signing Up To A Recruitment Agency?

Your early concerns about your job hunt can be eased by signing up with a recruitment firm.

It can provide you with the information you need to make decisions about your graduate career. When you join a recruitment firm, you might first worry.

How Do Healthcare Recruiters Find Candidates?

Through healthcare employment boards like Health eCareers, CareerVitals, Healthcare Source, or Healthcare Jobsite, they find applicants.

This enables them to speak with medical professionals directly and locate qualified applicants more rapidly.

Is It Easy To Get a Job In Ireland?

Despite the requirement for visas and work permits, finding employment as a foreigner in Ireland is not as challenging as it is in other European nations.

Despite being one of the economies that were most severely affected by the global recession, it recovered one of the fastest.

What Is The Most Demanded Job In Ireland?

The three industries that contributed most to the creation of new companies in 2021 were business, accounting, and law.

The accounting and finance industry as a whole is experiencing expansion, with start-ups employing from the top down during 2021 and into 2022.

What Skills Are In Shortage In Ireland?

IT including programmers, data analysts, software developers, and IT support personnel. health managers and directors, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, radiologists, and opticians.

Why Salaries Are Low in Ireland?

Employers’ social insurance, or “social wage,” is extremely low in Ireland. This explains why Irish employees have low in-work support and high public service costs. For the Social Wage to be at the EU-15 average, it would need to more than double.

What Is A Liveable Salary In Ireland?

The hourly Living Wage rate in 2022–2023 is €13.85. The Living Wage is founded on the idea that employers should provide enough revenue to allow people to maintain a minimal level of living that is socially acceptable, participate in daily activities, and live with dignity.

Is There A Shortage Of Healthcare Workers In Ireland?

There is a present labor shortage in Ireland’s health industry, including speech and language therapists, cardiac physiologists, physiotherapists, and psychologists.

Where Is The Nicest Place To Live In Ireland?

With its landmark, Croagh Patrick and lovely Clew Bay, Westport is one of the most gorgeous towns in the nation.

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It was named the best location to live in Ireland by the Irish Times and is quite safe.

What Is Ireland’s Biggest Industry?

Computers, pharmaceuticals, and organic chemicals are the main types of consumer goods.

The primary service sectors, which account for 29% of GDP, are medicines, chemicals, computer hardware and software, food goods, drinks and brewing, and medical devices computers.

Is Salary Higher In Ireland Or UK?

The current exchange rate between £1 and €1.14 means that the Irish minimum pay is nearly 20% higher than the UK minimum wage.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Living In Ireland?

The weather is one potential drawback of relocating to Ireland. The nation frequently suffers heavy rains and can get very chilly, especially in the winter.

Additionally, compared to certain other nations like Bulgaria or Romania, Ireland has a greater cost of living.

Can You Live Cheaply In Ireland?

Fortunately, Ireland has numerous affordable cities with top-notch educational institutions.  

Can You Negotiate Salary In Ireland?

When you review your compensation package after receiving a job offer from a company, you may want to discuss wages.

By doing this, you might be able to bargain for a wage raise or perks beyond what was first offered.

Which City In Ireland Has a Low Cost Of Living?

On the west coast, close to the Atlantic Ocean, is where you’ll find Galway. The area has a reasonable monthly average cost of living in Ireland.

The city has one of Ireland’s lowest housing rents, which is also 80% less expensive than Dublin itself.

Does Ireland Hire Foreign Workers?

To work in Ireland, you must submit an employment permit application. Non-EEA nationals who are currently residing in Ireland and who possess specific immigration authorizations are not required to obtain an employment permit. If you are coming to Ireland to be with your family, you might not even need a work permit.

How Can I Get Sponsored To Work In Ireland?

You should apply for a position with a company that sponsors non-EEA nationals if you want sponsorship to work in Ireland.

You can apply for an employment permit once you’ve received a formal job offer. Then, if your work visa application is granted, you can travel to Ireland to find employment.

What Is The Easiest Way To Move To Ireland?

The following are the most popular routes that you could take:

  • Work in Ireland by obtaining a work permit.

  • Join a member of your immediate family who is already residing in Ireland.

  • On the basis of your country of birth or ancestry, apply for Irish citizenship.

Do You Get Taxed On Minimum Wage in Ireland?

Yes, even if you only make the minimum wage, you may still owe taxes on your income.

The applicable levels depend on your income, your marital status, and whether you have children, are widowed, or have a surviving civil partner.

Which County In Ireland Has The Cheapest Rent?

The county with the lowest average rent for new tenants was Leitrim, at €734. Leitrim, on the other hand, saw the fastest increase in the cost of rent for new tenants, up 22.4% year over year, and 12 other nations saw annual rent increases for new tenancies rise by more than 10% in Q1 2022.

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