Organizations That Help Single Mothers With Housing

14 Top Organizations That Help Single Mothers With Housing

A vibrant and stable family begins at home and we believe that a fundamental human right that recognizes the life and dignity of a person is housing and having access to it.

80%  of 11 million of all single parents in the U.S. are single mothers. That is a total of 8,765,000 of single-parent households are led by mothers

Parenting is an important responsibility to bear alone, yet single mothers due to circumstances are often forced to do that.

Single moms can achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their children.  Single mothers are so brave, and we often forget they suffer and lack the economic resources to access quality, safe housing.

However, there are organizations that assist these families facing housing instability as the result of divorce, abandonment, or widowhood to grow and thrive and also to create healthy, sustainable communities where every person has a place to call home.

Are you a single mother in the USA working hard to provide and struggling for house stability, look no further.

We have listed some organizations that help single mothers with housing.

Let’s get started! 

Organizations that Help single Mothers with Housing in the USA 

  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Warrick Dunn Charities
  • Single Mothers Outreach
  • Helping Hands for Single Moms
  • Bridge of Hope
  • Mercy Housing
  • Jeremiah Program
  • CoAbode
  • Transformational Housing program
  • Alpha and Omega Miracle Home
  • Serenade Heights
  • The Catholic Charities
  • Fellowship Housing
  • Parents Without Partners

1. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Several housing assistance programs for single mothers are offered by the United States government. The Department ensures fair and equal housing opportunities for all. 

One such program is the Public Housing for Single Mothers and Their Children. With this program, the government offers subsidized public housing to homeless single mothers.

 In partnership with property owners, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has made provision for reduced rent specifically aimed at single mothers and their kids.

 The program is not confined to only homeless single mothers there; it is also available to other low-income families. 

2. Warrick Dunn Charities

Warrick Dunn Charities is a charity organization belonging to Warrick Dunn, an ex-National Football League player who was the oldest of six to his single mother, Betty Smothers, who worked tirelessly to achieve the American dream of owning her own home.

As a tribute to her, Warrick established Homes for the Holidays in 1997 to help make home ownership a dream come true for single-parent families.

The charity organization is primarily funded by his contributions and the support of friends of the organization. The Warrick Dunn Charities has served about 218 homes for single parents

With the assistance of volunteers, they furnished and decorated every room, stocked the pantry with food, and provided a down payment assistance check as a surprise for the new single-mother homeowner.

3. Single Mothers Outreach

Families who are faced with housing instability and other problems have been provided with help by the Single Mothers outreach established in 1995

They do not discriminate based on color, disability, origin race, religion, race, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

To be eligible you should be a single mother having at least one child under the age of 18, a resident of the greater Santa Clarita Valley,if your child is over the age of 18 and enrolled in college you can still be eligible 

Single Mothers Outreach (SMO)  also helps single parents find jobs, get educated, stabilize their children’s emotional states, and manage their finances by providing support and resources.

4. Helping Hands for Single Moms

The Helping Hands for Single Moms program is an organization established In 2001 by Chris Coffman, who was in his twentieth year of serving as a minister. His inspiration to create the organization came when he was confronted by a young boy wandering the streets whose single mom was asleep at home. 

For the purpose of reaching out to single moms who are lacking in one way or the other. The organization partners with communities to assist single moms in need in housing, education, and finance. 

To be eligible you 

  • Should be a U.S. citizen or legal resident
  • Reside in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant, or Denton counties, Texas
  • Have at least one child living with you, that is under the age of 11
  • Have an adjusted gross income at or below 150% of the federal poverty guidelines
  • Be legally single or divorced and not living with a domestic partner
  • Be willing to participate in the organization’s Single Mom College Community meetings.

5. Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope is a Christian-based housing ministry that is involved in ending homelessness in the community, with about 23  active Locations in 14 states across the country.

They provide housing for homeless single parents as partners with churches and individuals to provide homes for single mothers and their children. 

They believe ‘hope’ is the cry of every single Mom as they cross the bridge into the unknown and scary journey of single parenting. When nothing is left to live for, ‘hope’ is a beautiful gift given by the staff at Bridge of Hope.

With the help of professionally trained staff and mentoring groups, they ensure that homeless women and children are comfortably accommodated and provide material, mental, and psychological support.

6. Mercy Housing

Mercy Housing is a non-profit national organization that provides affordable housing for all low and moderate-income populations, including single moms and their children throughout the United States. 

They have aided in developing, preserving, and financing more than 48,200 affordable homes and eliminated homelessness and housing insecurity.

Mercy Housing, a leading housing organization, has worked to address the shortage of affordable housing across the country, guided by its core values of respect, justice, and mercy.

Mercy Community Capital, an affiliate of Mercy Housing, offers loans and support to communities and infrastructure projects that create and sustain affordable housing. 

Mercy Housing provides permanent housing in five regions across the United States:

  • California
  •  Lakefront (Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana)
  • Mountain Plain (Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah)
  • Mercy Housing Northwest (Washington, Idaho)
  • Southeast (Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee)

7. Jeremiah Program

The Jeremiah Program, a national organization, was founded in 1993 by Michael J. O’Connell in partnership with city and community leaders in Minneapolis, Minnesota to offer affordable housing to single moms and their children who are at the center of what JP does as they struggle with poverty. 

The program guides moms to self-sufficiency through its 12-week program focusing on empowerment, education, and leadership.

JP supports 100% women, 100% single moms experiencing poverty, to be economically stable, as these moms are the best architects of the solutions to their families’ challenges.

8. CoAbode

CoAbode is a national organization originally founded to encourage single moms to discover the benefits of living with other like-minded single moms to provide better living arrangements and opportunities for their children.

They help single mothers connect for the purpose of sharing a home. Participants share and combine resources to create a supportive, more affordable, and secure environment for raising children as the load of parenting and childcare is lightened.

This organization doesn’t provide financial assistance like grants and loans. However, home-sharing can be a great way to lower living costs if government assistance does not fit you and your family. 

CoAbode is the next generation of social networking as people are matched for home-sharing based on personality and what each person values.

The service works by connecting moms in need of a house to connect with another mom in need, and then you get to know each other and go in search of a home to share.  Sometimes, you can only find a member with a home to share.

To register, first complete the sign-up form.

Complete the multiple-choice and essay questions. This would help other members of CoAbode know who you are and what you’re looking for.

Search for members in your area to team up with for shared housing, childcare, and lots of other responsibilities.

Once registered, you will also have access to the numerous Single Mom resources available for members, like the Friend Circle Support Groups.

9. Transformational Housing program

This program is being rendered by the Front Door Agency  in Nashua to offer more than a safe place to call home to single mothers and children who are at risk of homelessness

They help single mothers between the ages of 18  to 35 take control of their lives and work toward self-sufficiency.

Single mothers also receive life skills training and financial support to help them overcome personal barriers to success. 

There are different phases of the program. The first stage is the stability phase which is intended to provide structure and security to women and children who may have lived in chaos or experienced homelessness before entering the program as they move into the Norwell Home, an eight-unit safe, cooperative living environment in Nashua. 

They also have the opportunity to pursue educational or career goals, with many graduating from the program with college degrees or professional certificates that increase their earning potential.

The second phase being the transformation phase allows them to move from the Norwell Home into their own apartment as they receive some supportive services and continue their education goal.

The third phase is the flourish phase where they will be provided affordable housing at the Amherst Site (2 units) and support services as well.

10. Alpha and Omega Miracle Home

Alpha-Omega Miracle Home was founded in 1997 by Lisa Franklin, a teenage mother in  St. Augustine who provides shelter to homeless single mothers, their children, and senior women together in a safe and supportive environment.

The organization program has helped single moms who are pregnant, in poverty, homeless, in abusive relationships, or trying to find a safe and supportive shelter to raise their children.

They place young mothers and their children with senior mothers, as they become family in a furnished apartment. Young mothers gain wisdom and benefit from the senior’s life experiences as the seniors realize they are much needed, valued, and loved.

11. Serenade Heights

Serenade height assists Single mothers and their children who are at risk of Homelessness by providing housing in order for them to begin rebuilding a successful life 

They have created a safe, God-centered home for single moms and their children to rebuild and grow and begin to dream again. 

Only children under the age of 16 and their mom are eligible to reside in the home provided and the residence should be kept clean and safe.

A single mom and her landlord should follow the signed agreement provided and in the course of maintenance, the landlord should be notified immediately.

12. The Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities is an organization in Alexandria, Virginia founded in 1910 and the largest private social network service committed to eliminating homelessness in the USA.

Catholic Charities supports affordable housing policies across the country and provides emergency shelters and long-term assistance to vulnerable single mothers in a population

Homelessness has increased by 3% for the third straight year. Only half of individuals have year-round beds.

Catholic charities have over 35,000 units already established. Also, unused church properties have been rehabilitated into housing for single mothers.

13. Fellowship Housing

Fellowship Housing was established in 1991 to assist in the needs of housing for single mothers who are in crisis to regain stability 

They believe single moms are the hardest-working people on the planet.  

Recently they realized the need for social services to be provided along with housing.

Fellowship Housing offers two years of transitional housing and financial training and assists in securing permanent housing up to graduation 

88%of single mothers move to the house of their choice. To be eligible for this program single mothers should be age 21 or older, have three or fewer children aged 18 or under, and live locally.

14. Parents Without Partners

Parents Without Partners is an international non-profit organization of single parents, never married, widowed, divorced, and are raising their children alone.

Parents Without Partners provides opportunities for single parents and their children to build themselves by offering an environment for support, friendship, and the exchange of parenting techniques. 

To be eligible a person must have one or more children and be single by reason of death, separation, divorce, or never married.


What is the Cost of Renting a  House in the USA?

The average United States home value is $348,126.

What is the Cost of Buying a Home in USA?

The average home price in the United States is $416,100.

This cost includes the down payment, closing costs, and the first monthly payment

What are the Factors to Consider Before Choosing a House in the USA?

The size,cost and location of the house are the three key factors that matter most when setting the budget for the house.

What are the Challenges Faced by Residents in Choosing a House in the USA?

 Choosing the ideal location and getting the right price for a house is one of the biggest challenges a buyer encounters.

How many single mothers are in USA?

80%  of 11 million of all single parents in the U.S. are single mothers. That is a total of 8,765,000 of single-parent households are led by mothers.

What are the Benefits of Charities in Housing?

Charity is a great way to make the world around us a better place. It offers support and makes the world a better place for everyone.

By bringing life and relief to the needy population The more people and organizations are involved in charity, the closer to eradicating poverty, homelessness, and other issues facing our society today.


Every single mother and their children deserve a full and happy life.

As there are over  8,765,000 single mothers in the United States, some are struggling for a safe and comfortable house to enhance their personal growth, health, and development.

The mission of these organizations listed in the article is to help single mothers survive and thrive by providing housing, ongoing assistance, affordable living, and caring support for them and their children.

If you are in need of housing assistance in the US as a Single mother, I hope this article will guide you in your search for various organizations to choose from. 

I hope this article was insightful, Do leave a comment below.

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