Music Production Schools in Canada

14 Best Music Production Schools in Canada: Complete Guide

Do you want to be equipped with the essential resources to become the best music producer among people? Then you should definitely check out this article.

The global music industry has felt the impact of great music artists that have sprung up from Canada over the years resulting in a sharp increase in the desire for Canadian music among music fans.

 Therefore, in this article we shall explore the world of music production in Canada, from the mentors down to the skills needed to make these sounds, these schools offer the best.

This guide will also introduce you to some of the best music production schools in Canada, where you can get a top-notch education in music production and have a thorough understanding of the music business.

These Canadian music production schools will teach you how to record songs, albums, or projects for musicians, giving you the opportunity to learn how to realize the creative vision and dreams of the artists.

List of Music Production Schools In Canada 

The following are production schools you can find in Canada.

  • Cape Breton University 
  • Carleton University 
  • Concordia University
  • Douglas College
  • Durham College
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • MacEwan University 
  • Langara College
  • Fanshawe College
  • Trebas Institute 
  • Centre For Arts And Technology 
  • Queen University 
  • Harris Institute 
  • Recording Arts Canada(RAC Toronto)

1. Cape Breton University

The Bachelor of Arts Community Studies (BACS) Music Major at Cape Breton University is focused on local music traditions such Celtic, Acadian, and First Nations music, as well as traditional and tradition-based mainstream music. 

Therefore, if you are passionate about a lot of musical genres and desire to work with music should apply to the program.

Cape Breton is well known in Canada for its cultural hubs.

They also provide classes that expose learners to a range of musical genres, from regional traditions to music from around the globe and from popular music to classical music. 

Additionally, you’d also learn to dissect their favorite music to understand how it functions. You’d explore contemporary topics, such as protest music, cultural tourism, and music revivals, that have an impact on not only local music but also in larger community. 

Additionally, these students have the chance to enroll in performance courses instructed by some of Cape Breton’s most well-known traditional musicians. 

Additionally, co-op programs and job placements make sure that students can build their resumes and explore careers in the music industry before they even receive their degrees.

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  • Phone number:1-888-959-9995

2. Carleton University 

This music production school is located in Ottawa, Ontario and it’s one of the best schools in Canada.

The Carleton University music programs give students a firm foundation in the performance, criticism, and history of European classical music from the Middle Ages to the Present. 

Additionally, they concentrate on more modern fields including jazz, popular music, the sociology of music, gender studies, computer music, American music, Canadian music, and ethnomusicology.

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  • Phone number: +1-613-520-2600

3. Concordia University

A comprehensive public university with its main campus in Montreal, Quebec, is called Concordia University. 

There are two universities in the city, and this one is the only one where English is the main language of instruction. 

Graduate and undergraduate programs in a variety of musical topics are available through Concordia’s music department.

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  • Phone number: 514-848-2424

4. Douglas College

Discover the best method for you to learn music. Douglas College provides you with the opportunity to explore your interest for music, from the fundamentals of music through professional training.

The most employable individuals in the music industry are those with a diverse set of abilities and background. 

You can get in-depth general training from Douglas College to work in the music industry. 

Whether you want to pursue a full-time music degree, acquire fundamental musicianship skills, pursue part-time studies through our Community Music School, or develop your audio engineering skills in their Music Technology program, Douglas College can give you the musical instruction you want to succeed.

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  • Phone number: 604 527 5400

5. Durham College

The Music Business Administration/Music Business Management program at Durham University is exceptional because it offers business-oriented courses created especially for students who plan to pursue a career in music, as front-line musicians and/or songwriters, or as crucial, behind-the-scenes directors bringing music to the general public.

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  • Phone number: 905.721.2000

6. Kwantlen Polytechnic University 

The KPU music degree places a lot of emphasis on developing a curriculum that encourages an entrepreneurial mindset in the cultural economy.

Performance, studio pedagogy, music teaching, music health, recording, multidisciplinary arts, and arts administration are just a few of the employment paths that the degree offers.

Students who earn a Bachelor of Music (in Musical Arts) degree will have access to graduate music programs at universities across North America that focus on performance, studio pedagogy, music composition, arranging, theory, the recording industry, or musicology.

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  • Phone number: 604-599-2000

7. MacEwan University 

If you sing, play, compose, or record it, we can teach it. This includes jazz, rock, pop, metal, blues, soul, country, electronica, and hip hop. Bring your enthusiasm and inventiveness to MacEwan University to pursue your dream of working professionally in the constantly changing field of modern popular music.

Develop the knowledge, abilities, credentials, and contacts necessary to pursue a career as a professional musician, performer, creator, or leader in the music business.

You can pursue a career as a professional musician, performer, creator, and leader in the music industry by enrolling in the Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music. You also obtain the knowledge, credentials, and connections you need to do so.

Studies in performing, theory, composition, musicology, career management, recording and production, digital audio technology, and research all help to improve this practical experience.

After the first two years have been completed in either direction, you have the opportunity to leave the program with a diploma.

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  •  Phone number: 780-497-5000

8. Langara College

This is an exceptional intensive music curriculum for independent producers and composers that is instructed by experienced musicians. 

The Digital Music Production Program is a demanding, full-time certificate program that lasts for one year. It is intended for contemporary independent music producers and composers who want to work in recording, film, television, gaming, advertising, and multimedia.

Students will learn an extensive variety of abilities and receive hands-on instruction in a home studio as well as an established recording studio environment with their own mobile production studio and industry-standard music production software. Program components include:

Electronic Music Production: Using Ableton Live, Logic Pro, ProTools, and some of the top “soft synths” in the business, students will create original compositions and remixes.

Understanding the composition and organization of music is essential to honing your trade as a music producer. To communicate with other musicians, one must be fluent in the musical language. 

Students will be given an introduction to the theory and practice of the professional recording arts as part of the program’s core concentration on recording and studio engineering. They will comprehend how professional music is recorded, both in conventional studios and on their mobile equipment. 

All contemporary musical records have been mixed and processed in order to be widely available. In this lesson, students will acquire a thoroughly professional approach to both the technical and creative facets of each.

Composing for Film, Mixed Media, and Advertising: Developing your skills in music composition for transmedia and mixed media productions can open up a variety of job prospects.

Music Business and Career Planning: This career-focused course equips students with the fundamental knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in the creative sectors they will be employed in after graduation. 

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  • Phone number: 604.323.5511

9. Fanshawe College

Turning a sound into something real and powerful requires a unique skill set, passion and creativity. Audio post-production is an in-demand, rewarding and valued career that could take you to video and online game creation, television, film and music production industries.

 In Fanshawe’s Audio Post-Production program, you’ll receive exceptional training and specialized skills in all aspects of the creative and technical processes of post-production.

This Ontario Graduate Certificate program expands on your prior skills in the music industry and sound production, and it will provide you with a positive learning experience from the pre-production stage to the intensity of in-studio productions.

In addition to working with other graduate certificate programs and departments within the College, students are involved in individual and group projects that involve practical and process-oriented instruction. 

They also spend time working independently in the lab. Industry links and competitive portfolios are created using highly developed team-building skills and intensive problem-solving. Students who choose this concentration are well-prepared for careers in the audio production and post-production fields.

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  • Phone number: 519-452-4430

10. Trebas Institute 

A video creation, like a movie or television show, comes to life through post-production, which combines science and art.

Post-production, put simply, is everything that happens after filming is finished and before the audio and visual assets are edited.

You can succeed in the post-production profession with the help of Trebas Institute’s Audio and Video Post-Production curriculum.

You receive highly specialized, hands-on instruction to master all key skills in the field, including video editing, sound editing and mixing, Foley, automatic dialogue replacement (ADR), motion graphic design, and much more! Additionally, using industry-standard tools and software improves your readiness for the job market after graduation.

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  • Phone number: +14169663066

11. Centre For Arts And Technology 

Have you always had a keen ear for music?  and you are aware that the right soundtrack or sound design may take on a life of its own right? You should try and apply in the Centre For Arts And Technology.

As a graduate of the Audio Engineering & Production degree, you might be in charge of the sound system for an international concert tour, in the studio recording up-and-coming performers, or recording sound effects for the next major video game in just 18 months.

Graduates of the Audio Engineering and Production programs work in a variety of professions, such as:

  • Recording Engineer
  • Music Producer
  • Post-Production Engineer
  • Sound Designer
  • Sound Studio Assistant
  • Location Audio Engineer
  • Foley Artist

Your training and abilities will be provided by this specialized AEP program, which covers topics like Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Music Composition & Production, Audio for Film and Video Games, and Live Sound.

One of Canada’s top creative and technological universities, the Centre for Arts and Technology, will help you get there if audio engineering and production are in your future.

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  • Phone Number: +1 (866) 860-2787

12. Queen University 

It was founded on October 16, 1841, and Queen University is one of the Best Music Production Schools In Canada For International Students.

Queen’s University is a prominent Canadian music school that offers some of the greatest music production degrees in the country. It also offers other disciplines outside of music. The university is a research-heavy institution.

However, within 6 months of their graduation from Queen University, 91% of overseas students find employment. There are currently close to 24,000 students enrolled at the institution, including a sizable number of overseas students.

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  • Phone number: +16135332000

13. Harris Institute 

The Harris Institute is ranked among the best music production schools in Canada. This Canadian music school is a staple musical institution for foreign students and is situated in Toronto, Canada.

This Canadian post-secondary music school was founded in 1989, and it specializes in music production.

The audio production program (APP) and the arts management program (AMP) are two programs that Harris Institute now offers and which house different divisions. 

The total length of all classes in this program at this Music Production school in Canada For International Students is 4 months.

  • Visit the website:
  • Phone number:416.367.0178 

14. Recording Arts Canada(RAC Toronto)

If you’re looking for a reputable music production school in Canada, then you should check out Recording Arts Canada, also known as RAC Toronto.

RAC Toronto, one of the top 20 best Music Production Schools In Canada For International Students, is currently concentrating on music production.

The music programs at this Canadian university last less than a year and are geared at delivering sound and music production instruction using modern music facilities.

Additionally, for foreign pupils who are interested in attending the university, RAC provides both online and on-site music production instruction.

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  • Phone number:  (416) 977-5074


Are you ready to take your music career to another level? Then you should check out the list of music production schools in Canada.

Hope this article was helpful.

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