Best Underwater Welding Schools in Texas:6 Top Requirements

If you’re looking for Underwater Welding Schools in Texas or are interested in pursuing a career in underwater welding and residing in Texas.

The Ocean Corporation in Houston is the only underwater welding school in the state of Texas and offers comprehensive training programs to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge. Read on to find out more!

Being a welder is a challenging yet fulfilling profession. Each day brings a diverse range of tasks that require specific expertise, and an appropriate training program.

An excellent approach to achieving this goal is by exploring welding institutions in Texas through thorough research.

Underwater welding is a specialized skill that combines welding techniques with diving expertise. It plays a crucial role in various industries such as offshore construction, oil and gas exploration, and underwater infrastructure maintenance. 

An underwater welder is a specialized professional who performs welding operations in an aquatic environment, typically underwater. Their primary role is to join metal components or structures using various welding techniques while submerged in water. 

This profession requires a unique set of skills and equipment to work effectively in challenging conditions below the surface. They may be involved in tasks such as repairing pipelines, offshore platforms, ship hulls, underwater structures, and other submerged equipment.

The process of underwater welding involves several techniques, including dry welding and wet welding. 

Underwater Welder Skills 

Underwater welders must possess not only excellent welding skills but also a thorough understanding of underwater conditions, diving procedures, and safety protocols.

They often work as part of a team, collaborating with commercial divers, underwater inspectors, and other professionals to complete projects successfully.

Due to the challenging nature of the job, underwater welders require specialized training and certifications in commercial diving, welding techniques, and underwater safety.

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Their work is crucial in maintaining and repairing underwater structures, ensuring the integrity and longevity of various marine and offshore installations.

Duration For Underwater Welding Programs 

The duration of training for aspiring welder divers can vary from six months to as long as two years, depending on the school and its specific programs.

Since students pursuing underwater welding specialization need to complete both diving and welding training, the curriculum concentrates directly on the skills and techniques necessary for working beneath the surface of water bodies, including seas, gulfs, and deep lakes.

Although these skills bear similarities to welding in above-water environments, the underwater setting presents a significantly different environment. 

It requires strict adherence to precise specifications to ensure each weld is executed correctly and can withstand the pressures encountered while moving through the water.

Underwater Welding School – Texas Prerequisites 

Companies needing highly skilled welder divers actively seek out individuals with this specialized expertise due to the extensive training and practical experience (hours spent in the water and welding) required for this role.

To enroll in an underwater welding school, certain prerequisites must be met. Admission requirements may vary but typically include: 

  • High school diploma or equivalent 
  • Minimum age requirement (usually 18 or older) 
  • Prospective underwater welders should have a solid understanding of the different types of underwater welding techniques, as well as the safe setup, operation, and removal of equipment in both saltwater and freshwater environments. 
  • Physical fitness assessment 
  • Typically, most underwater welding schools expect students to have completed commercial dive training as a prerequisite.
  • A medical examination or health clearance 

Additionally, certified welding training is often required.

These prerequisites exist because the training for underwater welding is highly specialized, making it impractical for schools to start from scratch with basic training.

Requirements for Becoming an Underwater Welding Specialist in Texas

Qualifications to Become an Underwater Welding specialist in Houston include: 

  • You just have a high school diploma or GED 
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  • Obtain a Commercial Diver Certification. 

  • Possess mechanical aptitude.

  • Demonstrate proficient swimming skills.

Underwater Welding Schools in Texas 

Several schools in Texas offer Welding Programs, but The Ocean Corporation in Houston, Texas is the only institution in the State that offers a comprehensive Underwater Welding program.

Let’s find out more below! 

The Ocean Corporation 

The Ocean Corporation is a renowned institution located in Houston, Texas, that offers training programs in underwater welding, commercial diving, and nondestructive testing. 

They provide comprehensive courses to prepare individuals for careers in the underwater welding industry. 

The Ocean Corporation also provides rigorous, and unparalleled training to students with state-of-the-art facilities including a diving complex, a deck, and many tanks.

This school offers two 2 Underwater Welding Programs; Non-Destructive Testing and Ultimate Diver Training.

These Programs offer Underwater Welding Certification Inland Diver training, Salvage Diving/ Lift Bags, Mixed Gas/ Bell Diver training, International Certifications, and Hazmat Certification. 

Students can get the hands-on practical training and technical industry knowledge they need to pursue a successful career in Commercial Diving. Visit the Website for more information. 

Underwater welding schools in Texas generally provide hands-on training facilities that simulate real-world underwater welding scenarios. 

These facilities may include dive tanks, welding equipment, underwater welding stations, and safety gear.

Given the nature of the training, underwater welding schools are typically situated in locations with direct access to deep water, such as coastal cities. 

It is advisable to select a training location that offers programs suitable to your preferences during the underwater welding program.

If you are in Texas, The Ocean Corporation is a great choice and a great step to achieving your goal. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Underwater Welding Schools in Texas

How long does it take to complete an underwater welding program in Texas? 

The duration of underwater welding programs can vary. Generally, programs can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the school and the level of training offered.

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Are there any specific certifications or licenses required to work as an underwater welder in Texas? 

Yes, to work as an underwater welder in Texas, you will need to obtain certifications such as:

American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welder Commercial Diver Certification (typically from an accredited diving association)

Do underwater welding schools in Texas provide job placement assistance? 

Many underwater welding schools in Texas offer job placement assistance to their graduates. They may have connections with companies and industries that employ underwater welders and can provide job leads or referrals.

What is the cost of attending an underwater welding school? 

The cost of attending an underwater welding school can vary depending on the program, school, and additional expenses such as equipment and materials. It is recommended to contact the schools directly for accurate information on tuition and fees.

Are there any specialized courses or electives available within underwater welding programs in Texas?

Some underwater welding programs in Texas may offer specialized courses or electives in areas such as hyperbaric welding, pipeline welding, or inspection and maintenance techniques. The availability of these courses may vary between schools, so it’s advisable to check with the specific institutions for more information.


Embarking on a career in underwater welding requires the right training and education to ensure safety and proficiency in this demanding field.

Texas offers several reputable schools and institutions that provide comprehensive training programs for aspiring welders, and an institution for Underwater Welders.

By enrolling in these programs, individuals can gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and certifications to pursue exciting career opportunities in the underwater welding industry.  

With the right training and dedication, as an aspiring underwater welder in Texas, you can set yourself on a path to success. Check out the 8 Top Importance of Environmental Scanning in Strategic Management and the 5 Top Marine Mechanic Schools in California.

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